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Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot

Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series
For a single episode of a comedy series. Emmy(s) to director(s). VOTE FOR NO MORE THAN FIVE achievements in this category that you have seen and feel are worthy of nomination. (More than five votes in this category will void all votes in this category.)


Better Off Ted
Racial Sensitivity April 8, 2009 Lem is forced to stand up for himself when the company installs new money-saving, motion-activated sensors that don't detect black people. Meanwhile, Linda gets back together with her seemingly perfect ex-boyfriend in order to make Ted jealous.


Better Off Ted
Pilot March 18, 2009 Ted, the head of R&D for Veridian Dynamics, must convince a fellow employee to submit to being cryogenically frozen.


The Big Bang Theory
The Work Song Nanocluster March 16, 2009 Penny starts a home business manufacturing custom hair clips - "Penny Blossoms". The guys jump on board and take it to the internet.


The Big Bang Theory
The Killer Robot Instability January 12, 2009 When Penny's comments about Wolowitz's love life send him into a depressed stupor, the other guys lose their teammate for an upcoming fighting robot competition.


Slip Of The Tongue September 28, 2008 Hank and Karen decide to pack up for New York. Hank undergoes a grueling vasectomy at Karen’s request. Sonja is pregnant – is it Hank’s? Later, the gang heads to a party at famous producer Lew Ashby’s where Hank has an accidental encounter with a partygoer and he gets arrested.


The Raw & The Cooked October 19, 2008 Hank and Karen throw a dinner party. Before guests arrive, Hank pops the question, but Karen begs off to think it over. At dinner, it’s revealed that Hank is the likely father of Sonja’s baby. Later, Karen decides that she can’t marry Hank.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


In A Lonely Place November 9, 2008 Hank and Karen attend a parent-teacher conference at Becca’s school where Hank hits it off with her teacher, who is also Becca’s boyfriend’s mother. Charlie and Marcy bring Daisy into their home and Marcy reveals she spent their savings on cocaine.


La Petite Mort December 14, 2008 Hank completes his biography of Lew Ashby. Sonja gives birth to a baby that’s not Hank’s. Charlie starts work at a car dealership and Daisy has an affair prompting him to try to reconcile with Marcy. Karen takes a job in New York and Becca and Hank stay behind.


Chuck Versus the Break-Up October 13, 2008 Chuck is crazy with jealousy when Sarah's ex-flame and partner, Bryce Larkin, makes an unforeseen return and goes undercover with Sarah as an overly affectionate couple. At Buy More, Morgan tangles with strip-mall bullies, headed by the menacing Mitt (former NFL star Michael Strahan).


Chuck Versus The Seduction October 6, 2008 Chuck learns the art of seduction from the suave spy Roan Montgomery (John Larroquette), to get close to his target, a sultry but dangerous Black Widow (Melinda Clarke).


Desperate Housewives
Mirror, Mirror October 26, 2008 Driven by a hidden agenda, Dave convinces Susan to throw Mrs. McCluskey a surprise party for her 70th birthday.


Desperate Housewives
The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened January 18, 2009 When handyman, Eli Scruggs, passes away, the ladies realize just how much he affected their lives.


Eastbound & Down
Chapter Four March 8, 2009 Kenny looks to rekindle an old flame at a barbecue hosted by April and Cutler; Stevie cuts a “greatest hits” DVD for his favorite ballplayer in hopes of getting Kenny a big-league tryout.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Eastbound & Down
Chapter Five March 15, 2009 Convinced he’s lost his stuff, Kenny decides to give up his comeback dreams and move on as a working stiff – but his resolve is tested by arrogant car dealer Ashley Schaeffer and his new pet celebrity, a major-league arch-nemesis named Reg Mackworthy.


Eastbound & Down
Chapter One February 15, 2009 Burned out and broke, former big-league pitcher Kenny Powers returns home to North Carolina to teach PE at the local middle school he once attended. Wreaking havoc at school, around town and at the home of his brother Dustin. He sets his sights on his old flame, April.


Gotta Look Up To Get Down October 19, 2008 Vince jumps headfirst into the fashion world when he agrees to be the new face of Dolce & Gabbana. At the funeral of Ari's studio head rival, Ari gets an offer to replace the deceased.


Tree Trippers October 5, 2008 To help Vince clear his mind before he makes a major career decision, Drama gets the guys to go on a mind expanding excursion to Joshua Tree. Lloyd is stuck watching over Ari's house and helping him through a bad trip.


Redomption October 12, 2008 Vince's old friend, Dom, calls him for help. Turtle is reduced to being Drama's assistant. Ari tees off against Alan Gray and Phil Mickelson over Vince's career.


Bad To The Drone July 29, 2008 Success comes at a price, as several citizens of Eureka discover when the Department of Defense sends a ruthless corporate fixer (Frances Fisher) to town to conduct a performance review of Global Dynamics.


Everybody Hates Chris
Everybody Hates Back Talk April 3, 2009 Chris takes a dangerous stand against his mom when he refuses to do household chores.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Everybody Hates Chris
Everybody Hates The G.E.D. May 8, 2009 Chris finds out he has to repeat the tenth grade after having too many tardies. Chris instead chooses to take the G.E.D. to avoid repeating the tenth grade. Now he must deal with his parent’s reaction.


Flight Of The Conchords
The Tough Brets February 1, 2009 Fearing bodily harm from the famous rappers he has dissed in a song, Bret starts a gang for protection. Murray has a run-in with Australian bullies at the consulate. Mel makes a giant painting of Jemaine, who unsuccessfully attempts to get rid of it.


Gary Unmarried
Gary Fixes Allison's Garbage Disposal May 6, 2009 Gary and Allison end up in bed together and both immediately regret it and insist it will never happen again. But, when it does, they realize they need to figure out why this is happening and wonder if it will ever stop.


Hell Week October 28, 2008 Casey has a big decision to make about her future, so she turns to the one person she feels can provide the answers. Will it be Cappie? Or maybe Lauren Conrad? Rusty steals something of value to make himself a true Kappa Tau....and gets busted big time!


Big Littles & Jumbo Shrimp April 20, 2009 After discovering Andy's hookup with Jordan, Rusty is hesitant to become Andy's Big Bro. Meanwhile, when Evan's real life brother, Patrick, comes to town to visit, it stirs up family money issues and spills over into his relationship with Frannie, when it is revealed that he cheated on her.


Head Case
Twinkle, Twinkle May 8, 2009 Dr. Goode settles back in LA, where a final shot at dating goes horribly wrong with Michael McDonald. Finks get a video visit from his ex wife, Twinkle Finklestein.


How I Met Your Mother
The Front Porch March 16, 2009 Watching Robin's TV show for the first time, the gang gets into an argument and misses her dealing with a fire, a heart attack, a birth, etc... Marshall and Barney wear nightshirts and dream they fly over Manhattan.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


How I Met Your Mother
The Naked Man November 24, 2008 When Ted walks in to find Robin’s date sitting on the couch naked, he stumbles onto a phenomenon that revolutionizes the gang’s concepts on the art of seduction. For Ted has discovered “The Naked Man”...


It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Who Pooped the Bed? October 9, 2008 Frank and Charlie find someone has pooped in their bed, leading Mac and Dennis to join them as they attempt to crack the case of "Who Pooped the Bed?" Dee leads the Waitress and Artemis on a night out on the town, Sex and the City-style.


It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
The Nightman Cometh November 20, 2008 Charlie, with the help of the rest of the gang, stages a rock opera based on his song "Nightman."


Kath & Kim
Old October 23, 2008 Kath cannot wait to plan her big wedding to Phil, but her insecurities kick in after Kim comments that she is too old to be getting married. Kath’s fears multiply when she catches Phil with a younger woman. Meanwhile, Kim suspects that her estranged husband, Craig, is having an affair.


Krod Mandoon And The Flaming Sword Of Fire
Premiere April 9, 2009 Krod and the gang go on a mission to rescue General Arcadius, Krod's mentor and the leader of the resistance against the evil Meconian Empire. Dongalor discovers he is in possession of a weapon of mass destruction and needs to add a significant piece before it can become fully operational.


Mr. Monk Gets Hypnotized September 12, 2008 Mr. Monk tries to be happy and gets hypnotized only to regress to his life as a 6 year old child as he continues to try and solve the murder mystery at hand.


