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Prof. N.R.

Kamath Quiz 2013 Fluid Flow Operations and Process Calculations
Finals:Round 1:- Multiple choice questions:1. Which of the following gases will have the highest kinetic energy per mole at same conditions of temperature and pressure:a) Oxygen b) Nitrogen c) Chlorine d) All have same K.E. Round 2:- Three’s company:1. Purge operation. Round 3:- Question the answer:1. Bubbling fluidization. Possible questions:1. In which type of fluidization does the expansion of the bed comes mainly from the space occupied by the gas bubbles? Round 4:- Audio Visual round:1. Identify the scientist:-

Ans:. Ans:.False. A centrifugal pump loses prime after starting.01 cm Ans:. 3. 2. Parsec is not a unit of pressure.True. Brownian movement predominates over the gravity forces for particles of size as 0. 4. The rate of material generation is zero for a steady state system.True.Rapid fire round:. Ans:. .True.(State true or false) 1.Round 5:.