inta majnoon = you are crazy / you are jinned shu mnee7ah = how good (female) lahme - meat

- la7me miskeen - poor kaas = cup, kaaseh = female cup ana majnoon = i am crazy and she will turn around and say 'ru7 ya maskin...' You will be like 'Zara, ana majnoon for you' In Zara's words: mishwaar which means? Long way I hate to turn this moment into a philosophical ramble But shukran Allah is not quite the same as Al7amdulillah The latter is far more comprehensive shway means 'a little' ie the opposite of 'a lot' ooooooh inta shway clever Zara shway majnoona seems like I'm a natural Shakesperean in Arabic with oxymorons Zara kteer Zara jameela kteer whats beautiful? 3:00pm or Zara kteer jameela = handsome/beautiful 7ilwa = sweet (can be used for food but also commonly used to describe girls) Zara is an angel yeah how do i say that 3:02pm Zaral malaaika = angel Zara aneeqa = elegant Mustashfa El Majaneen- Crazy Hospital mnee7

anta ta3shiq Zara "yel3an roo7ak ya hafez" = "Curse your soul. Hafez" yel3an = [May he curse] roo7 = soul -ak = suffix for male ownership ir roo7ak = your soul . to be grammatically correct: alf 7imaar fi 3aeltek ??? ???? ?? ?????? i am 3ashq Fakkarni ya sayyid fakroon Hugo.mneeh = swell How are you? = Keefek? I'm swell = ana mneeh And yourself? = ou inta/inti? alf 7ameer fi 3aeltek why? Actually.

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