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In the middle of the ocean there lays a massive bubble like object, floating. From there a beautiful princess appears. She then marries Sultan Bolkiah. The princess was called Princess Laila Mencanai. Her beauty was known throughout the land. Her husband spoils her with riches and gold. His love for her was everlasting and could not compare to all the riches of the world. All his wife’s wishes were granted and she was given everything her heart desired. The sultan owed a luxurious ship. Inside the ship Princess Laila was sewing using a golden needle. The Sultan was nearby, gladly observing his beautiful wife in her activity until he fell asleep in her arms. The princess was in a state of dazed. Suddenly,by accident; the Sultan was pierced at the hand by the golden needle which contains poison. The sultan instantaneously dies at the arms of the princess, lay motionless. The princess realized what she had done grieved and filled with regret and guilt. She took her husband’s dagger and stabs herself. Dying beside her beloved husband. As a last will, both of them laid rest together in a tomb called ‘Makam selarong bernisan tiga’ and until now people can still see and visit the tomb