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flipkart ppt
flipkart ppt

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Published by: Priyanka Bujugundla on Aug 27, 2013
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Intro Founders Flipkart Story Evolution of Logos Funding Acquisitions Why flipkart? Order Lifecycle Conclusion and References

computers. they‟re one of the leading e-commerce players in the country. cameras. healthcare and personal products. free shipping and of course the great prices that they offer. more than 2 million registered users and sale of 30000 items a day. plans are underway to spread to many others. EMI options. games.5 million book titles. music. a 30-day replacement policy. mobiles.   . home appliances and electronics – and still counting! With over 11. Be it Cash on Delivery. Flipkart went live in 2007 with the objective of making books easily available to anyone who had internet access. but don't worry. They‟re present across various categories including movies. Their success is largely due to their obsession with providing customers a memorable online shopping experience. For now they're present in 27 lucky cities. 11 different categories. Then there's dedicated Flipkart delivery team that works round the clock to personally make sure packages reach on time.

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal .

Sachin likes to spend most of his free time with his family   . As CEO. In 2006 he joined Amazon. He is also in charge of Flipkart's corporate divisions which include the finance and legal departments. An avid gaming enthusiast. Sachin oversees all the customer facing activities of the company ranging from technology to marketing. He graduated from IIT-Delhi with a degree in Computer Engineering.com in India which he later left to set-up Flipkart.   Sachin Bansal CEO and Co-founder Sachin spent his early years in Chandigarh.

At Flipkart. . An active sportsman.     Binny Bansal COO and Co-founder Born and raised in Chandigarh. he used to captain his school basketball and soccer teams. Binny oversees all operational activities that come into play from the time the customer places an order till the time of delivery. A big fan of Salman Rushdie as well as Stieg Larsson's 'Millennium' series. Binny is also passionate about soccer and NBA. This spans across divisions like warehousing. Binny went on to get a degree in Computer Engineering from IIT Delhi. He had a brief stint at Amazon before taking the entrepreneurial plunge with Flipkart. logistics and customer support.

Initially they used word of mouth to popularize their company. was established by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal both are alumni of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and worked for Amazon. Flipkart employs over 3000 people. Within two years through word of mouth of their services.    . Flipkart broke even in March 2010 and claims to have had at least 100% growth every quarter since its founding.com before quitting and founding their own company. Flipkart became one of the top 100 Indian sites and was credited for being India's largest online bookseller with over 10 million titles on offer. Flipkart.

Since then. It‟s been about a year since Flipkart started moving from being a pure bookstore to selling mobiles/DVDs etc. eyeing a $50 million run rate as reported by TechCrunch. making it look more „upmarket‟. Flipkart went for a major brand makeover.   . Also it had experienced 2 million unit sales and 4 million unique visitors per month with sales growing at 25% per month. There has been large newspaper ads. TVCs and a lot of web ads.


Flipkart has since then raised two rounds of funding from venture capital funds Accel India (in 2009) and Tiger Global Management (up to the tune of US$10 million) (in 2010). Initially funded by the Bansals themselves with 4 Lakh(INR).   Private equity firms Carlyle and General Atlantic are in talks to jointly invest about $150 million to $200 million in Flipkart. according to sources. .

Chakpak. a social book discovery tool.000 filmographies. 2011: Mime360.   . news. The stated goal was to give Flipkart a social recommendation platform for buyers to make informed decisions based on recommendations from people within their social network.com is a Bollywood news site that offers updates. 2011: Acquired the rights to Chakpak‟s digital catalogue which includes 40.000 ratings. 2010: “We Read”. 10. a digital content platform company.000 movies and close to 50. photos and videos.


com are new books.Discoverablity  SEO  “We Do Not Sell Used Books” tagline. “We DO NOT sell old books or used books. All the books listed at Flipkart. The books listed at Flipkart.com are NOT available for free download in ebook or PDF format....” .

. . The products are all there in the godown.. When u order u get it after the specified number of days. Inventory..  auto redirection to banking site. Strictly abide by “never promise something that u don't have” rule....  Not like only when an order is placed they get the product..Payment  cash on delivery.

 Flipkart is seen delivering through their own delivery boys in Bangalore and at times within 12hrs from order.. The recent $20Mn funding from Tiger Global was only part of a larger sum they are known to be raising. Paying a premium may not solve the problem always.  Most similar looking envelopes are never delivered thinking that it is a marketing package and no one would track it. They would be willing to bargain on rates but would never say anything about the service. .Delivery.  Flipkart is looking to build its own courier company.

Warehouses are located in the following cities. often near airports. Bangalore Chennai Delhi Hyderabad Mumbai Noida Pune Kolkata         . Flipkart has offices. warehouses and customer service centers across India.

. Flipkart has added a prepaid Wallet feature to its e-commerce platform that allows shoppers to store money on the site and use it to purchase items. without having to reach for their credit card for each transaction. according to a MediaNama report.


UGC     Provide details to evaluate a product Price well options Have to be competitive to the most obvious Online. Friends. COD     Provide convenient payment options Confirm payment  .WoM. Brand Building Make it easy to Find & Discover products Description.  Attract users to the site Provide selection Family. SEM. SEO. Specifications.

breakage proof   Select courier & hand-over Follow-up for timely delivery Courier performances vary across regions a LOT   Get tracking id & communicate to customer Take care of returns (faulty product/user changes their mind) Minimize returns   .   Get the item Procure from Supplier (Just-in-time) (Supplier selection) Keep Inventory (Inventory Prediction. weather proof. MRP printed lesser than told to you   Tamper proof. Planning)   Clean & Check for sanity Pack the item Pages missing.

  No glamour – this is dhanda and very traditional at that. Dealing with suppliers: > Signing agreements with suppliers > getting them to share data feeds > getting them to fulfill your orders     Dealing with Payment Gateways Setting up & operating large warehouses Dealing with Couriers People may not be as forthright & honest . Your competition is on SP road and Chandni Chowk.

With online retail industry in India pegged to reach $1. this news becomes even more significant. Now that Amazon is reportedly entering India in early 2012. sources suggest that e-commerce is just hotting up in India and we may soon seen many more Internet companies achieving similar success. the first billion dollar Internet company from India(going by 2015 estimates )is by far the leading online store in the nation. Flipkart.   .5 billion (2015). with Flipkart demanding a very high buyout price. considering that Amazon has previously. tried acquiring the company. and unsuccessfully.

   Wikipedia The Next Web Flipkart  Slideshare .

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