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For Immediate Release August 23, 2013 Contact: Robert A.

Hill, 440-223-0300

Auburn staff votes no confidence in Superintendent
It is with great regret that teachers and staff at Auburn Career Center announce that they have overwhelmingly supported a “no confidence vote” in Superintendent Margaret Lynch. As evidenced by the vote, the staff wants the Board of Education, community and feeder schools to know that they no longer have faith in Lynch’s leadership and question her longterm vision for the District, as well as her ability to work collaboratively with employees for the betterment of the students. Nearly 90 percent of these employees agreed that another four years of her leadership could cause irreparable harm to the learning environment. The action taken by the staff on Friday reads as follows: “Let it be resolved that the staff of Auburn Career Center has no confidence in the vision, leadership and direction of Superintendent Margaret Lynch.” While taking this no confidence vote at the beginning of the new school year is the last position the staff wanted to take, it became the only option they felt they had left to voice their opinions in regard to what they believe is irresponsible and divisive behavior from the Superintendent. Auburn Career Center is a public joint vocational school serving 11 school districts in Lake and Geauga counties.