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Let's Talk About Toys

Let's Talk About Toys

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Published by Philip Roeland

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Published by: Philip Roeland on Jun 13, 2009
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Speaking and listening – Elementary to intermediate

Let’s talk about TOYS
Conversation cards
What’s your favourite toy? How often do you play with it? How many toys have you got? Make a list. Make sure to put your favourites on top. Where do you get buy toys? Who buys them for you? Where do you get the money?

Which toys can you play with indoors? Name as many as you can.

Which toys are better used outdoors? Explain why.

Do boys and girls like the same toys? Explain and say which toys are popular with both boys and girls and which are not.

Do you think toys are expensive? What’s the most expensive toy you have?

Do you know any toys that can be dangerous? What can happen?

What are you favourite toys in summer (or when it’s hot)?

Could you live without toys? Why or why not?

Do you ever play board games? What’s your favourite? Make a list.

What toys do you play with in winter (or when it’s raining)?

Are toys now the same as in the past? (think of your parents or

What’s the difference?

Are toys important? Can you explain w or why not?

How can children pay for their own toys? Explain.

Make a list of all the toys you know. Rank them by price and popularity.

What was you favourite toy when you were 5? What is it now?

How often do you go to the park or playground? What do you do there?

Match and tick the toys
you have BB gun bow & arrow computer game doll kite seesaw skipping rope swing teddy bear toy cars train set yo-yo # v/x

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