Mr. Monk's 100th Case September 5, 2008 "Dateline" covers Monk's handling of a serial killer case (in which four people were killed) and the gang gathers for a viewing party to watch the piece.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


My Boys
Decathlon: Part Deux April 21, 2009 The gang’s annual board game decathlon is coming up, and Bobby accuses PJ of being overly competitive. Stephanie decides to use the guys as research for a new magazine article she’s writing about what guys are really like when women aren’t around.


My Name Is Earl
My Name Is Alias February 19, 2009 While Darnell is in hiding, his father (Danny Glover) shows up in Camden and asks Earl about his whereabouts. Earl is tricked into giving up Darnell’s location, which leads to an action-packed father/son reunion, as the audience learns of Darnell’s past life as a secret government agent.


My Name Is Earl
Got The Babysitter Pregnant January 8, 2009 When Earl makes up for poking a hole in the baby sitter's condom, he finds the once teenage sweethearts are now happily married -- with a lazy, 21 year old son named Ronnie. As Earl tries to make Ronnie a man, he learns about both parenting, and his relationship with Randy.


My Name Is Earl
Friends With Benefits February 12, 2009 The torrid story of Mr. Turtle's long journey home. Randy takes a lover only he doesn't know it. Earl becomes a guru to Joy's rich wives of suburbia.


My Name Is Earl
Pinky March 26, 2009 Randy is reminded of his first love, a girl named Pinky, and asks Earl to help him find her. Earl is reluctant at first, but they ultimately manage to track her down and are both shocked to discover Pinky’s true identity.


The New Adventures Of Old Christine
Love: A Cautionary Tale May 20, 2009 Old Christine is maid-of-honor at her ex's wedding.


The Office
Stress Relief February 1, 2009 After Dwight's fire safety seminar goes awry, he must make amends to the stressed-out office. Michael tries to get his employees to relax but discovers that he is the number one stressor at work. To remedy the situation, he insists on a no-holds-barred roast of himself.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


The Office
Employee Transfer October 30, 2008 Pam is embarrassed when she is the only person at corporate wearing a costume on Halloween, Holly and Michael take the long trip to Nashua after they get some shocking news from corporate, and Dwight tries to get under Andy's skin by applying to Cornell University.


The Office
Customer Survey November 6, 2008 Dwight and Jim are shocked when they get the results of the annual customer survey report. Pam and Jim decide they want to spend every minute together using their bluetooth phones. Meanwhile, Angela and Andy pick an unusual location for their wedding.


The Office
Blood Drive March 5, 2009 It is Valentines Day and Michael Scott is ready to meet somebody again after having his heart broken. Phyllis and Bob Vance take Jim and Pam out for lunch and end up having sex in the bathroom while Jim and Pam wait at the table. Kevin Malone meets a new girl after breaking up with his girlfriend.


The Office
Weight Loss September 25, 2008 In this one hour season premiere, Michael and Holly build their relationship as they oversee a rocky, company-wide weight loss competition, while Jim deals with Pam's absence at art school by proposing to her at a freeway gas station.


The Office
The Duel January 15, 2009 Moments before he leaves for New York for a meeting with David Wallace, Michael tells Andy that Angela and Dwight are seeing each other. Andy and Dwight then decide to have it out in the parking lot.


The Office
Prince Paper Family January 21, 2009 Michael and Dwight spy on a small family paper company pushing Michael to a crisis of conscience as the findings are used to threaten the company's closing. Meanwhile back at the office a debate on whether Hilary Swank is hot or not rages on.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


The Office
Crime Aid October 23, 2008 The office is robbed after Michael and Holly forget to lock up, so Michael throws a charity auction to help his employees. Dwight begrudgingly turns to Phyllis for advice about dealing with Angela. While Pam is away in New York, Jim runs into Roy.


The Office
Michael Scott Paper Company April 9, 2009 Michael, Pam and Ryan move into their new office and prepare for their sales luncheon. Dwight and Andy's blossoming friendship is tested by the arrival of the new receptionist.


The Office
Two Weeks March 26, 2009 Having given his two weeks' notice, Michael delights in getting paid to goof off. He then decides to start his own paper company and recruits the Dunder Mifflin staff. Pam struggles with the new copier while Kelly and Angela vie for Charles's attention.


The Office
Company Picnic May 14, 2009 It's the annual Dunder-Mifflin picnic, attended by all eight branches of the paper company. Holly Flax (Amy Ryan) and Michael Scott (Steve Carell) reunite for one afternoon only, to perform a skit depicting the history of Dunder-Mifflin. Predictably, the skit goes horribly awry when Michael inadvertantly reveals that one of the branches is going to be axed.


The Office
Broke April 23, 2009 Michael's new company struggles to make early morning deliveries while the office tries to get their expense reports in on time after Angela enforces Dunder Mifflin’s policy.


Parks & Recreation
Pilot April 9, 2009 A new documentary following Leslie Knope, a mid-level bureaucrat in the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Indiana as she attempts to advance her career and make her town more beautiful by helping local nurse Ann Perkins turn a construction pit into a park.


Parks & Recreation
Rock Show May 14, 2009 Leslie balances her personal and professional duties - Leslie attends an important meeting with a local bigwig while her sub-committee members go to Andy’s first concert since breaking his legs.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Party Down
Celebrate Ricky Sarguleshr May 8, 2009 The Party Down catering team's actors are recognized at a second-rate Eastern European party and treated as stars. But when they discover the host, played by Steven Weber, is a mobster, they suspect his screenplay might be a confession.


An Evening With Mr. Yang February 20, 2009 After eluding capture and disappearing years ago, the famed Yin Yang serial killer is back, and he's set his sights on Shawn.


Six Feet Under The Sea January 9, 2009 When Shabby the Sea Lion is found dead after being released into the wild, Shawn sets out to prove it was murder and stumbles onto a bigger conspiracy.


Tuesday The 17th February 13, 2009 Shawn and Gus are hired by a childhood friend to find a missing camp counselor who disappeared near their old sleep away campgrounds. Upon their arrival, spooky activity abounds and they must uncover if the dark past of the abandoned camp has come back to life.


Episode IV: A New Hope March 3, 2009 Season Premiere: Sam, Sock and Ben's world is a mess: evicted from their apartment and fired from The Work Bench. Then the Devil assigns them the daunting task of rounding up a whole "fight club" of escaped souls. Sock would rather jump in bed with his new step-sister.


No Reaper Left Behind April 28, 2009 Intent on making Sam heir to the Underworld, The Devil enlists a private tutor to better instruct him in the ways of the wicked. Never an eager student, Sam uses the opportunity to pump his teacher for information on how to take down the Devil for good.


Rita Rocks
Under Pressure November 25, 2008 When her teenage daughter's moodiness gets out of hand, Rita resorts to devious means to find out what's up. Tragedy ensues.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Samantha Who?
So I Think I Can Dance October 13, 2008 Samantha teams up with her mother for a dance competition in order to beat Regina's nemesis, Paula Drake. The only problem is that “old” Sam could dance, whereas “new” Sam is gliding on two left feet.


Samantha Who?
The Pill October 27, 2008 Sam is given pills as apart of a clinical trial in an attempt to regain some of her lost memories -- but as the memories come flooding in, she is reminded of how bad she used to be.


Samantha Who?
The Park December 1, 2008 Samantha struggles with trying to be the environmentalist she is not in order to impress philanthropist boyfriend Owen.


Samantha Who?
The Debt April 16, 2009 Sam looses big at the crap table in Vegas, but a chance meeting with her ex-boss, billionaire Winston Funk, could be the answer to her financial dilemma.


Samantha Who?
The Amazing Racist April 9, 2009 After a series of misunderstandings, Sam discovers that she needs to be a better friend to Frank, and Andrea fears that she will lose all the perks that come with dating a celebrity boyfriend who is outed as gay.


The Sarah Silverman Program
Pee October 30, 2008 Sarah becomes an adult bed-wetter. Brian is very attached to his long beard despite the fact that Steve hates it. Their relationship is tested when Brian slips on an escalator and gets the beard irreversibly stuck in the machinery.


The Sarah Silverman Program
Patriot Tact October 23, 2008 Sarah thinks she sees Osama Bin Laden and runs him over with her car. After discovering it wasn't him, Sarah is ridiculed, and sets out to make sure that no one forgets the horrors of 9/11. Steve misunderstands the term "full release," and causes catastrophe at a massage parlor.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


My Last Words March 11, 2009 J.D. and Turk set aside their decade-long steak night tradition to comfort a dying patient, while Dr. Maddox begins to show her true colors.


