Photoshop Tutorials 1.

html Tips on using raw digital camera images etc, restoring blemished images instantly. 2. Tips on a lot of trendy photoshop effects 3. 4. Extensive site with tips on various techniques in photoshop (good) 5. amazing site for pshop and pshop elements and other tutorials (extensive and good) 6. Another great site with loads of tips esp for photoretouching –color mangement – interface design etc. 7. Takes you from the basics to advanced with tips 8. Great site with advanced tips 9. 10. 11. Really cool site 12. 13. 14. 15. 19/H=0/*- 16. very good one tutorial a day –good to sharpen ur skills 17. good how to’s in Photoshop 18. Digital art and graphic design tips 19. color tools and tips 20. basic color and design 21. graphic design basics Flash Books Digital camera solutions Photoshop elements 2 solutions