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Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5C Government of the District of Columbia PUBLIC MEETING 5 District Police Station 1805 Bladensburg Road

NE Washington, DC 20002

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 7:00PM- 9:00PM AGENDA CALL TO ORDER.Jacqueline Manning, Chair SILENT MEDITATION Attendees INTRODUCTION OF COMMISSIONRS DETERMATION OF QUORUM. Antonette Russell, Vice Chair APPROVAL OF AGENDA & Minutes ANC 5 Commissioner TREASURE REPORT ..Commissioner Treadway FIFTH DISTRICT PSA REPORT Fifth District Police officer PRESENTATION.. Councilmemeber K. McDuffie Ward 5 Update District of Columbia Regulatory and Affairs The Friends of Rhode Island Avenue NEW BUSINESS: Commissioner Butler ANC 5C02 SINGLE MEMBER DISTRICT ANNOUNCEMENT CITIZENS CONCERNS ADJOURNMENT COMMISSIONER:
5C01 Antonette Russell 5C04 Jacqueline Manning 5C06 Vacant 5C02 Karla Butler 5C05 Regina James 5C03 Robert King 5C07 Nolan Treadway

ANC5C meets every third Wednesday of the month at The Fifth District Police Station 1805 Bladensburg Road N.E. (except July and August) unless a special announcement.