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August 28 - September 3, 2013 Sports Reporter

August 28 - September 3, 2013 Sports Reporter

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Sports Reporter
The Nation's Leading Bowling Tournament Newspaper Since 1940
Vol. 74 No. 26 August 28 - September 3, 2013 50 cents

Happy Birthday Pete Weber in Winning the PBA50 Treasure Island Resort & Casino Open
By Bill Vint - PBA

Matthew Peduto Hammered 300, 300 At Majestic Lanes
HOPELAWN, NJ – Matthew Peduto blasted games of 300-300192-231 to end the session with a 1023 series in the 400 Doubles League at Majestic Lanes. Angelo Fallacaro Jr. rolled 238279-242-201-960 followed by Nick Antonucci tossing 227-248247-204-926, Jeff Scire 265-265910, Kelly Daunno 238-237-260878, and Nichole Toto bowled 248-235-851.

WELCH, Minn. – Pete Weber had a very nice birthday last week, winning his second PBA50 Tour title in the Treasure Island Resort & Casino Open presented by Brunswick to lock up PBA50 Rookie of the Year honors and clinch a berth in the new PBA50 Finals which will be held as part of the PBA World Series of Bowling V in early November. The now 51-year-old St. Ann, Mo., resident defeated Robert Harvey of Boise, Idaho, 243-227, at Island Xtreme Bowl in the PBA50 Tour’s final event of the 2013 season to claim the $7,500 first prize. But what made the victory extra special was Weber’s victory over fellow PBA Hall of Famer and nemesis Walter Ray Williams Jr. in the semifinal round. “My birthday was complete when I beat Walter,” said Weber, who has beaten Williams only twice in 11 head-to-head matches in PBA Tour televised contests. I bowled good all day. It seemed like I shot 240s all day, but on the scoring condition we had here, 240 wasn’t always a guaranteed winner. Walter shot a lot better
By Lucas Wiseman - USBC HENDERSON, Nev. - Team USA's Bill O'Neill successfully defended his men's singles title at the 2013 World Tenpin Bowling Association World Championships. O'Neill defeated Germany's Bodo Konieczny, 228-192, to win the gold medal at Sunset Station's Strike Zone Bowling Center. Sweden's Martin Larsen and Korea's Shin Seung-Hyeon shared

PBA photo

Birthday Boy Pete Weber.

than his score. He just didn’t carry, and fortunately I did. “This is the third time we’ve had a (PBA) finals on my birthday,” Weber added, “and I’ve won titles all three times, so I kind of like bowling on my birthday.” The victory allowed Weber to lock up the PBA50 Rookie of the Year title, which is based on the competition points standings. And he earned 16 Player of the Year points, which allowed him to pass Lennie Boresch Jr. of Kenosha, Wis. (who lost in the Round of 8), for the third birth in
the bronze medals after losing in the semifinals. In the gold-medal match, O'Neill got off to a quick start and built an early lead, relieving the pressure of having to perform down the stretch. By the time he reached the final frame, O'Neill just needed eight pins on his final shot and tossed a strike. "I didn't think I would make the medal round halfway through the

the PBA50 Finals, a special ESPN-televised event which will be conducted during the PBA World Series at South Point Casino, Hotel and Bowling Center in early November. Williams, who clinched his second straight PBA50 Player of the Year title a week earlier in Decatur, Ill., and Venezuela’s Amleto Monacelli earned the first and second berths in the PBA50 Finals. “I’m very happy with my rookie year,” Weber added. “I bowled in six tournaments and made the top four five times. The only way it could have been better would have been to win every one, but I’ll take it.” Weber won his first PBA50 Tour title, and first major as a 50and-older player, in the USBC Senior Masters in June. Another honor was decided Wednesday when Tim Kauble of Marion, Ohio, finished in the top eight to become the PBA50 Tour’s first Super Senior Player of the Year, nipping PBA Hall of Famer Dale Eagle of Tavares, Fla. The honor for players ages 60 and older was based upon the tour’s competition points standings.
day," said O'Neill, who bowled a 300 in the final game of qualifying to make the medal round. "It was quite a different experience this time around, but I'll certainly take it." Even though he lost in the final match, Konieczny was all smiles after earning the silver medal. He helped lead Germany to bronze medals in doubles and team at the last World Championships in 2010 in Munich, Germany.

