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Group 9 Minutes

Group 9 Minutes

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Minute for group 9
Useful for newbie which don't write about minute.
Minute for group 9
Useful for newbie which don't write about minute.

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Published by: Ns Kim on Aug 28, 2013
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Chemical Engineering Department University of Malaya

KKEK3282: Design Exercise Session 2012/13, Semester 2 Group no. 9 Meeting 4 Date : 25th April 2013 Venue : BKK4, Block V Time : 11.30 p.m. to 1.00 p.m. Chairperson : Mohamad Haiqal Bin Zainal Abidin Scribe : Muhammed Syafiq Gazali Attendance :
Name Kim Ning Sin (KNS) Choong Sze Sze (CSS) Noraini Mohyeddin (NM) Mohamad Haiqal Bin Zainal Abidin (MH) Muhammad Safwan Abdul Rahah (MSA) Muhammed Syafiq Gazali (MSG) Present

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 Minutes Agenda No. Matter Discussed Action

Task Discussion


The report is divided into 4 major parts and each part is assigned to specific student. a) b) c) d) Reactor Design Distillation Column Design Heat Exchanger Design Piping System Design KNS & CSS MSG &NM MH MSA


Meeting adjourned at 1. Matter Discussed Task Dividing b The task is divided into 4 unit operation to each person Task Given Unit operation Reactor Person In Charged KNS Deadline Find out thermodynamic properties. rate constant. Prepared by. specifications such as materials.15 p. determining the steps in designing a reactor and selection of reactor Find related information regarding distillation column and choose appropriate step to design a distillation column Determination of the proper distillation column for both stage distillation column and packed bed distillation column Finding fluid physical properties required and decide on type of heat exchanger to be used Finding suitable pipe geometry. ________________________________ Mohamad Haiqal Bin Zainal Abidin 2/2 . refer back to literature and pattern Find information related to reactor design. fittings.m. and fasteners which meet pressure design requirement Additional details c 2/5 Reactor CSS 2/5 Distillation column MSG 2/5 Distillation column NM 2/5 Heat exchanger MH 2/5 Piping MSA 2/5 All materials prepared is needed to present in next meeting for all member to have full understanding about the task given.Chemical Engineering Department University of Malaya Agenda No. arrangement.

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