KEY STAGE 2 2004


Writing Test Longer Task: Instructions and Planning
Your teacher will read through this booklet with you.

You will have 45 minutes for your longer piece of writing, including up to 10 minutes’ planning time. You may start your writing as soon as you have finished planning.

Time for a Change?
Your school is thinking about making some changes to the school day. This is an outline of the new timetable which might be introduced:

● ● ● ● ● ●

7.00am 7.20am 8.00am 8.30am 12.30pm 1.30pm

Registration and assembly Exercise session Breakfast Lessons Sport or homework club School closes

Here are some reactions to the new timetable:

I don’t like the idea of having all the lessons in the morning.

I think it would be healthy to start the day with some exercise.

It would mean getting up very early!

Pupils have been asked to give their views in assembly.

Your task is to write down what you will say about this new timetable in the assembly.



Reasons for your views:


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