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The intensity of my longing for your sight, Come, and take a look; I am about to drop like a tear from

the eyelash, Come, and take a look. You used to avoid me: my crime was thrashing and Flailing about, restless; I am now dead and at rest, how well do I rest, Come, and take a look. I envy the Other; I am undone by it; have some shame! We are together, alone, yet I do not see myself, Just take a look! I heard that you look at no one, but I am not without hope, Well, I did hear about your looking at no one; So how did I take it, come, and take a look. The seed sprouted, grew up, became a home for nesting birds; I, still hoping for the Phoenix, still spread my snare-Just come, and take a look. You have no idea how submissive are those who draw sighs Of hopeless desire for you, Be my eyes to see how secretly I glance at you: Come, take a look. Should you be in the mood to enjoy the sights in a rose garden, There is a world of colour in my thrashing about And my bleeding wounds— Come, and take a look!

just see. Just come and look! . I will drink. then see the true splendor of spring! You did not applaud me. I applauded and did justice to your style of indifference. to have broken off a hair from her tresses. And how. and look.How cruel is the comb. And you will look! Wine has made her abound in bloom and blossom. to drink. Friends. I do not bend unless the Other does. making it look like a comb: Come. let her have another sip. I bite the back of my hand in grief. just take a look! Ghalib. Be my springtime and see how I abound in bloom and blossom— Let me into your audience chamber alone. and drink. too: I bend my head at the shadow of her sword where it is curved. did not deign to do justice to me And then pain killed me off.