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Copyright Outline Organizer

1. What is copyright?
a. Title 17 of the U.S. Code
i. _____________________provided by_______________
ii. Protects the authors of_______________ ____________
2. What copyright is not
a. Patent:
b. Trademark: ________________a product or service in
3. Available to:
a. ____________and _____________works
b. Section 106 of ___________ _____________ _________
4. Copyright gives exclusive rights and ability to authorize:
a. ____________ ____________work in copies or ____________
b. ____________ ____________ based upon the work
c. Distribution of copies ____________ by sale, transfer of
ownership, rental, lease, or lending
d. _______________ of the work publicly
e. _______________ of the work publicly
5. ___________ ____________ sound recordings____________
____________ by digital audio transmission
6. Copyright protects
a. _________________Works
b. _________________Works
c. _________________Works
d. Artistic works:__________,________
,________,_______,____________, _________, and
7. Copyright does not protect:
a. _______________________
b. _______________________
c. _______________________
d. _______________________
8. When is the work protected?
9. The moment it is________________ and___________ in a tangible
10. It is _______________ either directly or with the aid of a
___________ _______________ ______________

11. Registration of Copyright

a. Rights of Registration
i. Registration is _____________________
ii. Copyright exists from the________ ________ ________
iii. To file a lawsuit for infringement, you will have to
12. Copyright term depends on many factors
a. Individuals: the __________ __________ ________ _____
plus an additional ________years.
b. Corporations: for contract works and certain other works,
copyright protection lasts______________ years from
13. Use of Copyrighted Works
a. Fair Use Doctrine
i. Is a _______________that determines how much a
____________ item can be used legally without
ii. Section 107 of Title U.S. code contains____________
for____________ of a particular work.
14. Exceptions are:
a. ___________, ___________, ____________
,________,_________ ,_________, and _____________.
b. Public domain Items/Works
15. Rules of thumb
a. Limit the use of copies to __________ _________
b. ______________ _______________of a journal issue
c. Several _____________, __________, and_____________
d. Other _______________________ of a work
16. Caveats
a. There is no specific number of __________, ________, or that may
be taken without permission.
b. Acknowledging the source of the copyrighted material does not
substitute for _________ ______________
17. Bottom Line
a. _______________your research at all times (bibliography and
b. If you publish copyrighted work on your own website or in
another publication, __________ ____________