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1. A. B. C. D. 2. A. B. C. D. 3. A. B. C. D. 4. A. B. C. D. 5. A. B. C. D. 6. A block weighing 500 kN rest on a ramp inclined at 25° with the horizontal. The force tending to move the block down the ramp is ______. 121 kN 265 kN 211 kN 450 kN A 200 kg crate impends to slide down a ramp inclined at an angle of 19.29° with the horizontal. What is the frictional resistance? 612.38 N 628.38 N 648.16 N 654.12 N A man can exert a maximum pull of 1000 N but wishes to lift a new stone door for his cave weighing 20,000 N. If he uses a lever, how much closer must the fulcrum be to the stone than to his hand? 10 times nearer 20 times farther 10 times farther 20 times nearer Aball is drop from a building 100 m high. If the mass of the ball is 10 g. after what time will the ball strike the Earth? 4.52 s 4.42 s 5.61 s 2.45 s A ball is dropped from the roof of a building 40 m tall will hit the ground with the velocity of: 50 m/s 28 m/s 19.8 m/s 30 m/s A plane dropped a bomb at an elevation of 1000 m from the ground intended to hit the target at an elevation of 200 m from the ground. If the plane is flying at velocity of 300 km/hr, at what distance from the target must the bomb be drop to hit the target. Wind velocity and atmospheric pressure to be disregarded. 1024.2 m 1055.6 m 1075.5 m 1064.2 m

A. B. C. D. 7.

The muzzle velocity of a projectile is 1500 fps and the distance of the target is 10 miles. The angle of the elevation of the gun must be: A. 21° 59’ B. 22° 41’ C. 24° 33’ 8. A flywheel is 15 cm in diameter accelerates uniformly from rest to 500 rpm in 20 sec. What is its angular acceleration? A. 2.62 rad/s2

700 ft-lbf 108. 120 N 100 N 150 N 135 N What is the period of an oscillating body whose mass.45 rad/s2 C. An automobile uses 100 hp to move at a uniform speed of 60 mph. B. Why does a cube of ice float in water? a.500 ft-lbf 52. What is the equivalent temperature in deg K of boiling point of water? a.5 s 1s 1. D. 3141 kw d. 15600 ft.lbf 15. m. 3. 746 watts c. 1800 lbf 14. 74.lbf C.B. D. 1000 K c.44 N/m? 0. is 0.95 rad/s2 D.lbf D. 7. One horsepower is equivalent to: a. B. level road. What is the thrust force provided by the engine? A. 625 lbf C.8 m/s2 D. 530 lbf B.42 rad/s2 9. A. 33 000 ft-lb/min b. ice has lower temperature than water .46 watts 16. man standing on top of a building 120 ft above the ground. C. What is the greatest acceleration that the car can reach without breaking the rope? A. C. A.025 kg f the spring constant. 2. Compute for the pull exerted on the string by the stone if it got loose leaving at a velocity of 25 m/s.2 m/s2 B. 9480 ft. 273 K d. 3. k. B.lbf 80. 4. What is the kinetic energy of a 900 lbm motorcycle traveling at 60 mph? 22. 4.5 m/s 12. 7460 watts d. 10. What is the equivalent of one horsepower? a.6 watts b. is 0. 1100 lbf D. What is his potential energy relative to the ground? A.300 ft. A boy tide 80 g stone to a string which he rotated to form a circular motion with the diameter 1000mm. A rope is used to tow an 800 kg car on a smooth. A. The rope will break if the tension exceeds 2000 N. 4000 K 18. C. 7200 ft.lbf B.000 ft-lbf 13. 2380 ft. 2545 Btu/lb 17. 1. 3. 3730 K 0 b. D.5 s 2s 11. 746 W c.5 m/s2 C. A 130 lb.