Jeremy Toner Blasted 300 At Farmingdale Lanes
FARMINGDALE, NY – Jeremy Toner blasted a 300 perfecto on the way to a 675 series in the Monday Summer Trio League at Farmingdale Lanes. Chris Traina rolled 258-245-721, Kerrick Jones 257-257-675, Sal Alberino 255-234-687, Rich Pasciuto 253, Michael Walsh 248228-657, Joe Johnson 248-228672, Tyrone Brown 242, Bob Starzec 242-233-669, Michael Garfinkel 235, Peter Ramo 200205-234-639, and Curtis Brown, Artie Sloman and Eddie Wing 233.

Ron DeLuca 300 at Lodi Lanes
LODI, NJ - Ron DeLuca burned the boards for a 300 game while contesting in the Lodi Lanes Tuesday Doubles League. Henry Carlos III came near with a 289 followed by Paul Weissman tossing 279 and Kathleen Weissman slammed a 246 game.

Steven Haneveld, Jim Westergaard David Ragucci 300 at Rockaway Lanes
ROCKAWAY, NJ - Steven Haneveld, David Ragucci, and Jim Westergaard all had 300 games rolling in the Thursday No-Tap League at Rockaway Lanes. Chris Morris did well pitching a 287 game followed by Teri Renn with a 277 in his 660 set, Rachel Haneveld hit 255-604, Heather Terantino 255-627, Susan Weir posted a 202-game, and Carol Scheu tossed 223-615.

Team USA Bill O’Neill Takes Men’s Singles Title at World Championships
"We earned a couple bronze medals in 2010 at the World Championships, but I wanted to make this year even better," said Konieczny, who also shot a 300 in qualifying. "This is my first time visiting America, so to bowl a 300 game and win a silver medal is a dream come true for me." In the semifinals, O'Neill defeated Shin, 181-155, in a low-scoring match, while Konieczny knocked

off Larsen, 209-183, in easy fashion. Korea's Ryu Seo-Yeon won the women's singles title. Ryu defeated Chinese Taipei spinner Wang Ya-Ting in the gold-medal match, 224-182, Mariana Ayala of Puerto Rico and Huang Chiung-Yao of Chinese Taipei shared the bronze. For the host country the United States, Missy Parkin was the high finisher in 23rd place with a sixgame total of 1,212.



August 28 - September 3, 2013

ARLINGTON, Texas Starting August 1, 2014, the high score awards given to United States Bowling Congress adult members for a 300 game, 800 series or 900 series will become once-in-alifetime awards. This change comes as part of USBC's strategy to focus resources on national governing body services. As part of the change to the high score awards program, any USBC member who received an award in one of the high score achievement categories as an adult prior to August 1, 2014, will not receive an award for that achievement again. "With this change, USBC takes another meaningful step toward our vision of redefining the organization," USBC President Andrew Cain said. "I want to clearly emphasize that cost savings was only a small factor in the board's decisionmaking process approving the change. This is primarily about a philosophical shift to make USBC membership about supporting and protecting the sport. "The board believes this adjustment to the high score awards program provides a good balance of preserving an organizational tradition while moving toward USBC's vision for the future." The 11-in-a-row award also will be eliminated as part of the changes. All 300 games and 800 series at the USBC Open and Women's Championships will continue to be recognized and are not considered part of the once-in-a-lifetime policy. "Given that more than 50,000 certified perfect games are rolled in a typical season, the board agrees it is unnecessary for the national governing body to provide awards for near perfection with the 11-in-a-row," Cain said. "We also believe special recognition is appropriate at USBC Championships, since these prestigious events are conducted in special venues on uniquely challenging conditions." Associations still will be required to submit 300 game, 800 series or 900 series achievements so the bowler's record can be updated with each accomplishment. The 11in-a-row achievement will not be recognized at the national level effective August 1, 2014. Members who already have received once-in-a-lifetime recognition for a high score will have the ability to purchase additional awards for subsequent high score achievements. Sport Bowling awards will remain unchanged for the 2014-2015 season, with the exception of the elimination of the 11-in-a-row award.

