Prescriptive vs.

Provisional Model of Crisis Communication Provisional Model Combine the understanding that a crisis is a threat with a view of a crisis as the potential for opportunity, renewal, growth Discourse of Renewal 1. 2. 3. Organizational Learning: learn from failures Ethical communication: reveal the character of the organization Restrospective vs. Prospective Vision

Discourse of Renewal 4. Effective Organizational Rhetoric Typcially, rhetoric is meant to construct and maintain a particular reality. Control. With this model, leadership helps frame the crisis. Co-construct meaning Mobilize support. Move beyond the crisis to future focus Equal partnerships with stakeholders


Give stakeholders “significant choice” Give them the infor essential to Instinctive.. Based on existing patterns of doing business. Based on long-held values. Leadership embodiment of thise values. Helps org enact strong, positive ethical core values Overall better way to manage a crisis than prescriptive lens. Better opportunity for recovery. Deals better with uncertainty. “I knew immediately what I was going to do” Crisis definition. An organizational crisis is a specific, unexpected and nonroutine event or series of events that create high levels of uncertainty and simultaneously present an organization with both opportunities for and threats to its high-priority goals.

Proactiveness and Prevention 1. strong corporate culture Fearn-Banks agrees that the best crisis prevention is a strong corporate culture People centered Open honest (discourage upward distortion; CEO talking directly to the head of PR Listen and engage (the customer….complaints etc.) 2. Maintain good relationships with stakeholders Think about what your audience wants and needs before crisis Internal publics/employees Customers/Consumers Media 3. Crisis sensing mechanism Knowledge management Info gathering and analysis—re issues, risk and reputation What to do with that info? Create stakeholder map Who has power, legitimacy, willingness Do a threat assessment Likelihood and Severity/Impact grid What is the stakeholder impact 4. Manage expectation gap Prioritize stakeholders Co-create meaning with stakeholders to minimize the Expectation gap What’s happening? What needs to be done?

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