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Curriculum Vitae

Full Name Personal Information Address Phone E-mail Nationality Date of Birth Sex Status Skills Interests and Hobbies

Fabricio Grisola Pablo Coster 1178, Bella Vista, Buenos Aires 4666-2446/1135078666 Argentina 10/8/95 Masculino Single I am skilled at committing myself to work and help others. I am interested in anything having to do with animals and wildlife, and learn more about this topic. My hobbies are playing rugby at the Club Regatas Bella Vista and go to the gym and hanging out with my friends and family. Very good command of English either oral or written. (bilingual school) No Veterinary My main goals for the future are to meet me with a doctorate in international veterinary medicine, do some master, preferably abroad.

Languages Did you participate in other courses of Junior Achievement? Career choice Objectives for the future