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Pinching is a way to shape clay into a desired form by you guessed it pinching.
Objective: 1. Using the pinching method you will create 2 Shakers. 2. You will put a creative spin on the for-mentioned object by way of form and surface design. There must be a relationship between the 2 shakers. For example: A tortoise and a hare, a chicken and an egg, a snake and a basket. Your 2 shakers must be different in some way. Procedure: 1. Figure what you want to do and sketch your idea. Keep in mind a target size 2. Pinch 4 pinch pots (half spheres) and preliminarily shape them so their rims fit together. Set all 4 on their rim to leather-up. 3. Using the slip and score method, attach half spheres at the soft leather-hard state of clay. 4. Beat or form the shape into your desired object and clean up seam 5. Add any appendages and/or surface treatments. YOU MUST HAVE APPENDAGES 6. POKE HOLE in ANY area of trapped air.

Grading: evaluated on craftsmanship and skill in: Overall form, thickness, control of shape of pinched objects, hole Cleanliness of seems and attachments must have attachments Creativity and clarity of relationship between shakers Quality of surface design, wet surface technique, glaze 100 30 30 30 10


Created by Kelley Eggert 2013