com/firearm-confiscation-plan-announced-for-america/ The elected administrator(President) of the Executive branch of the US Constitut ional Republic only has Constitutional authority over the employees and contrac tors working under that Executive branch of government. The President can only i ssue orders or directives for which he is responsible(in otherwords he has the a uthority to disarm all employees under his authority of the Executive branch of the Federal government...not US citizens)!! If you really believe he has the au thority to order a Governor, or the Congress to go around and disarm US citizens of their lawful arms(2nd Amendment to the Constitution) then you may as well be bowing to your King. It's time for the rightful citizens of these United States of the Americas to ge t off your ass and pay attention to what is happening to your country and future liberty and freedoms. If you are so apathetic or ignorant...or just don't give a damn...then those who are guilty don't deserve to keep their freedoms. Just si t on the couch and watch American Idol and stay out of the way of those true pat riots who actually do give a damn!!!!!

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