Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE

Delhi Section Convention

“Technological Universities and Institutions in New Knowledge Age: Future Perspectives and Action Plan”
5-6 September 2013 Organized by

Delhi Technological University, Delhi-110042

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Take margin as 1” (Right, left, Top & Bottom) on A4 paper. The Title of the paper should be in bold and in Title case. The next item of the paper should be the author's name (the presenting author), followed by the coauthors. Name of the presenting author should be highlighted by putting an asterisk with whom all the future correspondence shall be made. This should be followed by affiliation and complete official address This should be followed by the e-mail of the Presenting author. Providing e-mail id is must. Please keep paper Id, title, author’s name and affiliation right aligned Use the following font sizes: Paper Id: 14 point bold, Title: 14 point bold (Title Case), Author’s name(s): 12-point bold, Author’s Affiliations: 10-point normal, Headings: 11-point bold & caps, Sub-headings: 11-point normal & caps, Body Text: 10-point normal Use MS Word 2003/2007/2010 for preparing the manuscript. The manuscript must be in English Use Arial font Lines must be single-spaced (plus one additional line between paragraphs). Maximum (Eight A 4 Pages). Tables and figures must be included in the same file as the text, at the end of the manuscript. Figures must be inserted into the document in JPEG or Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) format.

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After the title, authors details and abstract, the main body of the paper should use headings like keywords, Introduction, Experimental, Results, Discussions, References, Acknowledgement, etc. (References should be in the order as they appear in the text). The accepted papers will be brought out either in conference proceedings or in CD-ROM in the same format as received. If authors have not submitted papers according to the guidelines given above, it is likely that their documents will be reformatted; data may be lost or misrepresented. It is the responsibility of each author to ensure that their abstracts and papers conform to the guidelines. Please submit your full length manuscript via email, as a word attachment to

Important Dates Submission of Full length Papers: On or before 30 th June 2013

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