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Lecture 1

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 12:47 PM

Clay, the basic building block of Mesopotamia • Incredibly fine, can be compacted to extraordinary strength Heavily influenced all accessible neighbors ENVIRONMENT The Tigris was once thought to have played little/no role in ancient Mesopotamia • Found to have flowed along multiple channels • Now understood to have had a larger role

Date Palms • Almost solid sugar; great source of calories • Extremely productive • Very early domesticate Island/Hole in the middle of Mesopotamia; Arabic "Jazira" • Not enough rainfall for dry farming, Tigris and Euphrates run below the floodplain so harder to irrigate • Tikrit in this area
North relied on dry farming, South on irrigation For discussion: Write on assigned article that presenting on each week. Not simply a precis but place it within the larger context.

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