My Full Moon April 1, 2009 A full moon and a healthy dose of bad luck bring Sacred Heart’s new crop of interns their roughest case load yet, while Elliot has a revelation about her future as a doctor.


My Chief Concern April 29, 2009 Change doesn't come easy for the gang when J.D. considers moving closer to his son. Meanwhile, Turk gets comfortable as chief of surgery, while Ted and Gooch reach a new level in their relationship.


Secret Diary Of A Call Girl
Episode 205 February 15, 2009 Belle decides she will reveal her profession to Alex, but before she sees him, she has a client. Alex stops by unexpectedly and finds Belle caught in the act. Alex puts the pieces together and confronts Ben – did he know this whole time that she’s a prostitute?


The Starter Wife
Woman Over The Influence December 12, 2008 Detective LaRoche has brought Joan in for questioning. On Pappy's computer that the police retrieved from Good Will, they found Joan and Pappy's prenuptial agreement, which says that if she leaves the marriage she gets nothing, which LaRoche thinks gives her a motive for killing Pappy.


10 Items Or Less
The Milk Man February 17, 2009 Leslie complains about getting too many jugs that are expired and runs up against the dreaded Dairy Consortium. Soon, Greens & Grains is completely depleted of dairy products, and it appears Leslie’s life is in danger.


30 Rock
Apollo, Apollo March 26, 2009 It’s Jack’s 50th birthday and old home videos inspire him to recreate one of the happiest moments of his young life. Liz's ex-boyfriend Dennis "The Beeper King" comes clean about an addiction, creating drama between Liz and Jenna. Kenneth and Pete team up to make Tracy's childhood dream come true.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


30 Rock
Reunion December 4, 2008 Liz (TINA FEY) is opposed to going to her high school reunion, but Jack (ALEX BALDWIN) convinces her otherwise. Meanwhile, Don Geiss (guest star RIP TORN) wakes up from his coma only to shock Jack with his declaration about who will be GE’s CEO.


30 Rock
Gavin Volure November 20, 2008 When Jack (ALEX BALDWIN) and Liz (TINA FEY) are invited to a dinner party thrown by Gavin Volure (guest star STEVE MARTIN), Jack is let in on a business opportunity while the eccentric host becomes enamored with Liz. But they learn there is more to Gavin than meets the eye.


30 Rock
Generalissimo February 5, 2009 Liz (TINA FEY) discovers she has a handsome and newly single neighbor (guest star JON HAMM) she’d like to meet after receiving his mail by mistake. Jack (ALEC BALDWIN) tries to win over Elisa’s (guest star SALMA HAYEK) grandmother and Tracy (TRACY MORGAN) is overwhelmed by the "TGS" interns.


30 Rock
Goodbye, My Friend March 5, 2009 Liz (TINA FEY) befriends a pregnant teenaged girl in an attempt to adopt her baby. Meanwhile, Jenna (JANE KRAKOWSKI) vies for more attention from the TGS staff as her birthday approaches, but Kenneth's (JACK McBRAYER) plan to combine her party with one for Tracy (TRACY MORGAN) derails her efforts.


30 Rock
Retreat To Move Forward January 22, 2009 Jack Donaghy (ALEC BALDWIN) ropes Liz Lemon (TINA FEY) into accompanying him on a business retreat, while Jenna Maroney (JANE KRAKOWSKI) decides to take a method approach for her upcoming Janis Joplin role. Meanwhile, Kenneth (JACK McBRAYER) must convince Tracy (TRACY MORGAN) that diabetes is affected by his diet.


30 Rock
The Bubble March 19, 2009 Liz (Tina Fey) realizes that her boyfriend (guest star Jon Hamm) is so handsome that no one tells him the truth. It's up to her to burst his bubble. Meanwhile, Tracy's (Tracy Morgan) contract has expired and Jack (Alex Baldwin) manipulates Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) into helping him keep Tracy at TGS.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


30 Rock
Larry King February 26, 2009 Liz and Kenneth trek through a dangerous neighborhood to retrieve Liz’s cell phone that’s being held for ransom. While on Larry King Live, Tracy predicts the world will spiral out of control and NY will cease to exist due to the crash of Asian markets. Jack proposes marriage to Elisa.


30 Rock
The Fun Cooker March 12, 2009 When Liz (TINA FEY) can’t scheme her way out of jury duty, the TGS cast and crew are left unmanaged. With no one in charge, Tracy (TRACY MORGAN) and Jenna (JANE KRAKOWSKI) begin to act irresponsibly, while Jack (ALEC BALDWIN) becomes absorbed in launching a lucrative new product.


30 Rock
Jackie Jormp-Jomp April 16, 2009 During a short-term suspension from work, Liz (TINA FEY) misses all the stress and looks for a way to occupy her free time. Meanwhile, when the film studio has second thoughts on releasing Jenna’s (JANE KRAKOWSKI) Janis Joplin biopic, Jack (ALEX BALDWIN) needs Jenna to create some promotional buzz.


Two And A Half Men
She'll Still Be Dead At Halftime March 2, 2009 While Charlie's girlfriend, Chelsea, is away , he gets a surprise visit from a drunk and horny former fling, Wanda. When Chelsea calls to say she's on her way back, Charlie enlists Alan and Jake's help getting rid of the drunk and half naked Wanda.


Two And A Half Men
Sir Lancelot's Litter Box May 4, 2009 Charlie reluctantly agrees to let Chelsea move in as he mourns the loss of his bachelor pad. Meanwhile, Alan finds that there’s not much space left for him in the house.


Two And A Half Men
The Two Finger Rule March 30, 2009 Charlie joins Alan, Herb and his next door neighbor in a night of alcohol-fueled sexual reminiscences after Chelsea finds nude pictures of another woman on his phone.


Tyler Perry's House Of Payne
We've Come This Far By Faith (Part 2) December 3, 2008 Calvin and Miranda are about to get married. As preparations enter into panic mode, a few of the wedding participants begin to imagine what life is going to be like down the road in the Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Payne world. Like every wedding, though, this one has its issues.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Ugly Betty
Crush'd November 6, 2008 Betty works overtime to get the attention of her cute neighbor, struggling musician Jesse. Meanwhile, Betty’s life gets even more complicated when a maxed out and suddenly homeless Amanda becomes her temporary roommate. And in other Mode developments, Marc vacillates when Cliff wants them to move in together.


Ugly Betty
Rabbit Test May 7, 2009 The Suarez family gets an invitation to meet Matt’s famed billionaire dad, Calvin Hartley at his legendary Easter Egg hunt. Betty sees this as a chance to get closer to Matt, Daniel seizes the opportunity to get Mode a bailout. Wilhelmina suspects little William might not be her biological son.


Ugly Betty
Sugar Daddy March 5, 2009 Facing eviction, Ignacio becomes a contestant on "Kitchen Rumble", a cooking competition whose TV crew quickly descends on the Suarez house. Betty discovers that Matt is a billionaire. Wilhelmina and Daniel take public transportation to plead for a federal bailout. Marc poses as a gay dad to get a date.


Ugly Betty
There's No Place Like Mode February 19, 2009 Betty produces an important and bizarre fashion show, meets a new boyfriend, and helps Christina give birth on the runway, finding a new self-esteem in the process.


United States Of Tara
Pilot January 18, 2009 Tara Gregson, a wife and mother with Dissociative Identity Disorder, struggles to manage everyday life with supportive husband Max while balancing her many alters. When Tara discovers her teenaged daughter Kate’s secret, “T” appears and after her son Marshall’s recital, her male redneck alter “Buck” takes over.


United States Of Tara
Abundance March 8, 2009 Max has his hands full while “Alice” is out again. Marshall fears Jason’s father knows about his crush on Jason. The boys grow closer, albeit platonically. Max decides to embrace his time with “Alice,” even though he misses his wife.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


United States Of Tara
Betrayal March 22, 2009 When Dr. Ocean unexpectedly terminates her treatment, it throws Tara into a total meltdown at the spa, which Charmaine witnesses. Upon coming home, things begin to unravel and one of Tara’s alters betrays Marshall in a way that could destroy the family forever.


