Points to be discuss

1. JTOs of 2007 & 2008 batch (approx. 7000) are recruited in pre-revised pay-scale of Rs. 9850-250-14600 so Rs. 9850/- may be given as minimum of the scale with current IDA till finalization of standard pay-scale. 2. Since BSNL stated in recruitment notification 1-11/2008-rectt. that the IDA payscale Rs. 9850-250-14600 (E1A) likely to be revised upward but BSNL put us in downgraded Provisional revised pay-scale of Rs. 16400 - 40500 (i.e. replacement of pre revised pay scale Rs. 8600-250-14600 (E1)). 3. Administrative ministry (DoT) stated in Para (1) of OM No.61-01/2009-SU Dated 27.02.2009 that proposal of BSNL on E1A pay scale shall be dealt separately. 4. BSNL stated in Para (1) of Office Order No. 1-50/2008-PAT (BSNL) dated 05.03.2009 that revised IDA pay scale of E1A will be notified latter. 5. Further BSNL stated in Para (1) of Office Order No.400-61/2004-Pers.1 (pt.II) Dated 18.03.2011 that case of E1A scale is not justified and further decided to continue the downgraded provisional pay scale of E1 and even then not finalize the standard pay-scale for JTOs. 6. Further BSNL stated in Para (2) of Office Order No.1-29/2010-PAT (BSNL) Dated 03.01.2012 that 5 (Five) advance increments on minimum of revised pay scale of Rs. 16400-40500 (E1) given to directly recruited JTOs of 2007 & 2008 batch and in Para (3) of the same order BSNL stated that in case revised E1A pay scale is approved by the government subsequently, the same may be extended to those JTOs but truth is that government (i.e. DoT) has already been declined E1A pay scale vide its letter no. 61-02/2010-SU Dated 24.01.2011. 7. Even after grant of five advance increments on minimum of E1 pay scale by BSNL board we JTOs of 2007 & 2008 batch are still sufferer of pay loss, EPF loss, HRA loss, PUA loss and most important, downgraded provisional revised pay scale which is against the recruitment notification 1-11/2008-rectt. in which it is stated that the pay scale is likely to be revised upwards. 8. I Shailendra Kumar Singh personally think that this is only way to lead whether for E2 or for Rs. 22820. That all depends on reply submitted by BSNL. But I think to get standard pay scale is our legal right for fight in high court. 9. Truth is that we cannot keep aside Rs. 9850/-, this is only a figure which enable us to get E2 or Rs. 22820/-. If anybody from 2007 & 2008 batch has another way to reach on E2 or Rs. 22820 plz. Attach a separate page with points arranged parawise.

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