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Oilandgasindustryreport 2013 Halliburon Internal Source

Oilandgasindustryreport 2013 Halliburon Internal Source

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Oilandgasindustryreport 2013 Halliburon Internal Source
Oilandgasindustryreport 2013 Halliburon Internal Source

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Published by: yudhie_7 on Aug 28, 2013
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Oil and Gas Industry Report

May 2013 Briefing

All rights reserved. This presentation is based on information which the author believes is reliable. Amir H. He has not nor will not receive direct or indirect compensation in return for expressing specific viewpoints in this report. Copyright 2013.Disclaimer The author. Azadehnia. . does hereby certify that. Azadehnia. These opinions and estimates may be subject to change without notice. The author will not be responsible for any consequences associated with reliance on any statement or opinion contained here. but the author does not represent or warrant its accuracy. Amir H. to the best of his knowledge. The opinions and estimates expressed here represent the views of the author as of the date of this report. the views and opinions in this research report reflect his personal views about the companies named.

etc. Africa and Russia Little Spare Production Capacity Crude Oil > $100/bbl EU and Asia Natural Gas Prices > $12/mBtu Access to Unconventional Resources Increased Regulation Environmental Concerns Safety and Reliability Over Hydraulic Fracturing. Offshore. e. e.g. SEMS I & II. Higher Tax.g. West Africa e. Driver Demand Growth in Emerging Markets Supply Security Underlying Facts Population Growth GDP Growth Supply Diversification from Middle East.Oil & Gas Industry Sounds Upbeat … Barrier Impaired Business Confidence Rising Costs Underlying Facts Slow Economic Growth Limited Access to Capital Difficult to Access Resources Large and Complex Projects Skills Shortage Poor Infrastructure in Some Resource Rich Regions. Local Content.g. etc. Deep Water Production High Prices Technology .

a.a.7% p. Africa and probably.a. Middle East.8% p. driven by transport Crude oil supply growth in North America and Middle East Midstream supply and demand growth in emerging markets and Middle East 7% Middle East* 27% 50% US Nigeria UK Brazil 9% 3% 4% Other 7% 2% 6% 5% 15% 4% E&P Subsea FLNG LNG 58% Gas processing Refinery Petrochem CAPEX Country Breakdown 2014 – 2016 E CAPEX Value Chain Breakdown 2013 E Unclassified . China Crude oil demand growth at 0. FSU. and led by offshore developments Natural gas demand growth at 2% p. driven by power generation and industry Gas supply growth in the US.… And It’s Mostly About E&P Capital Expenditure Projection 2014-2016 E 2013 E 2012 2011 2010 2009 0 400 800 1200 US$ in billion Pipeline 1600 2000 2400 Growth Features by 2020 Upstream capacity increase by 5 .

… To Be Exact. Offshore E&P and Gas .

Opportunities In Greatest Difficulty .

SNC-Lavalin 10. Petrobras Downstream Independents CONTRACT FLOW Service Contractors Well Services Seismic Diversified Drilling Top 10 Contractors 1. Aker Solutions 7. Baker Hughes Supply Vessels Floating Production Subsea & Offshore Decommissioning 4. Total 8. ExxonMobil 2. Bechtel Engineering Consultancy / EPC 6. Petrochina 6.Oil & Gas Industry Structure Upstream National Companies Super Majors National Oil Companies Independents Top 10 E&P Spenders 1. Statoil Operators Midstream Integrated Independents 3. Fluor 5. Chiyoda 9. Shell 5. Saipem 3. BP 10. Technip . Chevron 4. Petronas 9. Weatherford 8. McDermott 2. Pemex 7.

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