Till We Meet Again September 8, 2008 A fed up Nancy squeals to the DEA to bust the tunnel while she plays it cool with Esteban. Embracing rehab, Celia sets out to make amends with her family. Andy succumbs to Maria’s advances and comes clean to Doug. Shane impresses his girlfriends with his drug scoring abilities.


If You Work For A Living, Why Do You Kill Yourself Working? September 15, 2008 The DEA brings Nancy in for questioning, forcing her to explain things to Esteban. Celia travels deep into Mexico to make amends with estranged daughter Quinn. Meanwhile, Silas meets Lisa’s ex-husband and Doug finds a reason to live. Nancy makes a shocking revelation to Esteban.


The Whole Blah Damn Thing June 30, 2008 Nancy makes first Mexican drug run. Andy tries to convince Uncle Lenny (Albert Brooks) to put Bubbie (on ventilator) out of her misery. While Nancy negotiates drug deal, family decides Nancy should pull the plug on Bubbie. She does. Bubbie's still breathing. Nancy says "Shane, bring me a pillow".


Yes I Can July 28, 2008 Nancy needs cash and gets back into the selling game. Andy and Doug are determined to become "kinder and gentler" Coyotes; Shane and Isabel discover racy pictures of Nancy; Celia goes to Mexico to buy her prescription drugs; Nancy gets special treatment from Esteban after surprising him with a visit.


The Three Coolers July 7, 2008 The Botwins say bye-bye to Bubbie (and to dad Albert Brooks), then go to the border to pick up bales of dope.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Worst Week
Pilot September 22, 2008 Sam and Melanie have a baby on the way and are planning to get married, but have yet to tell the bride-to-be's conservative parents. The couple decides to reveal their news over a quiet dinner, but the evening doesn't go as planned.


Worst Week
The Sex February 2, 2009 Sam and Mel are forced into action when they find that their nephew has captured a photo of them in a compromising position and has taken the picture to school for a project.

End of Category


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot

Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series
For a single episode of a drama series. Emmy(s) to director(s). VOTE FOR NO MORE THAN FIVE achievements in this category that you have seen and feel are worthy of nomination. (More than five votes in this category will void all votes in this category.)


Army Wives
Mothers And Wives August 17, 2008 Claudia Joy's mother makes an unexpected visit to the Holden household. Roland counsels a lonely teenager whose father was recently killed in Iraq.


Army Wives
The Hero Returns July 6, 2008 Trevor returns home a hero but is conflicted about the praise being showered on him. Frank, still in Iraq, becomes increasingly worried about Denise’s newfound independence, particularly her affinity for her new motorcycle.


Battlestar Galactica
Daybreak (Part 2) March 20, 2009 As the conflict reaches its climax, Cylons and humans face a stark choice: a leap of faith towards peace or a battle to the death.


Battlestar Galactica
Islanded In A Stream of Stars March 6, 2009 As Galactica continues to deteriorate, Adama resists the need to abandon ship while Baltar, meanwhile, emerges as an unlikely voice of hope.


The Beast
Pilot January 15, 2009 Veteran FBI Agent Charles Barker and rookie Ellis Dove are partnered together as a newly paired crime fighting duo. Barker trains Ellis in his hard-edged and psychologically clever style of agenting. Meanwhile, tension arises when Ellis is asked to help investigate his partner.


Big Love
Prom Queen February 1, 2009 Sarah, seeking anything “normal”, persuades Ben to take her to Prom. Normalcy remains elusive when Sarah tells Ben she’s pregnant. Meanwhile, Nicki’s infiltration of the DA’s office brings her closer to her father’s case. Bill decides neutrality is a luxury he can’t ethically afford deciding to put Roman away.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Big Love
On Trial February 8, 2009 Roman’s conviction is on Bill’s mind as he operates stealthily to insure the Prophet remains behind bars. But family life must go on, and Bill proposes to Ana. Grieving her mother’s death, the engagement to Ana brings some joy to Margene, but Sarah struggles once her baby arrives.


Big Love
Fight Or Flight March 1, 2009 Nicki finds her problems intensifying at both home and at work. As a reaction for her stature being reduced at Juniper Creek, Glory shows Bill a secret document. Roman and Hollis Greene may derail Joey's plan of making Kathy his new wife.


Big Love
Come, Ye Saints February 21, 2009 The Hendricksons take a road trip across country to the Mormon festival at Cummorah. Strains on the family challenge Bill's faith; Nikki is discovered to be on birth control; Sarah tries to conceal her pregnancy, until she miscarries. The family comes together to support her in her loss.


Hero In The Hold February 5, 2009 When evidence goes missing from the Grave Digger investigation, suspicions are raised, and Booth is kidnapped and buried alive.


Boston Legal
Made In China/Last Call December 8, 2008 Series Finale. A Chinese company buys the firm. Denny shoots them with paintballs and Shirley quits. Afraid of dying alone from Alzheimer’s, Denny proposes to Alan. Alan gets the Supreme Court to approve a drug that may save Denny’s life. In a double ceremony: Carl marries Shirley, Alan marries Denny!


Boston Legal
Thanksgiving November 24, 2008 Shirley and Carl plan an intimate Thanksgiving dinner only to have their plans ruined when the members of the firm show up.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Boston Legal
True Love October 13, 2008 Alan Shore's former girlfriend, Phoebe, comes to his home late at night and begs Alan to defend her husband against a murder charge. At trial, the husband's story starts to unravel causing Phoebe to double-cross Alan with false testimony in court, creating reasonable doubt and securing her husband's freedom.


Breaking Bad
Bit By A Dead Bee March 22, 2009 Walt and Pinkman cover their tracks after disappearing for three days. Walt claims to remember nothing and blames the incident on a mental lapse while Pinkman shacks up with a hooker to create an alibi. The plan works but their return highlights how close they are to being caught.


Breaking Bad
Seven Thirty-Seven March 8, 2009 Walt and Jesse are vividly reminded of Tuco’s volatile nature, and try to figure a way out of their business partnership. Hank attempts to mend fences between the estranged Marie and Skyler.


Breaking Bad
Grilled March 15, 2009 Walt and Jesse find themselves in close quarters with an unhinged Tuco. Marie and Hank comfort Skyler, who is distraught over Walt’s disappearance. Hank pays a visit to Mrs. Pinkman on some not-so-official business.


Breaking Bad
4 Days Out May 3, 2009 After Walt undergoes a PET-CT scan, the family wait for news about his treatment. Fearing the worst, Walt decides to cook as much as he can with the time he has left. Jesse’s relationship with Jane develops, but is put on hold when he and Walt begin their marathon cook.


Breaking Bad
ABQ May 31, 2009 Skyler and Walt collide in the season finale as her frustration with his secrecy finally comes to a head. Jesse self-destructs after a personal blow, forcing Walt to come to his aid. Donald’s grief leads to tragedy.


Breaking Bad
Peekaboo February 18, 2009 Walter returns to work. Skinny Pete gets ripped off and when Jesse steps in to “handle it,” he gets more then he bargained for. Skyler finally gets to thank Gretchen for paying for Walter’s treatment.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Breaking Bad
Negro-Y-Azul April 19, 2009 Walt and Jesse contemplate an expansion of their business...


Breaking Bad
Phoenix May 24, 2009 Walt & Jesse make a big score. Jesse's gotten into a relationship with 'Junkie Jane' and he's hooked. Walt won't let Jesse have his share of the loot (he'll binge and kill himself). 'Junkie Jane' won't take no for an answer - Walt delivers the cash and watches her OD.


Uneasy Lies The Head November 2, 2008 Tommy’s frustration with his new role as Speaker Donatello’s errand boy leads him to consider a risky career change. With Michael not speaking to Tommy, Colin arranges for both brothers to attend Rose’s birthday party. Rose hides her deteriorating health. Eileen struggles to meet the demands of her growing family.


Birnam Wood Comes To Dunsinane December 21, 2008 When Speaker Donatello’s critical condition makes Tommy the heir apparent for the Speakership of the House, Freddie Cork maneuvers to get on Tommy’s good side. With the Italian mob, the Rhode Island Police, and the Feds after him, Michael’s obsessive need to find Colin puts everyone in jeopardy.


The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth November 23, 2008 Labor Day Weekend. Tommy surprises Eileen with the possibility for their new life away from The Hill. Declan and Cassie go away for a disastrous romantic weekend. An incident at Nozzoli’s pushes Michael’s growing paranoia into overdrive. The conspicuous absence of Kath and Colin does little to ease his mind.


