Advanced Health

The Least You Need to Know Issue 6

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Controversial Issues

Topic: Government Regulation, Obesity and Public Health Policy

These questions represent some of the most basic information and questions to consider in forming an educated opinion on this particular controversial issue. Part of your total grade for the controversial issue will come from these questions and they also represent potential questions that will make up your final exam. You may put your answers on this sheet or another sheet, if you do so please number them.
1. What role should the gov’t play in our lives? (Honors: Cite one quote that adds to your philosophy).

2. Describe the basic difference in philosophies of democrats and republicans in answering this question. (Honors: Answer the same question but also discuss Libertarians philosophy).

3. In what ways does the US government currently regulate our personal decision making? When is government regulation of our personal behaviors necessary (if at all)?

4. Provide 3 statistics on the US obesity epidemic in terms of the impact on the U.S. (Honors: Provide an additional 2 statistics on the economic impact of obesity on the US).

5. Provide five ways that obesity affects the human body. (Honors: Where does obesity rank on the top risk factors in the US)?

6. What are 3 main culprits of the obesity epidemic? (Honors: Provide 1 US stat/cite for each culprit).

7. How has the obesity epidemic changed over the past several decades years? Provide at least 1 stat/cite.

8. Given the stats on obesity have we, in your opinion, demonstrated a need for some form of regulation? Explain your answer…

9. What are three proposed regulative measures for curbing obesity? (Honors: Describe the relationship of a sin tax or excise tax to a ‘twinkie tax’).

10. Does taxation lead to a decrease in consumption or a behavior? (Honors: Discuss the concept of regressive taxes and how this adds to the complexity of the debate).

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