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International Symposium The Book. Romania.

Europe Mamaia, September 23-27, 2012 5th Edition March 2012,
Dear Colleague, It is with great pleasure that we are inviting you to attend the 5 th International Symposium The Book. Romania. Europe, organized in 2012 by the Metropolitan Library of Bucharest. The Symposium will take place in Mamaia (on the Black Sea coast), in September, 2327, 2012, including one day trip in the Danube Delta. The Symposium Sections are: I. Book History and Civilization: << Books for everyone >>. Popular texts and printings of a wide circulation, 15th-21st centuries. II. Library Knowledge and Sciences: What discourse and what communication for the Library? III. Poetical language and ritual pragmatics in Ancient Indo-Iranian traditions: Charms and medicine in Atharvavedic and Avestan texts and rites. IV-A - the title and the theme of this section will be disclosed at a later date IV-B. Relations between Balkans and Asia Minor, from the classical times until the Byzantine period (Vth century B.C. – Vth century A.D.) Working languages are English and French. Each paper will be allowed 20 minutes, with an additional 10 minutes for Q & A. The Metropolitan Library of Bucharest will cover all expenses of travel and boarding Cristina Ion.Sadovski@oeaw. rejean. visa. Section III: Julieta Rotaru.picard@paris-sorbonne. frederic. Adrian Dumitru. the title and abstract of your Secretariat: Cornelia We hope that you are able to attend. in English or Section II: Chantal Stănescu. at her/his email address below. Velizar. Velizar Sadovski.barbier@ens. cradu@bmms. Réjean Savard. chantal. The Organizing Committee . travel. etc. Looking forward to hearing from Section IV-A –the identity of the president of this section will be disclosed at a later date Section IV-B: Olivier Picard. should be emailed to her/him by 15 April you wish to participate please inform the President of the Section where you wish to be registered. Section I: Frédéric Barbier. The Registration Form. After receiving a positive answer from the President of the Section you will receive a Second Circular containing details of registration. seleukosnikator@yahoo.