. dyne 29. 11 yrs 26. 194 lbs D. P 740. 9.000. What is the magnitude of the resultant force of the two forces 200 N at 20° and 400 N at 144°? 332. P 350. 149 lbs 28. A load of 100 lb is hung from the middle of a rope. The density of ice is lesser than water c. boiling point c. P 250. Measures the average kinetic energy of molecules. Pascal’s Principle c. P 850.5 D.784. erg D. a. 165 lbs B. kg-m2/s2 C. N-m B. 9 yrs C. a.000 C.00 .b. A. The number of calories needed to warm up 1 g of any substance by 1 0 C is called ________.868.00 B. a rate of change of energy 30.00 maintenance cost of P 10. specific heat b. What amount should be deposited at 6% in order to draw out P 20. The interest rate of an account is 13% compounded annually. Btu 20. P 99. A. newton-meter D.5 N 27. P 110. States that pressure applied to a confined fluid acts equally in all directions.4 24. A. How many years approximately will to take to triple the amount? A. Boyle’s Law b.000 25. 8. 940. temperature c. D. Which of the following is the definition of a joule? A. apart. 9 years C. 10 yrs B. a kg-m/s2 C. Archimedes Principle d. A. Due to the load. Determine the tension in the rope. Which of the following is not a unit of work? A. 173 lbs C. the rope sags 4 feet in the middle.000 B. C.784. What is the capitalized cost of the machine with an initial cost of P 250. How long will it takes to double the sum of money at 5% annual percentage rate? A. B. P 111.2 C.5 N 233. heat d. a unit of power B.2 yrs D. calorie b. and leave nothing in the fund at the end. pressure 21.00 D.648. and an infinite life? The effective interest rate is 10%.00 C. Dalton’s Law 22. 14.5 years D.000.000 at the end of each year for seven years.5 years B. a. there are more water than ice d.5 N 313. P 795.4 B. P 100.5 N 323. 8 years 23. which is stretched between two rigid wells 30 ft.00. absolute temperature d.000 D. none of the above 19. P 352. If P 400 is deposited now in a savings account with an interest of 8% what will be the amount in the account 8 years from now? A. P 109.

1. which is stretched between two rigid wells 30 ft. reflection B. -164 dBm C. 18 m/s B. 3. 0. -180 dBm . 212 lbs C.8 s B. 72. 35 m/s D. then travels 200 miles to city B in 3 hrs. 66. Traffic travels at 65 miles /hr around a banked highway curve with the radius of 3000 ft. C.740 lbs 40.75 in. A. 1.Em) x sin (ωct) x sin(ωmt) 44. One of the following refers to the output of a balanced modulator A. 30 to 300 kHz 42. 194 lbs D.27° C. find the force required to start the block moving up the plane. v(t) = (Ec + Emsinωmt) x sin (ωct) D.86° 35. -104 dBm B.620 lbs C. A steel tie rod on bridge must be made to withstand a pull of 5000 lbs. 173 lbs C. Refraction D.3 s C. 149 lbs 32. A load of 100 lb is hung from the middle of a rope. 4.3 mph C. 24.40.9 s 38. Amplitenuation C.3 kHz C.12° D. If the coefficient of kinetic fiction 0. 62. 0. 300 to 3000 MHz D. 0. v(t) = (Ec + Em) x sin (ωct) B. What wave propagation principle accounts for the apparent increase in frequency as a train whistle approaches and the apparent decrease in frequency as it moves away? A. 125 lbs D. What is the average speed of the car for the trip? A.7 mph 36. A. 0. A. SSB B.5° C.000 psi? A. 2. 18° 39.72° B. What banking angle is necessary such that friction will not be required to resist the centrifugal force? A. determine the noise power in dBm for an equivalent noise bandwidth of 10MHz. What is the moment of inertia of a cylinder of radius 5 m and mass of 5 kg? A. 58. ISB C. 5. 190 lbs B.35 s D. DSB 45. Find the diameter of the rod assuming a factor of safety of 5 and ultimate stress of 64. apart. v(t) = (Ec + Em) x sin (ωmt) + sin(ωct) C. Determine the tension in the rope. A car travels 100 miles to city A in 2 hrs. A car starts from rest and moves with a constant acceleration of 6 m/s 2. 54 m/s 37. A 250 lb block is initially at rest on a flat surface that is inclined at 30°. 24 m/s C. 60 mph D. D. 0. the rope sags 4 feet in the middle. The equation for full carrier AM is: A.030 to 0.2° B. -244 dBm D.4° D. 3. A ball is dropped from a height of 55 m above ground.84 in.3 to 3 Hz B. 2. 165 lbs B. B. 45 mph B. 80 kg-m2 C.25% grade is _______. Hectomegametric occupies the frequency band of _____ A.31. Due to the load. AM D.71 in.960 lbs D. 120 kg-m2 B. How long does it take to hit the ground? A. A. 5. 24.000 lb/in2.5 kg-m2 D. What is the speed after 4 sec? A. 24.79 in 41.940 lbs B. 4.5 kg-m2 34. What force P is required to punch a ½ in hole on the a 3/8 in thick plate if the ultimate shear strength on the plate is 42. A. Doppler Effect 43. In microwave communications system. The inclination of ascend of a road having a 8. 75 lbs 33. v(t) = (Ec . 0.30 and the coefficient of the static fiction is 0. 24. 5.

