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Technical services
Experience is everything…
Having experienced professionals who have designed, operated, and maintained acid plants as part of your turnaround team will add value by saving time and capital. This is achieved by applying knowledge gained from other operating plants to identify and resolve operation, maintenance, and technical problems. Proven repair strategies and troubleshooting solutions can be implemented with confidence. Contact Chemetics to provide solutions for your operations and maintenance challenges. We have the know-how and most importantly we have the experience!
• Failure analysis Corrosion and material specialists are available to identify the root cause of equipment failure and recommend corrective actions to prevent the failure from reoccurring. • Mechanical integrity Equipment specialists are available to provide assistance in planning mechanical integrity inspections of equipment to maintain/ improve OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). • Technical studies / process optimization Process specialists are available to review existing operations and recommend modifications to improve or expand production.

Technical services:
• Troubleshooting Technology experts with operations experience are available to help identify process issues and recommend solutions. • Turnaround inspections Equipment specialists are available to be a part of your turnaround team to allow quick identification and resolution of equipment issues.

For further information, please contact:
Chemetics Inc. (a Jacobs company)
Suite 200 - 2930 Virtual Way Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V5M 0A5 Tel: +1 604 737 4499 Fax: +1 604 734 0340 email:

Photos: 1) Converter bed #1 inspection; 2) Pump shaft failure. Root cause: water dilution dip pipe failure; 3) Brick spalling at 12 o’clock. Root cause: Sulphur gun malfunction. Damage was successfully repaired without disturbing surrounding bricks; 4) FRP duct failure. Duct operates under vacuum but failed in tension. Root cause: improper glass/resin ratio; 5) Acid tower inspection.

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