marketing campaigns of the brand across 2 different countries comparative who is handling the campaign australian media company

kleo - coke lite in melbourne (positioned for women) track all sorts events/contests/jingles that surfaces around the ad also - engag ements europe : outdoor van joy of happiness Hello Ma'am As per our discussion, our analysis would cover 1. A brief description of the Share a Coke Campaign in Australia and the after e ffects it had on the brand. 2. A comparison of its Marketing Communication strategies across Australia and I ndia. 3. We will also try and base our secondary research by communicating with Media agencies in Australia / India that are closely involved in IMC for Coke. 4. Apart from the advertising aspect, we will also cover the various other activ ities such as contests, promotional events, etc. that Coke endorses to bolster i ts brand image. We request you to kindly approve the above scope. Please suggest if we could add any further dimensions to the same. Thanks and Regards, Vinay Shekhar IMT Ghaziabad Mob: +91 75031 39404

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