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Set D3 Name:____________________ Literature: Poem: The River (A) Read the following sentences about The River.

Mark (T) for the statements that are true and (F) for those which are not. 1. The River has a peaking voice. ( ) 2. The voice in the poem is the poet’s. ( ) 3. The character or persona in the poem is the River. ( ) 4. ‘He’ in the poem refers to poet. ( ) 5. There are several characters in the poem. ( ) 6. There is only one speaking voice in the poem. ( ) Class: ____________________

(B) Answer the following questions. 1. From the poem, we know that The River ______________ the contents of the river bed. A C moves ignores B D values guards

2. The expression, ‘________’ tells us that the River is always flowing. A B C D wants to keep cannot be still set up his camp buries down deep

3. The River becomes destructive when it assumes the character of a A C winder nomad B D wanderer monster

4. The River is always on the move when it takes on the role of a A baby B tramp

The phrase. the notes of his song refers to the A B C D lyrics of a song music for a dance sounds of the river music from an instrument .C winder D hoarder 5.

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