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Usually  involving  sheets  or  strips  of  clay,  soft  slab  is  a  quick  way  to  build  form  by  manipulating  the  clay  while  it  is  still   plastic  (wet).     Objective: 1. Using the soft slab building technique you will create a simple 3-dimensional planter. 2. Utilizing textured mats, stamps, marking tools or items found in nature, you will create texture on your form. Procedure: 1. Figure what you want to do and bring in textures. Templates for a simple cup are available in ceramic binder. 2. Roll out your slab(s). 3. Apply texture to your slab(s). note: this can be done at the same time you roll out your slab(s) by rolling texture into the slab. 4. Cut slab according to template. Form the shape into your desired object by stretching and beating form. 5. Slip and score bottom onto form. This happens once the clay has firmed up – soft leather-hard stage to leather-hard. 6. Add any appendages and/or surface treatments. (feet, handles, lids, knobs, holes for post-fire media) 7. Address all seams 8. POKE HOLES IN BOTTOM


Objectives: To learn the slab method

Grading: evaluated on craftsmanship and skill in: Overall form, thickness, control of shape of slabed objects Cleanliness of seems and attachments creativity, ingenuity, surface design

40 10

To attach slabbed parts To investigate form and surface

10 20

HW: Textures (hcc only)

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