1 Vrms? A. A. 0. Varactor diode C. Calculate the output S/N ratio in dB for three links.5 dB 57. A. its amplitude B. sky wave B. The taxi antennas are on the roofs of the cars. Which electronic component exhibits all the sources of noise.007 μA 54. 0. 15 mV B. The range of frequency band termed as Ultra High Frequency (SHF) is within______. frequency and phase angle 56. the Hartley criteria C. Goniometer 52. A.5% D. A receiver has a sensitivity of 0. space wave C. the loop-gain criteria B. The condition for sinusoidal oscillation of an amplifier with the following parameters: A. 50. 37. ground wave 51. and a third harmonic amplitude of 0. its amplitude and frequency C.23% B. the Bode criteria . Determine the percent power saving if the carrier and the USB is suppressed in an AM system modulated at 85 %. Determine the shot noise for a diode with a forward bias of 1.2 Vrms. the first two of which have S/N ratios of 45dB and the third has 40dB A. wave that is the same day or night A. 0. Three amplifiers are cascaded together. 13. Anglometer D. 3. Zener diode 49.87 dB C.1K B.0. 21km D. Determine the total noise figure in dB if the noise figure of each amplifier is equal to 3 dB and the amplifier’s gain is 10 dB each A. Calculate the maximum communication distance between the dispatcher and the taxi. 16 km 53. shot. 121 K 50.5 m above the ground. 89. the Barkhausen criteria D.005 μA B. approximately 1.24 dB 58. its amplitude. A.004 μA C. What is the strongest discernable signal that can be present along with a 0. 30-300 MHz C.71% 59. 190 K D.25% C.4 dB B. 0. A. 82. 110K C. A. BJT D. What device is used to measure the angle between two radio frequencies and also the direction of propagation of the waves. The part or parts of the sinusoidal carrier that can be modulated are A. 35 mV 55. 18 km C.5 μV and a blocking dynamic range of 80 dB. 98. 300-3000 MHz 48. partition.4 mA over a 80kHz bandwidth. to communicate with taxi cabs. its amplitude. frequency and direction D.24 dB B. 2. MOSFET B. 66. 1. 12 km B. direct wave D.5μV signal without blocking to take place? A. second harmonic amplitude of 0. 3-30 GHz D. flicker and burst noise A. 30. Iconosonde B. A taxi company uses a central dispatcher. What is the percent total harmonic distortion for a fundamental frequency with amplitude of 8Vrms. A receiver has a noise factor of 2.24 dB C.46.67% C. with an antenna at the top of a 15 m tower. 5 mV D. such as thermal.795% B.006 μA D. 2. Wavemeter C. 3. 86. Find its equivalent noise temperature. 31. 30-300GHz B.324 dB D. 75 mV C.2 dB D. 40.73% D.5% 47.

00 to 30. Based on ITU-R Recommendation V. A pre-emphasis of 75 μs refers to: A. 22. PANPAN D. 20 D.9 dB C. the "dead time" before de-emphasis occurs C. A Class A address has _________ host bits. Suppressing the audio when no signal is present is called: A. Software-Activated Wave 70. A. A3E D. Hectokilometric C. Symmetrical Audio Wave B. SOS B. Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) C. Surface Acoustic Wave C. Find the power received by a Hertz antenna if then 150 MHz transmitter output power is 50kW. C3F 67. Decamegametric 65. occupying essentially the entire wideband frequency spectrum for the allotted time A. the antenna current is also doubled A. having a wideband RF amplifier after the mixer C.98 db 66. MAYDAY C. A. AM broadcast 64. 16 C. AGC B. the time delay between the L and R channels D. 810. Time Division Multiplexing(TDM) B. H3E B. Hectomegametric B. inserting a low pass filter before the mixer 62. Silicon-Activated Wafer D. TV D. 340. Calculate the antenna gain in dB.9nW D. having an IF amplifier with the proper shape factor B. 14. Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM) D. 12.60. The transmitter is 100km away from another Hertz antenna. 24 . What is emission F3C A. J3E C. A transmission technique where each communication channel is allotted an epoch or time slot within a sampling frame. the time-constant of the filter circuits used 68.2 GHz. having a narrowband power amplifier before the mixer D. Which of the following emission is used such that when the modulation index is doubled. Statistical Time Division Multiplexing(STDM) 61. AFC C. 16. What is the distress signal in Radiotelegraphy A. limiting 69.6nW C.16 nW 63. 10. SAW stands for: A. the time it takes for the circuit to work B. 574.3 nW B. analog facsimile B. 431-6 the metric subdivision of 3.78 dB D. A.00 kHz is ___ A. Image frequency problem can be reduced by A. A helical antenna with eight turns is to be constructed for a frequency of 1. XXX 71. analog FM C. Myriametric D. 8 B.8 dB B. squelch D.

