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Trinidad Carnival The Caribbean is known for its relaxing atmosphere, beaches, mangoes and other tropical fruits

. This applies to Tobago more so than Trinidad. In comparison Trinidad does give much attention too tourism as other Caribbean countries such as Bahamas, Barbados etc. The one period where Trinidad comes to the forefront in the tourism industry is Carnival season. Carnival is french influence, so there are many French words used in during the season Carnival season is approximately 1.5 -2.5 months long. Non religious based holiday. Culminates to that Monday and Tuesday before ash Wednesday. Saturday – Panorama – National Steel pan competition Sunday – Dimanche Gras ( Big Sunday) –Calypso (social Commentary) – King and Queen Competition Monday morning before dawn you have J’Ouvert French influenced word (jour ouvert – day open), paint mud oil Partial Coustomes Tuesday Morning – 24 bands