Egypt: Christian Man Beheaded By Muslim Brotherhood Supporters…

Amazing to hear the Obama administration, McRINO, Graham, etc. voice support for the Muslim Brotherhood. Cairo (AsiaNews) – Speaking to AsiaNews, sources, anonymous for security reasons, relayed some of the more tragic stories involving anti-Christian attacks unleashed by the Muslim Brotherhood starting on 14 August, including the story of a taxi driver who was beheaded in Alexandria for being a Christian; those of policemen mercilessly killed, their bodies publicly defiled in Kerdasa (Giza); or the fate of entire villages devastated and left without food in Minya Governatorate. In such incidents, dozens of people were killed, at least 58 churches were destroyed, and 162 homes and shops were wrecked. Hovering over all this is the daily threat of more attacks and kidnappings. According to sources, the recent arrest of Muslim Brotherhood leaders has unleashed the violence of their followers many times over. The latter no longer just attack and harass their victims but deliberately and in a premeditated way kill them. On 21 August, a militia group associated with the Brotherhood laid siege to a local police station in Kerdasa (Giza). When the terrorists stormed the building, they showered the agents with a hail of bullets, petrol bombs and rockets. To terrorise local residents, they dragged the bodies of the dead officers into the street and urinated on them, shouting “Islam, Islam.” [...] For the sources, “The stories victims tell about attacks are frightening and weigh heavily on the hearts of Egyptians.”

One attack involved taxi driver Rafaat Aziz Mina, who was slaughtered in an Alexandria street just because he was Christian. In his early twenties, he was killed on 16 August by a mob of Islamists who took to the streets after news reached them about the military’s action against their camps in Cairo.

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