Pins and puns. Two people, one a struggling professional bowler, won a million dollars in a lottery. When asked what they were going to do with all the money, the first happily described how he was going to quit work at once, spend a lot of time fishing and playing golf, take life easy, and live on the new found wealth. The bowler scratched his head, thought a bit, then answered, "I guess I'll just keep bowling on the tour until the money is all gone." The reason many bowlers fail is because they keep trying to teach the other bowler when they should be teaching themselves. And that's why bowling instruction is cheap. The supply exceeds the demand. For every bowler, there are two instructors. Any tournament director will quickly tell you that most bowlers are honest. Then why do they have so Many strict rules? Easy answer .To keep the bowlers honest. Nothing shortens a long bowling story as quickly as the unexpected arrival of the bowler who unknowingly was the central figure of the former long story. You don't have to learn where all the bad spots or bad areas are on a bowling lane. Just learn where the good ones are. The nightmare that haunts all top bowlers is that their last big game will be their last big game. Eventually there will be a bowler's head on some mountain --Even if they are forced to enlarge the mountain --- or shrink the head. Bowling points to ponder. If it doesn't matter whether you win or lose, then don't bother to keep score. An optimist is a person who starts building a 5 million dollar bowling center with a mere 5 million dollars. Wouldn't it be nice if some of the self-professed experts on pro bowling and pro tournaments took in a pro tournament more than once a year or so? In some bowling centers everything works when it comes to scoring. In others, nothing works. And that's why averages from place to place can vary as much as 40 points. One thing you can still get cheaply is that extra frame of bowling you thought the deskman wouldn't notice. Who is in worse shape than the bowler-golfer who shoots in the 130s in both sports? A bowler can usually tell how good his reputation is by how difficult it is for him to live up to it. in most sports the spectator is fulfilled through identification with the player in action rather than through the action. That helps watchers feel like they are doers. In bowling, people are doers, in the action, and they can also be watchers, so they gain from both acftvities. I still can't get over the sight of a bowler pulling up to a tournament site in a $300 car, and then unloading $3,000 worth of bowling equipment.


Val Mendoza Tops At Lodi Lanes
LODI, NJ - In the FilipinoAmerican League at Lodi Lanes top scores were posted by Val Mendoza rolling a 279 in a 737 set followed by Chuck Ontal with 279, Ric Guevarra 279, Rey Cruz 279, Frank Rose 277, Bobby Castillo 277, Efren Capalaran 268, Ron DeLuca 268, Joely Carillo 251-691, Lenny Zepeda 236, Jennifer McCaffrey 235, Toto Roldan 741, and Mike Gavazzi with a 732 series.

It Pays to Advertise in the

Sports Reporter

August 28 - September 3, 2013



Bowling Proprietors Associan of America (BPAA) Executive Director Steve Johnson and BPAA President Cathy DeSocio presented the BPAA Media award to John and Joe LaSpina proprietors of Maple Family Centers including Coram Country Lanes, Farmingdale Lanes, Jib Lanes and Rockville Centre Lanes. The LaSpinas garnered national, as well as regional and local media, attention on television and in print with their portable bowling lanes that were used on the Rachel Ray television show and at the Mommy Blog Her convention in New York.

Monday Trios Dan Thompson 278-700, Joe Mormando 266, Justin Kampf 258-690, Joe Treutlein 255, Paul Thivierge 681, Jake Jacoby 672, Anne Gruber 204, Jack Kampf 279-279-759, Scott Kampf 269-718, Joe Mormando 720, Luciano Gaglione 717, Jake Jacoby 698, Frank Yodice Jr 678, Dan Thompson 264, Scott Kampf 257-245-737, Sal Giudice 256-661, Joe Treutlein 255, John Daly 666, Tricia Krac 218, Nicole Catapano 217-206-602, Anne Gruber 207, Patty Barber 205. Thursday 3-Man Justin Kampf 300-774, Scott Kampf 298-687, Fred Liebowitz 289-280-269-838, Chris Ziesig 289-288-279-856, Brian Letz 278-735, Joe Valdina 267-729, Al Green 267, Scott Kampf 257, 258-726, Richie Letz 257-663, Keith Pappas 279-688, Brian Werbeck 269737, Mike Krull 264-764, Jack Kampf 728, Sunil Kochar 716, Scott Kampf 687, Howard Edelman 672, Marc Friedman 664. Young @ Heart Seniors Richie Coyer 257-202-641, Vera Feitell 200, Richie Coyer 248-227-659, Richie Coyer 232, Richie Coyer 234-212-639Ray Wilson 200, Richie Coyer 247-605.

Maybe it’s not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it’s about starting over and creating something better.