when number 8 is pressed? a. The ______ represents a design of the hybrid. b. Channel 80. 48. azimuth D. back azimuth B. c. 32. hexadecimal D. C D. permittivity 78. B C. within the telephone that enables a portion of speech to “bleed” over the earpiece or receiver. Huygen’s law C. d. 852 Hz and 1336 Hz 852 Hz and 1209 Hz 852 Hz and 1477 Hz 852 Hz and 1633 Hz 76. A.240. None of the above 74. A. Poynting Theorem B. A B. None of the above 73.75. 191. Zo 77. sidetone 81. The antenna theory which states that reception and transmission function are interchangeable is . Decimal 75. A B. b.707 Gain increases 6 dB Gain increases 3 dB Gain does not change How does the gain of a parabolic dish antenna change when the operating frequency is doubled? 79.24 is a Class __________ address. 48. magnetic azimuth 82. a. bleeder d. power density B. Gain is multiplied by 0. The angular distance measured clockwise between a fixed point and the point at which a vertical circle through it intersects the horizon. and allows the system to provide a considerable amount of data about calls.16. What frequency would be generated by a telephone using DTMF signaling. feedback c.256 is a class __________ address. eartone b. 32. decimal B. without tying up voice lines. Allotment b. C D. a. hexadecimal C. c. Allocation d. d. c. a. a. field intensity D. MAC addresses are _________ bits in length and are represented in a ___________ format. Common-channel signaling Common control In-band signals In-channel signals C. A. Assignment c. magnetic north A.72. B C. d. 172. Entry in the Table of Frequency Allocations of a given frequency band for the purpose of its use by one or more terrestrial or space radio communication services or the radio astronomy service under specified conditions.39. A. The ratio between the electric field intensity and magnetic field intensity is called A. b. It allows the telephone network to set up calls economically.

Busy hour B. B. For a certain telephone. A. the DC loop voltage is 48V on hook and 8 V off hook. Space diversity transmission means transmitting and receiving on ___________. A. when it is off hook c. If the loop current is a. B. the DC loop voltage is 48V on hook and 8 V off hook. C. Disconnection Open network Blocked call Loss call . perpendicular to the direction of travel c. Elementary doublet 86. Which of the following antennas has a length equivalent to 1/10 wavelength? A. 48 Ω b. two two two two or or or or more more more more antennas operating on two different frequencies identical frequencies antennas operating on the same frequency different frequencies 87. transcendental elements. Average call C. C. 200Ω d. perpendicular to each other b. 1500 Ω b. B. what is the DC resistance of the telephone? c. parasitic elements. as long as it is attached to a local loop d. 92. the propagation of light in straight lines c. D. 1300 Ω c. feed-points driven elements. sometimes referred to as an average duration of occupancy of one path from calls. Marconi antenna C. C. Snell’s law D. none of the above 88. when it is on hook b. Hertzian dipole B. both a and b 90. Law of Reciprocity 84. the cable carries baseband signals b.83. The referred to a condition in a telephone network where the calling party cannot get connected to the party being called. Loop antenna D. For a certain telephone. If the loop current is 40mA. 40 Ω 40 mA. Dispersion is the term used to describe a. what is the DC resistance of the local loop? a. A duration of traffic path occupancy from a call. the bending of a beam of light when it strikes a mirror 89. Holding time 93. the splitting of white light into its component colors in refraction b. it can be used as the base for a backbone cable system d. A. only when it is ringing 91. 1300 Ω 85. The reflector and director of an antenna array are considered as A. the cable has a base speed of 10 Mbps c. The electric and magnetic fields of a radio wave are: a. The word “Base” in 10BaseT means a. DC current flows through a telephone: a. D. Traffic call D. D. 1000 Ω d. the bending of a beam of light when it goes from one medium to another d. 2300 Ω C.

Determine the modulation index of a standard FM broadcast having hypothetical maximum carrier frequency deviation of ± 8KHz and a maximum modulating frequency of 4 kHz.8 .846 x 10^6 m/s D. b. H3E stands for a. 4 B. c. b. d. both wireless and wired. 3. Public switched telephone network. DSBSC 98. 214 x 10^6 m/s 100. c. which has a relative permittivity of 7. 38.SSBFC b. Find the propagation velocity of radio waves in glass. CEPT 95. increases with both deviation and modulation frequency increases with deviation and decreases with modulation frequency decreases with deviation and increases with modulation frequency is equal to twice the deviation 97. It is of great importance for wireless communication because it links wireless users with other users – a. c. 1 C. b.94. SSBSC c. d. EIA c.46 x 10^6 m/s C. at a carrier frequency of 160 kHz A. SSBRC d. d. The troposphere is the: a. ITU b. 2 D. Geneva-based organization within which governments and the private sector co-ordinate global telecom networks and services. highest layer of the atmosphere middle layer of the atmosphere lowest layer of the atmosphere the most ionized layer of the atmosphere 96. Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) Local area network POTS (plain old telephone service) A. 20 99. a. TIA d. The FM modulation index: a. 107 x 10^6 m/s B.

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