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Presidential vs.

Parliamentary Form of Government

By: Dean Pacifico Agabin

Presidential Parliamentary

I. Advantaged of the Presidential Form II. Advantages of the Parliamentary

1. Since the President is directly 1. The parliamentary form is more
elected by the people, he has a suited for countries with deep
strong claim to democratic ideological or religious cleavages
legitimacy. or numerous political parties or
2. Direct election by the people gives sectoral factions
him the resolve to govern 2. Parliamentary democracy provides
independently and to disregard opportunity for the people to make
pressures from vested interests. a clear choice of political
3. The President’s fixed term of alternatives.
office makes for stability and 3. The parliamentary form makes for
strength to push even unpopular stability in mature democracies as
but necessary programs of executive power depends on
government and to accelerate legislative majorities constituted
economic development after parliamentary election.
4. The presidential system accords
with personalistic culture of the

III. Disadvantages of the Presidential IV. Disadvantages of the Parliamentary

Form Form
1. The presidential system 1. The political development of the
concentrates too much power in country has not yet reached that
the hands of one man, and sets the level of maturity where political
stage for personalistic rule. parties have been strengthened
2. This personalistic culture impinges around clear-cut national
adversely on the quality of other alternatives and ideologies.
political leaders. 2. In the parliamentary form, the
3. A strongman rule undermines representatives of the people are
political programs and weakens sometime weakened as against the
political parties based on ideology. cabinet, which can threaten to
4. The President is under the make issues matters of
strongest temptation to usurp “confidence”. This can lead to
powers of the other main paralyzation of governmental
departments of government. functions.
3. Since the parliamentary form is
based on compromises and horse-
trading, collective responsibility
leads to a weak government.