August 28 - September 3, 2013

Junior Leagues
Summer Juniors Singles: Zachark Clark 259-604, Joseph Kleczynski 257-738, Ryan Ackerman 203-568, Kristen Greiner 171-494, Haley Paccione 160-440. Adult Junior: John Kavanaugh 236-656, Rob Murray 220-628, Robert Murray 159462, Melissa Sussex 197-392, Betty Montano 170-470.

Tuesday Mixed Handicap: Alby Pezzella 268/745 Carmine Calabrese 258/742 Chris Dellevas 258/714 Melissa Parker 238/661 Mindy Joseph 247/637 Lisa Larsen 238/620 Wednesday BOWL USA Ed Bernardi 267/741 Rob Angerosa 244/669 Stephen Varone 239/658 Kayla Stavrou 181/524

Chris Lietz Leads Summer Teen League at Ocean Lanes
LAKEWOOD, NJ – Chris Lietz rolled 238-214 in the Summer Teen League at Ocean Lanes. Matt Russo bowled 222, Lauren Hoffman 216, Robbie Guzman 214, and Katilynn Nardiello, Nicole Higgins, Karsyn Lukosius, and Tom Russo 203.

Adult Leagues
Thursday No-Tap: Steven Haneveld, Chris Morris, Matt Pukas, Nick Westergaard all tossed 300 and Westergaard finished with a 864 set. John Evangelista tossed a 280 game, Susan Weir 278-616, and Carmen Bartkowiak 254676. Have a Ball: Dan Colaneri 247-631, Nick Westergaard 243-622, Joe Bawiec Jr. 207, Jacquline Theriault 211-528, and Michelle Acosta 210-591. PBA Experience: Matt Pukas 278-747, Brandon Draughn 258-635, Lenny Frost 244635, Dawn Palmer 232-581. Summer Doubles: Allen Apgar 279-725, George Katterman 268, Tim Panek 726, Romeo Lerro 715, Liesl Apgar 225-638, Dori Tingoli 211-559, Tami Mehesy 169-479. Wednesday Early Birds: John Sanroman 269-649, Heriberto Matias 264-702, Jim Westergaard 258-755, Donna Sodano 209-571, Lynn Coleman 206-571, Joann Brown 192-506.

Rich Macaluso Tops at Plaza Lanes
MADISON, NJ – Rich Macaluso rolled 236, Joe Mazzarese 235, and Thomas Litland 213 in the Tue. 400 Doubles League.

August 28 - September 3, 2013



"Contemporar y bowling centers where league bowlers are always welcome"
"We open every day at 9am as we have since 1960"



August 28 - September 3, 2013

Matt Farber 290-770
FARMINGDALE, NY – Matt Farber led the scoring in the Wednesday Adult/Junior Scholarship League firing games of 290 and 257 for a 770 high series. Emily Dean shot 227-623, Nicholas Mencarelli 206, Skylar McGarrity 196, Kevin York 192, and Janne Liguori 191.

Gary LaCara 705
FARMINGDALE, NY – Gary LaCara led the scoring in the PBA Experience League firing games of 259226-220 for a high series of 705. Marc Bieler rolled 211-220-222-653, Dan Levin 212, Eugene Neal 211, and Joe Costanzo 203. In the Friday Nostaglia League LaRon Brown rolled 257-210-629.

Sal Alberino 719
FARMINGDALE, NY – Sal Alberino topped the scoring in the Tuesday Party League firing a high game of 265 and a high series of 719. James Curran rolled 255-659, Clay Hunt 254-213653, Will Depalo 222-225-254-701, Conor McCormack 248-204, Brian Beale 248-246, Rob Larsen 248-225-673, Matt Traina 227-245-228-700, Deon Taitte 242, Stephen Albertson 240-234-654, Vernon Brown 234, Howie Garfinkel 229, John Tortora 226-202, and Mike Bagnato rolled 224-215.

Jerry Hoeler 214
FARMINGDALE, NY – Jerry Hoeler rolled 214, Barney Kral 200, Joan Healey 172, and Paul Kester 163 in the Friday Seniors League. In the Monday Summer Seniors League Ken Lauri shot 183, Jerry Hoeler 175, Cathy Caputo 168, Ken Leek 163, Marguerite Lauri 156, and Angela Napolitano and Alice Burns each tossed a 153.

August 28 - September 3, 2013



Corinne Maher Hit 279 at Ocean
LAKEWOOD, NJ – Corinne Maher led the scoring in the Summer Teen League firing a high game of 279. Kenny Ryan rolled 235, Jared Stuart 221, Amanda Nardiello 216, Tori Boughton 213, Kelly Nicosia 212, Angela Kozma 205, McKenna Collier 203, Sierra Palmer, Alec Hehir and Nicole Higgins 202.

