Chapters are: (1) "Language, Linguistics, and Biblical Interpretation" (brief, basic intro to linguistics); (2) "Semantics and Hermeneutics" (focus

on the meaning of "meaning"); (3) "Dimensions of the Meaning of a Discourse" (each section begins with "Meaning as/and ...", ending with "Meaning as 'Significance' and the Exegetical Task"); (4) "The Use and Abuse of Word Studies in Theology" (a much-needed explication of James Barr's work for a new generation); (5) "The Grammar of Words: Lexical Semantics" (perhaps the heaviest chapter in the book, especially their discussion of "concept-orienated" and "field-orientated" approaches to word sense, and collocational vs. substitutional relationships between words--challenging for non-linguists, but very, very important, given the emphasis on "word meaning" in most commentaries and works on hermeneutics and exegesis); (6) "Sentences and Sentence Clusters" (extends the discussion of ch. 5 to the sense relations between sentences

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