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Podcasting Using Moodle

Podcasting Using Moodle

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Published by: gcimorelli on Jun 12, 2009
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Podcasting Using Moodle

You can download a iPodcast module for Moodle from: http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=38496 (you can login as guest) and get installation instructions from: http://docs.moodle.org/en/course/mod/ipodcast Once this is installed you can start Podcasting from your Moodle course. When you now look at your course you will see that there is a Podcast activity in the activity drop down menu in Edit mode.

When you choose Podcast it for the first time Moodle asks you to enter some setting for the Podcast. You can set up one Podcast channel for each course.

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When you have set up the Podcast channel you can then continue to enter Podcast episodes.

To enter a new Podcast episode go to the Lesson or Topic you want to add the episode to and choose Podcast from the Activity menu.

By default the Name of the Podcast will be set to the title of your channel and the Week you have chosen. This can all be altered to suit your needs. The next step is to choose your media to add to the Podcast. This is done through the Attachment tab.

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If you click on change you will be taken to the Moodle file manager for your course. Here you can either upload a file or select a file already present.

This method woks for most Podcast media types such as audio and video. However for PDFs the method has to be somewhat different. A PDF file has to be uploaded to some Web space and then the path for that file entered into the Attachment box.


Once your file is selected you need to make sure that the episode is visible. This is done via the Visibility tab.

You can set the current visibility of the episode so that it is included in the Podcast feed or you can set dates and time when you want the episode visible. This means

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that as a course creator you can preload material to a course and then drip-feed it to the users of the course when they need the content. The Podcast items appear in the Course as separate items where that can be accessed from within the course.

In the activities section of the Moodle course there is also a link to the Podcast.

This also gives you access to the content of the Podcast.

This also allows you to subscribe to the Podcast by either copying the Feed link and subscribing via your Podcast aggregator such as iTunes.

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You can also subscribe directly via iTunes by licking on the Add to iTunes Podcasts link. This downloads a .pcast file that adds the feed to your Podcasts in iTunes.

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