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The Least You Need to Know Issue 10

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Controversial Issues

Topic: HealthCare

These questions represent some of the most basic information and questions to consider in forming an educated opinion on this particular controversial issue. Part of your total grade for the controversial issue will come from these questions and they also represent potential questions that will make up your final exam. You may put your answers on this sheet or another sheet, if you do so please number them.
1. What is the role of government in your opinion? How do Dems/Repub’s differ on this answer? (Honors: Explain the main argument each side has for supporting or not supporting a public option in regards to the parties overarching philosophy).

2. Is Healthcare a basic right? Explain your answer. (Honors: Define the term entitlement program and list the large ones in the US with economic impact statistics).

3. Provide stats/cite on the total number of uninsured Americans in the US. (Honors: Including total number, children and illegal immigrants).

4. What role does Healthcare play in national debt (provide at least one stat/cite)?(Honors: Include stats on role of Medicare/Medicaid in this debate).

5. What are 5 of the proposed changes in the HC bill and why they are +/-? (Honors:Explain the term public option). a. b.

c. d. e.

6. Who does this issue ultimately affect? How does this affect those with AND without insurance?

7. How is this an issue split down party lines? (Honors: What does each side say about what this bill will/won’t do)?

8. What is the Individual Mandate? (Honors: Discuss the commerce clause and the current court rulings).

9. What is rationed care? (Honors: Why do some say it is necessary and include a discussion of “death panels”).

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