Let Rome Into Timber Melt November 16, 2008 Tommy struggles to do the right thing after a fire kills a firefighter and several Latino squatters. Declan hires another investigator to help him work a new lead. Colin's torch for Michael's girlfriend, Kath, begins affecting his work. Moe's temper gets him in trouble and only Freddie can protect him.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Brothers & Sisters
Troubled Waters (Parts 1 & 2) March 1, 2009 The Walker family experiences the thrill of a new life born and the terror of loss when one of their own has a life-threatening crisis. Meanwhile, Rebecca turns to her father for help when she discovers some information that could destroy the family business and send someone to prison.


Brothers & Sisters
Taking Sides March 8, 2009 In the wake of a life threatening medical crisis Robert decides to run for governor, despite the damage that it may do to his marriage. Meanwhile, Saul and Sarah go to extremes to hide Tommy's legal troubles from Nora, and Ryan gets a bit too close for anyone's good.


Brothers & Sisters
Sibling Rivalry January 11, 2009 Kitty goes public with her tell-all book about her family. Sarah runs into some serious financial trouble with Greenatopia. Tommy allies with Saul to push Holly out of the family business. Robert is keeping his political aspirations a secret from Kitty.


Brothers & Sisters
Going Once...Going Twice November 16, 2008 Justin invites a man he meets at his AA meeting (guest star Dave Foley) to the Walkers for dinner in order to set him up with Uncle Saul. Nora is outbid by Kevin for her dream house - which he presents to Scotty, with disastrous results.


Burn Notice
Lesser Evil March 5, 2009 Michael captures the rogue agent responsible for trying to bomb him, but he decides to form an alliance with him and together go after Carla and her boss. But that decision also puts Michael's mother in jeopardy.


Burn Notice
Sins Of Omission February 26, 2009 A mysterious woman from Michael's past shows up at his loft with a plea: Help her retrieve her kidnapped son from a black market trader. Meanwhile, Michael meets with a rogue burned agent and tries to make friends before one of them gets killed.


Burn Notice
Breaking And Entering July 10, 2008 To save his client's kidnapped wife and daughter, Michael must help steal some highly secure data from a team of ruthless mercenaries.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Burn Notice
Do No Harm January 22, 2009 Having narrowly escaped death, Michael decides to help a desperate father recover money from a medical scam artist. Michael's on the edge, under pressure to find the person who tried to kill him ... and Fiona and Sam pay the price.


Burn Notice
Hot Spot January 29, 2009 Michael, Fiona and Sam pose as a gang of ruthless car thieves to stop a thug who is threatening a local high school football star. Meanwhile, Fiona and Michael track down the man responsible for the explosion at Michael's loft.


Burn Notice
Good Soldier September 18, 2008 Michael is enlisted by Fiona's new boyfriend to help Henry, a private bodyguard who is being blackmailed into helping kidnap an oil heiress.


Burn Notice
Bad Breaks February 12, 2009 Jason Bly, a federal agent who has a knack for giving Michael trouble, returns to Miami to force Michael to hand over some blackmail materials. When they get trapped in a bank robbery together, however, the two enemies must work together to survive.


Flowers For Your Grave March 9, 2009 A wildly famous mystery novelist, Richard Castle, who is bored with his own success, learns that a real-world copycat killer has started staging murders from scenes depicted in his novels.


A Death In The Family May 11, 2009 Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a missing plastic surgeon who is found dead in the front seat of his car after a week of being parked curbside.


Little Girl Lost May 4, 2009 When a two-year-old girl is discovered missing, Beckett is called in to assist, only to discover that her ex-boyfriend is in charge. They try to put aside their feelings as they race to find the girl, but when Castle inserts himself into the investigation, the competition for Beckett heats up.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


The Cleaner
Pilot July 15, 2008 William tries to help Zach, a once-promising high school athlete who has fallen victim to meth addiction. William’s discovers a family fractured in the wake of a father’s death as well as an underground drug-fencing operation. Meanwhile, William is helpless to save his best friend whose demons have become overwhelming.


The Closer
Double Blind February 23, 2009 Winter Season Finale. Brenda and Fritz are about to get married when both are called away on separate crime investigations involving robbery, drugs and murder. Brenda's parents and Fritz's sister are struggling to prepare for the wedding nuptials that Brenda and Fritz may or may not get to.


The Closer
Sudden Death August 25, 2008 Det. Julio Sanchez’s brother is shot, the entire squad will not rest until they find the culprit. The investigation is jeopardized by an overzealous detective and a leak within the department.


The Closer
Cherry Bomb July 28, 2008 A high-school girl hangs herself after reporting to the police that she had been raped. Brenda’s not sure it’s a suicide given that the boy who allegedly raped her is the son of an LA County Sheriff’s commander. Her investigation exposes a ruthless sexual game being played at the school.


The Closer
Fate Line February 16, 2009 As Brenda prepares for her wedding, a pre-paid cell phone is found pointing to a homicide. The case becomes a race against time as they realize there may be more killings. Tagging along for the investigation is Fritz's sister who fancies herself a psychic.


The Closer
Time Bomb September 15, 2008 The season finale, Brenda uncovers a plot to massacre hundreds of people. A suicidal interrogation leads to a rooftop shoot out, with a suspect armed with bombs and automatic weapons. Sanchez is shot protecting Provenza. Gabriel ends the firefight by shooting and detonating the suspect’s explosives. Sanchez is helicoptered out.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Cold Case
Lotto Fever January 4, 2009 The Philadelphia Homicide squad reinvestigates the 2007 murder of a mechanic. Lilly and the team discover he had won $8million on the lottery, and believe this may have been the motive behind the killing.


Criminal Minds
Masterpiece November 19, 2008 A serial killer turns himself in and challenges the team to find five people he has hidden somewhere before they die.


Criminal Minds
The Instincts November 5, 2008 A serial killer abducts a child, keeps him alive for seven days then smothers him to death. The team is called in when another child is abducted.


Criminal Minds
Cold Comfort February 11, 2009 The team tracks a killer who abducts, kills and embalms his victims.


Criminal Minds
Normal December 17, 2008 The team investigates the murders of "The Road Warrior," an UnSub who kills blonde women driving luxury cars on the Southern California freeways.


Criminal Minds
Conflicted April 8, 2009 The team travels to South Padre Island during spring break to track down an UnSub with multiple personalities who as a woman seduces her victims (college frat boys) but then as a man, rapes and murders her/his victims.


Criminal Minds
The Big Wheel April 29, 2009 The BAU Team receives a videotape from a serial killer trying to stop his own crime spree.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Criminal Minds
Demonology March 11, 2009 The BAU investigates a series of deaths that were the result of exorcisms. Agent Prentiss has a personal connection to one of the victims in a series of deaths with religious overtones.


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
One To Go January 15, 2009 The CSI team is shocked and saddened when, after working with Dr. Raymond Langston (Fishburne) on the "Dick & Jane" murders, Grissom announces that his time as a CSI has come to an end and offers Langston a permanent position on the CSI team.


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
19 Down... December 11, 2008 When a new murder leads to a connection with an infamous serial killer, Grissom secretly joins the class of well-known criminal pathologist Dr. Raymond Langston to gain access to the killer and get a crack in the case.


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Turn, Turn, Turn March 5, 2009 When the CSIs are called to a murder scene at a familiar motel, Nick is thrown for a loop as he pieces together three separate murder investigations that all took place at the same establishment over the course of a year.


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Mascara April 2, 2009 CSI Langston is shocked when his former student is found murdered and becomes the focus of a CSI investigation into the world of Mexican wrestling.


Yahrzeit April 29, 2009 While investigating a murder, Detective Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) interviews Auschwitz survivor Abraham Klein (Ed Asner). Evidence leads to the discovery that Klein is actually Klaus Braun, a Nazi war criminal who pretended to be what he most despised to enter the US post WWII and elude capture.


Trust Me. April 1, 2009 In the season finale, Patty goes to extremes to win her case against UNR and it nearly gets her killed. Wes (Timothy Olyphant) ends the threat of the Bearded Man once and for all. And Ellen's season-long quest for revenge against Patty builds to an explosive conclusion.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


London. Of course. March 18, 2009 Ellen discovers Patty's husband having an affair. She uses it vengefully to strike out at Patty. It's a crushing blow. Patty is revealed as more vulnerable than she has ever been seen. Claire Maddox tries to wrest power at UNR from Kendrick and he cruelly turns the tables on her.


