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Quiz # 1 Ch 1 & 2

Quiz # 1 Ch 1 & 2

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Digital signal processing
Digital signal processing

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Published by: Ahmed Hasan on Aug 28, 2013
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Name: ___________________ February 11, 2013

Student Id.: ___________

Section: ________ Spring 2013

National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences
Department of Electrical Engineering
EE302 DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING Quiz # 1 Instructor: Asif Amjad Time Allowed: 20 minutes

Question # 1: Determine whether or not each of the following signals is periodic. In case a signal is periodic, specify its fundamental period. (a) (b) (c)

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: ___________ Section: ________ is defined as (a) Determine its values and sketch the signal . 2. First delay by four samples and then fold the resulting signal. First fold and then delay the resulting signal by four samples.Name: ___________________ Question # 2: A discrete-time signal Student Id. (e) Can you express the signal in terms of signals and ? Page 2 of 2 . (c) Sketch the signal (d) Compare the results in parts (b) and (c) and derive a rule for obtaining the signal from . (b) Sketch the signals that result if we: 1.

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