September 28, 2012 Navarro, Hannah Faith M.

BA Political Science

Chapter 8
Messy Geopolitics: Agency and Multiple Structures

Our group discussed the messiness of geopolitics because it is very complex and can be intertwined with different structures and agencies that can be subject to different scales and levels on how it is perceived. To simplify it, our report, geopolitics can be compared to house. Other groups have reported about the gravel, the cement, the doors and windows, but our group discussed how those things can be combined, thus creating a house. Like geopolitics a house is also very complex, how different materials can mix and match with one another, and it cannot be summed by only one object or material. In geopolitics, no theory is absolute and those theories can be seen depending on what nesting scale, whether it is in the level of an individual, a nation, a state or even a barangay. Let’s look at Modelski’s theory for instance, it’s about a world leader but, even that theory affects the lives of individuals. Because America is considered as a world leader, other counties get influenced by them like the Philippines. An example for that is written report that I wrote which is written in English. That’s how complex geopolitics is! Geopolitics, does not have a sense of what is moral or immoral which adds to the complexity of it. In our report we have discussed that rape is a useful weapon of war. We know that rape indeed is immoral but geopolitics considers it as merely a “tool” or many uses. First, brings fear to the place that even the most vibrant community can be turned to a place of sorrow like what happened in Yugoslavia. Second, it “poisons” the womb of the enemy an example for that is the war on Sedan, wherein Negroes were attacked by middle-eastern people thus the offspring of the woman will have the

an example for that is what happened to the Philippines during the Japanese era.features of the enemy. even children make offensive jokes about their playmate’s grandmother about being raped by Japanese whether or not it is true. . Rape destroys the life of the individual and disrupts the identity and cohesion of the community and the ethnic group. Relatives of rape victims are ashamed of what happened to their relative. Third.

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