Uh Oh. Out Come The Skeletons. March 11, 2009 As Patty increases the pressure in her case against UNR, the opposition finally starts to show its cracks. Wes and Ellen's relationship heads into a new direction, and the FBI investigation into Patty takes a shocking turn.


They Had To Tweeze That Out Of My Kidney. February 25, 2009 Patty waits for Uncle Pete in the Hospital to become conscious and explain why he attempted to kill himself, while Arthur Frobisher returns with a guru and a new outlook on life. Someone has Uncle Pete murdered and Frobisher falls prey to his dark side. Is Patty behind it all?


Easy As Pie November 9, 2008 Miguel offers Dexter a new potential victim, but Dexter isn’t sure she fits the Code. Angry, Miguel makes Dexter believe the friendship is in danger. A sickly friend of Dexter’s, Camilla, asks him to help end her life, insisting she would never ask a friend to act against his conscience.


About Last Night November 23, 2008 Dexter starts to fear that Miguel may have strayed from the newly taught Code. Sylvia tells Rita that she’s convinced that Miguel is having an affair. Rita confronts Miguel about his indiscretions. Meanwhile, Anton is confirmed to have been taken by the Skinner, sending Debra into a furious search.


Go Your Own Way November 30, 2008 Dexter feels like he’s making a deal with the devil when he feigns civility around Miguel, and finds himself in a series of chess-like moves against Miguel. Debra, back with Anton after his close call with the Skinner, wonders if her relationship is worth putting her career in jeopardy.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


I Had A Dream December 7, 2008 While preparing for his wedding, Dexter has to figure out a way to remove Miguel from his life for good. But how does Dexter manage to do this when Miguel is a respected A.D.A. and his Best Man? Debra finds a clue that brings her closer to catching the Skinner.


Si Se Puede November 2, 2008 Dexter is suspicious of Miguel’s intentions after revealing his desire to bring an imprisoned violent killer to his ‘brand’ of ‘justice’. Surprisingly, Miguel has his own daring strategy to complete Dexter’s plan. Rita gets fired from her job, and Debra realizes she may be responsible for another mysteriously skinned homicide.


Dirty Sexy Money
The Summer House December 3, 2008 As Karen prepares for her wedding day, she is convinced that this fifth marriage – to family nemesis Simon Elder -- will end in happily ever after. But Tripp is still suspicious of Simon's real motives and wants Nick to make one last-ditch effort to hault the wedding.


Dirty Sexy Money
The Silence October 29, 2008 As Election Day nears, senatorial candidate Patrick insists to a disapproving Tripp that he wants to take his relationship public with his transgendered mistress, Carmelita. Meanwhile Ellen’s brother, Chase, shows up and demands from Patrick the truth about his sister’s death.


I Feel Good March 26, 2009 The doctors volunteer at a camp for children who've had heart transplants (featuring kids from the real Camp del Corazon in California). Moved by the young heart patients' bravery, Archie musters the nerve to pop the question. And, after an agonizing ordeal, Banfield finally gets her baby.


The Family Man February 12, 2009 A single mother is hurt in a car accident, and must find someone to take care of her daughter. Gates treats a 78-year-old man who refuses surgery that would save his life. Meanwhile Morris's afternoon date with Claudia is not what he expected.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Heal Thyself November 13, 2008 ER's past and present meet when Dr. Banfield (Angela Bassett) fights to save the life of a young girl and is faced with the painful memory of her young son’s tragic last day while under the care of Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards) at County.


Old Times March 12, 2009 Ross (George Clooney) and Hathaway (Julianna Margulies) help a grieving grandmother (Susan Sarandon) struggling with an agonizing decision -- whether to donate her granson's organs after a traffic accident as Carter (Noah Wyle) and Benton (Eriq La Salle) wait for the possible arrival of the donated organs.


A Long, Strange Trip February 5, 2009 Dr. Morgenstern returns to the ER to assist a former mentor who is seriously ill. Gates and Morris tend to an elderly man who was assaulted on the street. Sam's sister shows up unexpectedly. Brenner and Dubenko clash while treating a mother thought to have late stage cancer.


And In The End April 2, 2009 Series Finale. After fifteen years, the ER never closes. The doctors, nurses and staff are still there, waiting for the next patient. A mother dies giving birth to twins, mirroring Carter's (Noah Wyle's) first birth experience in the pilot. Gates (John Stamos) deals with teenage alcoholism.


Friday Night Lights
Hello, Goodbye October 22, 2008 Tyra gets wooed by Cash, the new bad boy rodeo star in town and ends her relationship with Landry. After years of being away, Saracen’s mother Shelby tries to re-enter his life. Smash has an emotional goodbye as he leaves Dillon for the first time in his life.


Friday Night Lights
Tomorrow Blues January 14, 2009 Tim has second thoughts about college; Matt prepares to leave his grandmother and Julie behind; Landry and Tyra face an uncertain future as he helps her make fateful decisions; and Lyla’s dreams lay in the hands of her estranged uncle. Despite a successful season, Coach Taylor’s coaching future is uncertain.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Friday Night Lights
It Ain't Easy Being J.D. McCoy November 5, 2008 New QB J.D. McCoy becomes a victim of freshman hazing, Matt and Julie get closer at the lake when Julie takes it to the next step. A woman shows up at Tyra's door claiming that she is owed child support from Cash.


Bound January 20, 2009 After undergoing a strange medical procedure, Olivia escapes her abductors only to discover she's the target of investigation by a vengeful Homeland Security consultant. Meanwhile, the team investigates the case of an epidemiologist who was killed by a giant cold virus.


Bad Dreams April 21, 2009 As a suicide incident occurs at New York's iconic Grand Central station, Agent Dunham simultaneously witnesses the event while asleep and dreaming in Boston. Rattled by the extraordinary and coincidental circumstances, Olivia, Peter and Walter investigate further.


Ghost Whisperer
Cursed May 1, 2009 Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) takes an interest in a girl's dollhouse that appears to be inhabited by ghosts.


Ghost Whisperer
Leap Of Faith March 13, 2009 Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) meets a confused man who she believes may have the same predicament as Sam (David Conrad.)


Ghost Whisperer
Body Of Water January 23, 2009 Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) stumbles upon a lake filled with secrets.


Ghost Whisperer
Threshold November 14, 2008 With Jim now dead, he struggles with the idea of leaving Melinda behind and crossing over. Determined to talk with her before doing anything, Jim is frustrated when he discovers Melinda's grief is blocking her ability to see ghosts, including him.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Ghost Whisperer
Pieces Of You December 5, 2008 Melinda continues trying to reconnect with Jim who has inhabited Sam’s body. She fears she may have gotten him haunted after he makes a wish at a wishing well, which is answered by a creepy young female.


Gossip Girl
Summer, Kind Of Wonderful September 1, 2008 Season Premiere. Serena and Nate have everyone fooled into thinking they are a couple. Blair returns from abroad with a hot guy on her arm, making Chuck very jealous. Dan spent the summer assisting a famous author but decides he needs to see how things stand with Serena.


Grey's Anatomy
Stairway To Heaven January 22, 2009 Grey struggles with the moral dilemma of saving the life of a serial killer on death row vs using his organs to save the life of a child. Derek considers asking Grey to marry him. Christina and Grey repair their friendship.


Grey's Anatomy
Now Or Never May 14, 2009 Izzie's memory problems panic Alex, the team takes care of a John Doe who was hit by a bus, Bailey rethinks her pediatrics fellowship.


Grey's Anatomy
Elevator Love Letter March 26, 2009 Owen chokes Cristina while having a PTSD episode, Alex struggles with his jeopardized future with Izzie, and Derek, returning to Seattle Grace for the first time after a breakdown, performs a risky surgery on Izzie and proposes to Meredith.


Shades Of Gray March 9, 2009 Sylar’s reunion with his long lost father proves to be what he least expected. After receiving a tip from “Rebel,” Claire must decide if she will help her sworn enemy. As “The Hunter” plans to uncover the Petrelli family's secrets, Matt finds himself in the spotlight.


