Summer 2013

Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 4 MI0039 –E-Commerce-4 Credits (Book ID: B1325)
Assignment (60 marks)

Note: Answer all questions. Kindly note that answers for 10 marks questions should not exceed 400 words. Each question is followed by evaluation scheme. Q1.
(7 Warigon is a retail company and they want to automate the payment system. 10 marks

Assume that you are the design engineer of that company. What are the factors that you would consider while designing the electronic payment system? (Analysing- 5 marks, Factors-5 marks)


For many years companies have been using computers to send business 10 marks documents instead of mailing paper documents (i.e. most of our pay checks are directly deposited into our bank accounts). This transfer of funds is accomplished by the use of an electronic file being sent from your company to your bank). The problem was that the all employed proprietary used unique formats to pursue this task. The absence of a standard format led to the condition where computers could no longer "talk" to one another without a great deal of effort by programmers. For example, Supplier X could recognize an electronic Purchase Order from Retailer A but not from Retailer B. To avoid the above condition ANSI formulated a committee for the entire world to have standardised format for the electronic transaction. What is the name of the standard? Discuss the working concepts of that standard. (Recognising the standard – 1 mark, defining the standard- 2 marks, listing the various components – 3 marks , explaining the working – 4 marks)


The four Ps concept in marketing are the four major ingredients of a traditional 10 marks marketing mix directed at the customer or target market. List and explain the four Ps of marketing? Are the 4 Ps really applicable to Internet marketing? How? (list – 1 mark, explain four Ps- 3 marks, answering yes or no – 1 mark, reasoning the answer – 5 marks )


Website is the most important front end tool in the online marketing. It provides 6+4 marks

2 marks.Summer 2013 the interactive mode of operation to the user. This is possible only after the growth of Mcommerce. Areas of potential growth-5 marks. Explain. Mobile advertising has become a no-brainer for some brands to drive in-store 10 Marks traffic and online revenue.5 marks) Q6.3 marks) List the benefits of online . Define what is a website? Analyse the structure of a website. catalogue (List 5 benefits. Define Mcommerce. Future of mCommerce. Describe the areas of its potential growth and future of mCommerce (Definition and example. (defining the website – 1 mark. Online 10 marks catalogues are the best way to browse and locate material from the collections of the British Architectural Library at the RIBA. diagram. analysing with the justification.7 marks) Q5.2 marks. RIBA is one of the famous online library which uses online catalogues.5 marks.

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