The Scientific Way of Teaching Using SIX SIGMA in Education

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com .. Investigating quality in education including leadership and the application of belt training. SixSigmaZone..Six Sigma in Education:Fad or Reality?  Six Sigma in Education:Fad or Reality?.Cached › Articles . by Dheeraj Mehrotra . www.

In academics it is still in infancy. in response to the threat of it's Japanese counterpart. It is dependent on the management gurus for .Origins of Six Sigma The concept of Six Sigma originated in the 1980's as Motorola. www.sixsigmaineducation. Further. got excited about the concept of zero defects. the concept bloomed to Allied Signal and General Electric (GE). and as a result it became news in 1996 that GE had saved over $1 Billion of cost by using the Six Sigma methodology.

The progress towards the target is measured by the sigma rating.4 defectives per million.sixsigmaineducation. In academics. it standardises the enhancement of the result by percent .Target and Techniques of Six Sigma Six Sigma raises customer satisfaction by reducing the number of defectives from a process to 3. www.

to increase . www.sixsigmaineducation.Culture of Six Sigma The culture of Six Sigma suggests a work environment and quality of work life where everyone in the company desires to achieve the Six Sigma target. to increase customer satisfaction. This culture provides an important and continuing focus to management. to lower costs and to improve profitability.

The implementation in the educational arena requires the teachers to be considered 'employees'. or a late delivery time. The customers tend to be the parents who pay the fees and want quality in return of the good result of their wards. www. or the workforce in . the amount of 'rework' in a batch of a product.sixsigmaineducation. a document with a misprint.The Six Sigma quality concept penetrates -applying to all processes within a company -whether 'defective' means an out-of-spec time coming off a production line.

Our mission to have a Total Quality Person (TQP) with a vision that Every Child is Potentially the Light of the World and a Pride of the Human Race www.Six Sigma is a A Quality . It's a philosophy that talks about attainable short-term goals while striving for long term objective.sixsigmaineducation. . adds value to it. Six Sigma provides it's inputs in the form of measurements of the company's existing set standards. working on them to get the desired output i.sixsigmaineducation. less number of defects and higher quality. and provides an output to an internal or an external customer.Six Sigma is a A process is any activity or group of activities that takes an input.e..

operate. A Management Strategy or a Business Process. Business for excellence revolves www. A Process. control and monitor everyday processes. Which has to be first understood and then merged into the school’s culture. .Six Sigma is a: A Tool.sixsigmaineducation. A Concept or an around processes. Six sigma is a statistical and problem solving tool. That allows companies to design.

that applies to CTQ's (Critical To Quality) parameters (Parameters that play a pivotal role in determining the quality of any product or any service).com . Of total quality as well as the defects that might have been overlooked till now.sixsigmaineducation. A Performance Target. www.Six Sigma is a: A Measurement.

and the defining of a project to cure or alleviate that problem. These are defined further as: www.sixsigmaineducation. which stands for Define. Measure.Application of Six Sigma The implementation or application of Six Sigma starts with the recognition of a problem. Improve and . Analyze. The project is undertaken by a team using DMAIC. .sixsigmaineducation.

for example. etc. desired improvement. using process map. likely benefits. the failures include identifying and defining the problem. The importance lies in having the chance of a high successful delivery of better quality and saving costs in totality. application area.DMAIC DEFINE: This phase involves the definition of the project/assignment. In the context of academic . www. Projects may include real life problems such as distractions in the classroom.sixsigmaineducation.

Data collection is the main emphasis of this .sixsigmaineducation. as obtained.DMAIC MEASURE: This phase involves the analysis of the process to determine its present state and the future. www.

DMAIC ANALYSE: This phase involves the data analysis for indentification of parts of process which affect the quality of the . www.

sixsigmaineducation. better scheduling. work environment for the teachers. This may involve better forecasting. specifying teaching techniques. and school campus quality life. better procedures or equipment.DMAIC IMPROVE: This phase adds to the process to find a permanent solution to the . www.

www.DMAIC CONTROL: This phase involves the process of closing the problem by putting in the right procedures and management .

Improve and Control. Measure.sixsigmaineducation. Analyze.COMPATIBILITY WITH DEMING CYCLE (PDCA) PLAN (D) DO (M) DMAIC Define. CHECK ACT (A) (IC) .

DESIGN FOR SIX SIGMA DMADV  Define your customers needs and requirements  Measure your current ability to satisfy your customers requirements  Analyze your data  Design a new process to meet your customers requirements  Verify that the process is working and monitor it’s performance .

.VOC – Voice of the STUDENT Every Six Sigma project should satisfy the STUDENT’S needs and requirements.

com .NOMENCLATURE IN SIX SIGMA IMPLEMENTATION  Green Belts  Black Belts  Master Black Belts  Champions or Leaders www.sixsigmaineducation.

com .sixsigmaineducation. www. The teachers and instructors of the students act as these designatures.Six Sigma Professionals GREEN BELTS: These represent the Six Sigma practioners. with a thorough grounding of the approach.

com .Six Sigma Professionals BLACK BELTS: These represent the Six Sigma experts with a thorough grounding in the approach. A subgroup of the teachers and instructors act in this role.sixsigmaineducation. in addition to the ability to lead the projects (which is an additional skill over the Green Belts). www.

com . assist leadership for projection and consultation. The Administration Officer or the Vice-Principal act in this role.Six Sigma Professionals MASTER BLACK BELTS: These represent people who spend their time focused on Six Sigma. www.sixsigmaineducation.

www.sixsigmaineducation. in collaboration of the management or school .Six Sigma Professionals CHAMPIONS or LEADERS: They are the senior managers who ensure that resources are available for training and projects and also conduct reviews. The Principal acts in this role.

www. researchers have found that successful deployment of Six Sigma involves focusing on a small number of high-leverage items.sixsigmaineducation.IMPLEMENTATION OF SIX SIGMA IN ACADEMIC SCENARIO With the outcome of the implementation of this .

What’s wrong with the process? Why is this process not meeting your STUDENT’s requirements? No solutions at this .sixsigmaineducation.Implementation of Six Sigma Which process is causing you and your PARENTS the most amount of pain? Look for the low hanging fruit. www.

Nothing can guarantee a project will be successful but poor project selection is the main reason why projects fail. You can do this by using this guide make sure your project selection process is as good as it can .Implementation of Six Sigma  Your STUDENT wants results and they want them yesterday.sixsigmaineducation. Make sure you can get measurable results before you ever start a project. You don’t have the luxury of time. www.

com . It's a philosophy that talks about attainable short-term goals while striving for long term objective. www.IN A NUTSHELL 6 Sigma is a Quality Philosophy.sixsigmaineducation.

.co m Towards Scientific Quality learning in schools.sixsigmaineducation.www.

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