I Am Sylar April 20, 2009 Sylar continues his unusual partnership and begins to have an unexpected identity crisis. Hiro and Ando take measures toward bringing down Building 26. Meanwhile, Matt’s new found fatherhood changes his priorities. Elsewhere, Nathan sets a plan in motion to right the wrongs of his government operation.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Last Resort November 25, 2008 House and Thirteen are taken hostage by a man willing to kill for a diagnosis.


Simple Explanation April 6, 2009 Kutner commits suicide.


Joy October 28, 2008 House takes on a case where the patient has unexplained blackouts, and his daughter may hold the key to the diagnosis. Meanwhile, Cuddy prepares for her new arrival until there are complications with the birth mother.


Under My Skin May 4, 2009 A ballerina loses her skin to a mysterious illness. House plays a dangerous game of self diagnoses and attempts to end his hallucinations by inducing a coma.


In Plain Sight
In My Humboldt Opinion April 26, 2009 Mary, struggling with PTSD from her kidnapping, must go through a psychological evaluation while dealing with a pot smoking witness whose social anxiety disorder prevents him from testifying in the case of a slain DEA agent. Mary's mother is arrested for DUI and Mary has to appear at her arraignment.


In Plain Sight
Iris Doesn't Live Here Anymore July 13, 2008 An entire family is forced to enter WITSEC after their teenaged daughter witnesses a gang murder.


In Plain Sight
A Fine Meth August 17, 2008 The family regroups after Mary's ordeal; Marshall & Stan deal with Spanky.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


In Plain Sight
Rubble With A Cause May 10, 2009 When a huge building collapse traps one of Mary’s witnesses under the rubble and out in the open, his injury plays second to the threat of a professional assassin up on the roofs.


In Treatment
Gina - Week Four April 27, 2009 Paul's therapist, Gina, encourages Paul to reconnect and make peace with his father before it's too late.


In Treatment
April - Week Four April 26, 2009 Paul crosses a professional boundary after analyzing April’s anxieties involving her brother and mother.


In Treatment
Gina - Week Six May 18, 2009 Gina bristles over a frustrated Paul’s accusation that she’s not involved with her patients.


In Treatment
Mia - Week Four April 26, 2009 Paul exposes the emotional insecurity that may have led to Mia’s recent unruly weekend.


In Treatment
Mia - Week Seven May 24, 2009 After failing to lure Paul into a trap, Mia ends up making a life-changing decision.


In Treatment
April - Week Two April 12, 2009 April details her detachment from a former boyfriend and his current partner, both of whom are concerned about her current illness.


In Treatment
Oliver - Week Seven May 25, 2009 Bess and Luke find closure after a tough week; Paul tries to allay Oliver’s fears.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


In Treatment
Gina - Week One April 6, 2009 Paul resumes his Friday sessions with Gina, who agrees to give a deposition in the lawsuit against him while also helping him through the new changes in his life.


In Treatment
Walter - Week Seven May 25, 2009 Paul maps out a plan to rescue Walter from his old self.


Goliath (Parts 1 and 2) March 15, 2009 When soldier David Shepherd unwittingly rescues the King’s kidnapped son, it is the turning point of a war and David’s life. He is thrust into life in the capital, where politics, intrigue, opportunity, and a powerful King’s favor will challenge his ideals... ultimately training him to be the future King.


The L Word
Last Word March 8, 2009 In the final episode of the series, what starts out as a celebration of friendship quickly ends in a web of betrayal and deceit. Police Sergeant Duffy orders the girls to head down to the station for questioning in connection with Jenny’s untimely death.


Law & Order
Rapture February 18, 2009 When a group of mysterious emails are sent out from the website “UnRapture.com,” detectives discover a murder and unravel corruption behind a religious charity.


Law & Order
Sweetie December 10, 2008 A bestselling memoir writer is found dead in a community of male prostitutes, which leads detectives on a hunt to find the real “Sweetie Ness.”


Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Reunion July 13, 2008 When the host of TV's "Rock 'n' Talk" is bludgeoned to death by a champagne bottle, Logan and Wheeler's investigation into the seamy music world involves Jordie Black, Wheeler's favorite rock star from high school, whose secret past pushes Wheeler's admiration to the brink.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Neighborhood Watch August 10, 2008 When the decapitated, stabbed, and mutilated body of Kyle Jones is found in Maspeth Creek, the entire community is a suspect when it becomes clear that he was not welcome in the neighborhood.


Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Playing Dead April 19, 2009 The drug-addicted daughter of a city politician survives a hit by “playing dead”. Her black-mailing, dealer-boyfriend, isn’t so lucky. Goren and Eames uncover a trail of deception that leads all the way to City Hall.


Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Legacy August 3, 2008 A student's death at an elite private school leads Goren and Eames to investigate a world where grades mean everything, kids live their lives online, and everyone has something to hide.


Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Last Rites August 17, 2008 Logan goes to war with an ambitious A.D.A. planning to run for Attorney General, after a deathbed confession to a priest reopens an investigation into a 16-year-old case where she may have prosecuted the wrong person for personal gain.


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Ballerina March 17, 2009 Investigating a double murder, SVU Detectives Benson and Stabler enter the weird world of Park Avenue socialite Birdie Sulloway (Carol Burnett), a former ballet dancer who, with the help of her sycophantic “nephew” Chet, has been on a murder spree for forty years.


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Swing October 14, 2008 Stabler is forced to confront his mother and the ghosts of his childhood when he learns that his daughter is in trouble with the law and in desperate need of psychiatric attention.


Legend Of The Seeker
Prophecy November 1, 2008 After a chance encounter with a beautiful woman named Kahlan, Richard Cypher learns of an ancient prophecy that has named him the first true Seeker in over a millennium.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


The Second David Job February 24, 2009 In the second part of the series finale, Nate challenges his nemeses as he plans to steal both David statuettes right out from under their noses. Nate’s bigger challenge is to get his fractured team to work together again. Either Nate gets his vengeance, or his friends go to jail.


The Juror #6 Job February 10, 2009 When Parker attends jury duty in order to keep up the legitimacy of one of her aliases, she notices some strange things at the trial. It seems someone is trying to buy a favorable verdict, but not if the Leverage team can steal it first.


The Snow Job January 27, 2009 The Leverage team helps a beleaguered National Guardsman find justice against the unscrupulous construction firm that foreclosed on his home. Knowing what it feels like to fail as a father, Nate seeks solace in the bottle, putting the team and the job in jeopardy.


The 12-Step Job February 3, 2009 The team targets an investment broker who swindled a charity. To discover where the money is hidden, they trick the alcoholic financier into entering a rehab facility. They learn their mark is not the terrible person he appeared and that rehab may be exactly where he should be.


The Mile High Job January 20, 2009 The Leverage team attempts to expose a conglomerate’s cover-up of their toxic fertilizer. The CEO put all of the damning evidence on a plane to the Cayman Islands. The team resolves the case on board the plane and saves the passengers' lives.


The Stork Job January 6, 2009 The Leverage crew goes after a Serbian adoption agency that’s scamming money from desperate American couples looking to adopt needy war orphans. To entrap the ringleader and rescue the children, the team must hijack the local production of an independent horror movie.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


The Miracle Job December 23, 2008 When the downtown church of Nate’s former priest is about to be razed by a profiteering real estate developer, the Leverage team must steal a miracle in order to save it. But as the story progresses, the question arises as to who exactly is saving whom.


Did You Feel That? October 24, 2008 An earthquake hits Los Angeles and the city is a mess. In the middle of the havoc, Crews and Reese must track down an escaped criminal and killer they put behind bars a year ago. Meanwhile, Ted suffers an inconvenient injury from the earthquake and makes a call for help.


Jackpot November 5, 2008 A woman is found dead at a table with a romantic dinner set for two, leading Crews and Reese to a lottery winner support group full of eccentric characters. Rachel refuses to tell Crews anything about her family’s murder or Jack Reese; however, they realize they share a common bond.


Not For Nothing October 8, 2008 A college experiment using students as guards and inmates at a mock prison leads to a death.


Life on Mars
Out Here In The Fields (Pilot) October 9, 2008 After an accident, NYPD detective Sam Tyler inexplicably finds himself in 1973, where he must solve a murder that is eerily similar to a case he was investigating in 2008.


The Incident May 13, 2009 In the time-bending season finale, Jack takes it upon himself to try and prevent the plane crash that originally delivered the castaways to the island. Meanwhile, John Locke's apparent resurrection is revealed to be something else entirely.


