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Oral Session

Joseph Sabol

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Applications of Ionic Liquids from the Small Business Sector AM Session

Location: Indiana Convention Center Room: 143 Organizers: Stanley Seelig Presiders: Stanley Seelig Duration: 8:30 am - 11:40 am
#ACSIndy Ionic Liquids #ILs

Pres Pub Presentation Title Time # 8:30 am Networking 9:00 am Introductory Remarks 9:05 am 15 Green solvents and ionic liquids: A business venture for the global conservation of water Stanley S Seelig 9:35 am 16 Separation of hydrocarbons from sand or other minerals using ionic liquids Paul Painter, Bruce Miller, Aron Lupinsky, Maria Sobkowiak, Andrea Choperena, Nuerxida Pulati. 10:05 17 Production of ionic liquid based electrolytes for am electrochemical storage devices Joe C Poshusta 10:35 18 Using academic resources to expand your chemical am enterprise: Graphenics, LLC example Rachel M Frazier, Hunter Adams, Dan T Daly. 11:05 19 Novel chitin fibers for wound care am Robin D Rogers, Gabrielle Gurau. 11:35 Concluding Remarks am