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Universe Designer BO XI 3.0/3.1

Course Outline: Understanding Business Objects Universe Creating the Universe Building the Universe Creating Dimension Objects Creating Measure Objects Resolving Loops in Universe Resolving SQL Traps Applying Restrictions on Objects Using @Functions Using Hierarchies Using List of Values Creating Derived Table & Indexes Linking Universes Applying Universe Access Restrictions Managing Universes .

What is a Universe ? The Semantic Layer The Role of Universe ? What type of database schema is used ? (a)Star Schema (b) Snow flake Schema Define Classes & Objects ? Finally Advantages of Universe ? .

Universe Development Cycle Process .

Modify and Update Universes with Designer Create Multiple Connections with Designer Designer Provides Graphical Interface Starting Universe Designer .Business Objects Universe Designer Components Create.

Creating the Universe  Setting the database Connection  Data access drivers .

Modifying and Deleting available connections Can view all available stored connections in the Connection List .Viewing.