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To: New York State Police Troop G, Saratoga County Sheriff Department, Saratoga Springs Police Subject: Criminal

Complaint for Stolen and Damaged Gildersleeve for Sheriff lawn signs Date: Aug 26th 2013 Contact: Candidate, Jeff Gildersleeve 339-8020 _____________________________________________________________________________________ Due to the large amount of complaints filed with our campaign on behalf of private citizens in Saratoga County, the Jeff Gildersleeve for Saratoga County Sheriff Campaign is filing a John Doe criminal complaint with local, county and state law enforcement agencies. Unknown persons have stolen or damaged approximately 300-400 lawn signs throughout Saratoga County between August 5th, 2013 and August 25th 2013. The approximate value for these stolen and damaged lawn signs exceeds $1000.00. The poly-coated lawn signs measure 16 X 26 with a white background and the text Gildersleeve Elect A 21st Century - Sheriff in blue, white and red. Gary Strothenke of Wilton, 267 Edie Rd. Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, filed a criminal complaint today with the Saratoga County Sheriffs department for damage to his Gildersleeve for Sheriff lawn sign on his private property. Contact Mr. Strothenke 518312-6655 or 518-583-8805.