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CARPET is a modern minefield breaching system consisting of a launcher assembly that contains 20 rockets equipped with FAE (FuelAir-Explosive) warheads. The CARPET launcher is an autonomous AddOn Kit that can be assambled easily and quickly in the field to any main battle tank or suitable military vehicle. The system enables breaching a path of 100 meters in a minefield at a high mine clearance efficiency. The CARPET system is operated by the vehicle crew from inside the tank compartment to achieve maximum crew protection. CARPET is a self contained system, with no hydraulic power required from the host vehicle. The system needs only 24V - 28V power.

Main Advantages High breaching efficiency. Operate by two of the tank crew. Operational in all types of terrain. Path marking with rocket fins. No prior operation required. Takes only one minute to complete the mission. Crew practice with training rockets. Operational flexibility: manual, semi and full-automatic modes. Quick reloading in battlefield conditions. Fully qualified and operational with the Israel Defence Forces. Main Control Unit controls the firing and testing from the crew cabin.
Safe system for the crew (in case of being hit by fragments, bullets or missiles).

Technical Data Launcher (MBT mounted option) Total weight (fully loaded): 3.5 tons Launcher dimensions (including mounting frame): 3.0m x 2.0m x 1.32m Rocket pod dimensions: 0.92m x 1.32m x 2.4m Mounting frame dimensions: 3m x 1m
Rockets dimensions & weight weight: 46 kg length: 1390mm Outer diameter: 265mm Fins span: 350mm Firing range: 65 - 165 meters Firing modes: Automatic, Semi-automatic and Single-shot
02/80/08 - 8/020057/16 UNC. RAFAEL-Graphic Desing Dep.

Launcher installation options: Mounted on the rear of a MBT (easy removable from tank to tank) Towed behind an APC Installation inside an APC


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