IT4991 Internship Survey for Companies

Information gathered here will only be used for SoICT internship only and will be managed carefully. Please answer following questions and submit the answer by…

Company Name Name of Internship responsible person <Schedule for SoICT Internship>
※ SoICT sets internship length as 8 hours/day X4 weeks It would be grateful if your company could accept interns at following duration which is during students' 20123 semester as: …


1. How many interns could you accept? a. 1 intern b. 2 interns c. 3 interns f. More than 5:  interns g. Cannot accept any d. 4 interns

2. Internship working contents: (Please explain in detail as much as possible.)

3. Required conditions for interns

Thank you for your cooperation.

Please do not hesitate for any question. Contact: Mr. BUI Trong Tung Email : Mobile: 0984 383 051 .hut.Please reply to following contact.

5 interns .or Companies e managed carefully. Tel: E-mail: e.

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