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Table 12

Daily Travel: 2001

(Trips from one point to another on a single day;
most daily trips are local)

Modal shares of daily trips
Personal vehicle (multiple occupant) 49
Personal vehicle (single occupant) 38
Walking 9
School bus 2
Transit 2
Other 2
Trip purpose
Family/personal business 45
Social/recreational 27
Work (commute) R
School/place of worship 10
Work-related 3
Other 1

Minutes Miles
per day per day
Average driving time and distance
Female drivers 44 21
Male drivers 67 38
All drivers 55 29

Key: R = revised.

Notes: Data were collected between March 2001–May 2002.

Percentages may not add to 100 due to rounding. Transit includes
public bus, commuter bus and train, subway/elevated train, and
streetcar/trolley. Other includes air, intercity or charter bus, intercity
rail, ship, taxi, limousine, shuttle, or bicycle. Family/personal business
includes shopping, medical visits, picking people up or dropping them
off, banking, etc. Social/recreational includes visiting friends and
relatives, going to the movies or other entertainment, vacation trips, or
participating in sports activities. Work (commute) trips are those to
and from a person's place of work. Work-related trips are those made
for one's job other than to or from the place of work, but do not
include such occupational trips as driving a taxi, bus, or delivery truck.

Sources: U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), Federal

Highway Administration and Bureau of Transportation Statistics
(BTS), National Household Travel Survey (Washington, DC: 2002);
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