Nicole Sarna 237
MADISON, NJ – Nicole Sarna led the scoring in the Tuesday 400 Doubles Summer League firing a high game of 237. Thomas Litland rolled 216, David Hanft 190, and Al Alberti 189.

Jack Vander Meulen 234
MADISON, NJ - Jack Vander Meulen led the scoring in the Junior/Major Breakfast Club League firing a high game of 234. Joe Mogelesky shot 214, Robert Bednarik 200, and Rebecca Bednarik 187 In the Bantam Prep Breakfast Club League Charlie Glunk shot 138, Zachary Linder 132, and Daniel Sirota 129.

Nick Sisto 278 At Wallington
By Gloria Volpe WALLINGTON, NJ - Nick Sisto’s 278 in a 646 was the high game for the night in the Monday Foursome at Wallington Lanes. Ron Williams bowled 254 along with Nino Polanco. Alan Kowal hit 242, 237-681, Frank Vitale 240,235, Andres Escalante tossed 229 along with Dave Cosentino while Ed Henkelman and Mike Szewczyk each rolled a 225.


Rocco Fortunato 1016
HOPELAWN, NJ – Rocco Fortunato topped the scoring in the 400 Handicap Doubles League firing games of 232257-238-289 for a high series of 1016. Jeff Scire rolled 245-244-245277-1911, Steve Venito 253217-257-235-962, Thomas Curtin 211-249-236-241-937, and Rick Sciulla 233-233-256209-931. In the Monday Junior/Adult League Branden Barrese rolled 229, and Joseph Barrese 211.

August 28 - September 3, 2013

Mike Calabrese 721
FARMINGDALE, NY – Mike Calabrese topped the scoring in the Monday Main Event League firing games of 220-269-232 for a high series of 721. Bob Lampariello rolled 259-212234-704, Joe Herber 246-223235-704, Ralph Trapas 256-208216-680, and Edwin Rivers 224.

John Kertesz 708
HOPELAWN, NJ – John Kertesz led the scoring in the Guys & Dolls League firing games of 217-238-253 for a high series of 708. Dan Krakowski shot 265-255699, Dennis Fitzmaurice 237234-634, and Thomas Poulos 245-634.

Larry Johnson 720
HOPELAWN, NJ – Larry Johnson topped the scoring in the Senior No Tap League firing games of 277-220-223 for a high series of 720. Mary Doslik shot 222, and David Brockman 196. In the Senior No Tap League Wayne Michel shot 207-209-608, and Larry Johnson 220.

CJ Galloza 702
HOPELAWN, NJ – CJ Galloza led the scoring in the Monday Main Event League firing games of 223-203-276 for a high series of 702. Margaret Taylor rolled 248223-214-685, Don M. Hellhake 229-233-214-676, Joe Lampariello 222-224-2223669, James Cooper 225-225215-665 and Brian Sibilila 211264-663. In the NASCAR League Jeff Kenny Cody Smith blasted 253, Jeff Kenny 211-232, Tyler Mortensen 220, and Louis Polise 216.

Joe Lampariello 725
HOPELAWN, NJ – Joe Lampariello led the scoring in the Monday Main Event League firing games of 279234-212 for a high series of 725. Carmen Serignese, Jr. rolled 269-204-239-712, Rob Lampariello 286-201-213-700, and Duteche Aine 248-202248-698. In the Monday Junior/Adult League Steph Crane shot 220, and Branden Barrese 200-226.

Mike Dellamanna 710
FARMINGDALE, NY – Mike Dellamanna led the scoring in the Guys & Dolls League firing games of 221-268-221 for a high series of 710. Curt VanDross rolled 233-200232-665, James McMillon 225223-637, and Keith Baird 258634.

Chuck Manitone 662
HOPELAWN, NJ – Chuck Manitone led the scoring in the Federal Business Centers League firing games of 232228-202 for a high series of 662. Wayne Michel shot 221 in the Senior No Tap League.

Jeff Kenny 254
HOPELAWN, NJ – Jeff Kenny fired a high game of 254 in the NASCAR League. Frank Kertesz hit 232, Kyle Taraski 221, and Bill Bailey 218. Frank Kertesz rolled 256-204, Louis Polise 224, and Cody Smith 216 in the NASCAR League.

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