I believe that sociology can be used as a educational tool to teach society about the problems we face.

Education is the key to our success.Society shapes the lives of people and determines morals,dress among other things. If society become educated and aware a lot of the problems we face today, would not exist. For example culture and diversity a lot of individuals do not understand how to care for or treat these individuals. These issues can be eradicated, if people become socially aware. By providing sociology lessons free to the public education would bring a better outcome. Question 2: Sociological insight can be applied to gang violence and drug addiction as it teaches individuals how not to be an outsider. Being an outsider or a loner precipitates a lot of violence and drug use as the individual feels unloved. This causes them to seek attention by committing violent acts to others or themselves.Sociological insight helps with understanding differences which help to solve conflict and teaches responsibility which can help with violence and drug addiction. Question 3; Social-Conflict Approach Todays society is made up of people who are unfair, unjust and immoral. Power and money is the key to inequality.This causes a ton of problems as it causes conflict that lead to social change.Society provides special benefits for the rich but not for others.

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