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What is the significance of letters in Pride and Prejudice?

In Regency society, letters were very important because they were the only way to send information to someone far away. Characters in Pride and Prejudice use letters for different purposes and have their own style. Caroline Bingley uses her letters to manipulate people. First she invites Jane to Netherfield, to befriend her. Then she tries to damage the relationship of her brother and Jane, in her letter informing Jane that the Netherfield party left for London. She wrote, “My brother admires her [Georgiana Darcy] greatly” to try and convince Jane that Mr. Bingley was not interested in her. Jane writes letters to Lizzy when she is in distress and needs help or advice. Jane writes to Lizzy when she is ill at Netherfield. She also writes when she cannot see Mr. Bingley in London and fears that he is avoiding her. Most importantly to the plot, she writes to bring Lizzy back from Derbyshire because Lydia had eloped with Mr. Wickham.