316 February 18, 2009 Eloise Hawking meets some of the surviving members of the Oceanic Six in a Los Angeles church. She explains how to return to the Island, but some members are reluctant to go back.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Mad Men
Flight 1 August 3, 2008 A plane crash carrying Pete's father leads to conflicts at the agency and with Pete's family. Peggy returns home to see her family where she sees her baby.


Mad Men
Meditations In An Emergency October 26, 2008 Sterling Cooper is in play and the office scrambles without Don. Betty learns some disconcerting news.


Mad Men
A Night To Remember September 14, 2008 Father Gill convinces Peggy to contribute on a pro-bono church project. To win the business of a foreign beer brand, Duck and Don try to create market appeal to a new demographic. Harry is overwhelmed with the workload in his department and recruits assistance from an unlikely source.


Mad Men
The New Girl August 24, 2008 Don once again finds himself having to deal with issues between TV comedian Jimmy and his wife, Bobbie. Joan finally finds Don the perfect secretary.


Mad Men
The Jet Set October 12, 2008 On a business trip to Los Angeles, Don becomes acquainted with some exciting new friends. Peggy looks for romance at work. Duck starts thinking about the future of Sterling Cooper.


Mad Men
Six Month Leave September 28, 2008 Freddy Rumsen disappoints his team during a pitch. Pete finds an opportunity at the office to exploit while Don proves his loyalty to an old friend. Betty finds a welcome distraction in Sara Beth.


Then...And Again April 13, 2009 After Allison and Devalos are gunned down by a mysterious man, Allison wakes up five years in the past. When her dreams tell her the DA is about to convict an innocent man, Allison must find a way to prove herself to a Devalos who does not yet know her.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


The Devil Inside (Part I And II) April 20, 2009 - April 27, 2009 Allison has a stalker who wants to have her stop having dreams which stop crimes. He continues to stalk her after he is dead by messing up her dreams.


The First Bite Is The Deepest May 18, 2009 Allison enlists Cynthia Keener, who is now in prison for murder, to help stop a young woman, who was once a kidnap victim saved by Cynthia, from taking revenge on her kidnapper.


The Man In The Mirror May 11, 2009 Allison collapses into a coma and switches bodies with a middle aged man who awakens from a coma, turns up at Allison's house claiming to be her. Through the switch Allison (him/her) figures out the crime involving the man's wife.


The Mentalist
Pilot September 23, 2008 A double-homicide appears to be the work of serial killer "Red John," but Patrick Jane -- whose astounding powers of observation were honed during his former career as a "faux psychic" -- insists it's a copycat crime, and teams with the California Bureau of Investigation to apprehend the true killer.


The Mentalist
Seeing Red November 18, 2008 Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) meets his match when a psychic (Leslie Hope) is a murder suspect.


The Mentalist
Red John's Footsteps May 19, 2009 Red John kills a girl and kidnaps her twin sister with the help of a local cop, leading Jane to the brink of catching him.


Toxic April 7, 2009 When NCIS Forensic Scientist Abby Sciuto is recruited for a secret government project, the NCIS team soon realize someone has been trying to kill those involved with the project. In order to ensure Abby's safety, the team must figure out who it is and stop them.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Dagger November 25, 2008 Having figured out that NCIS Special Agent Michele Lee has been blackmailed into working as a spy for someone holding her daughter hostage, the NCIS team must figure out who the criminal is and stop him without endangering the child's life.


Wide Awake And Dreaming September 23, 2008 West Beverly High’s production of ‘Spring Awakening’ brings Annie closer to Ty and closer to giving up her virginity. Annie takes over the lead after Adrianna’s drug habit surfaces on opening night. But Adrianna gets her revenge at the cast party by sabotaging Ty and Annie’s romantic get-together.


Manny Skerritt April 10, 2009 Botox for Babies; a self-pleasuring yogi; Sean's life story seen through the prism of fanatical Aidan (Bradley Cooper) & the Lifetime Network; and a mysterious new femme fatale (Katee Sackhoff) collide in this NIP/TUCK episode.


The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
Pilot March 29, 2009 When Precious Ramotswe’s daddy passes, she sells the cattle he leaves her and opens the No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency. Soon enough, Precious Ramotswe and Grace Makutsi, the efficient secretary she hires, have their work cut out. Insurance fraud, a cheating husband, and a dubious daddy, to name a few.


The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
The Boy With The African Heart April 19, 2009 Mma Ramotswe is helping Mrs. Curtin find her son. Unsure if he is alive or dead they dig up his past to uncover some shocking truths. Meanwhile Mma Makutsi is left to solve the Kgale hill break-ins, and given an opportunity to show she would make a fine assistant detective.


The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
A Real Botswana Diamond May 10, 2009 The No.1 Ladies are the latest victims of the Kgale Hill Break-ins and Mma Ramotswe and JLB Matekoni’s engagement is not going as smoothly as expected. Note Mokoti’s return, fake diamonds and Cephas Buthelezei’s ruthless attempt at blackmail, forces Mma Ramotswe to face her demons before she can move on.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Animal Rites April 10, 2009 FBI suspect animal rights activists in the death of a professor at Cal-SI university when they discover a Flash Mob being used to decoy an animal lab break in at the school.


One Tree Hill
We Three (My Echo, My Shadow, And Me) November 17, 2008 ONE TREE HILL goes back in time with a 1940's themed episode, an homage to "Casablanca" and other great films of that era.


Private Practice
Ex-Life February 12, 2009 As Archer recoups from surgery, Derek has Addison work with his pregnant neuro patient; Bailey and Naomi work together to find the root cause of Sam’s sudden asthma attack; and at Oceanside Wellness, Cooper, Violet and Pete work together to treat a mother suffering from postpartum depression.


Raising The Bar
Guatemala Gulfstream September 8, 2008 Jerry is defending a man accused of murder, but the only eyewitness is stuck in Guatemala. Michelle finally has the chance to try her first murder case after the primary attorney dies unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Richard is defending a young man who is accused of assault in a racially charged case.


Raising The Bar
Richie Rich September 22, 2008 Richard’s wealthy father offers Roz a job at his high-profile firm. Jerry defends a destitute mother whose arrest may be a police tactic to pressure testimony in a murder case. Richard and Bobbi team up on a murder case. Judge Kessler continues to position herself as a political candidate.


Raising The Bar
Bagels And Locks September 29, 2008 Jerry takes on a tough, emotional case in which a young boy was molested and murdered in an abandoned building. As press coverage raises the heat on the case, Balco decides to take over as the primary prosecutor. Bobbi, meanwhile, is defending a family man charged with possession of heroin.


Raising The Bar
Out On The Roof October 20, 2008 When an acquaintance of Charlie is arrested for distributing ecstasy, Jerry handles the case. Marcus questions a young man from Hell’s Kitchen copping to armed robbery and eventually finds blood runs thicker than water among the man’s Irish family.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Raising The Bar
I Will, I'm Will September 15, 2008 Jerry is defending a mentally ill client, but his case hits a snag when Judge Kessler orders him to quickly find a suitable in-patient program. Richard defends a woman who got into an altercation at the welfare office.


Raising The Bar
A Leg To Stand On October 13, 2008 Jerry defends a client he is certain is innocent, but knows a jury will convict. Jerry pursues a bench trial, but politics are at play. Bobbi is defending a veteran who lost his leg and controls pain with drugs. She tries to plead the charges down, but Michelle won’t budge.


Rescue Me
Iceman May 26, 2009 A late-night cleanup turns into a nightmare for Tommy when several unexpected visitors stop by the bar. Feinberg allows Damien to ride along with the crew, but may not be prepared for the consequences.


Saving Grace
A Fierce, White-Hot, Mighty Love August 4, 2008 An impending divorce, a gambling habit, a young boy acting out and a teenage girl dating a rebellious stoner set the stage for tragedy when the mother of two children goes missing for several days.


Saving Grace
Do You Believe In Second Chances? March 9, 2009 Grace’s niece, Sayre, is arrested after attending a Scavenger Party. When the squad tries to figure out what combination of drugs landed Sayre’s best friend in a coma, they realize some of the drugs were laced with something potentially deadly.


Saving Grace
So What's The Purpose Of A Platypus? April 6, 2009 Doug’s relationship with Maggie kicks into high gear, with a wedding date already set. But their plans hit a snag when Maggie is attacked by an unknown assailant at Louie’s. Leon Cooley’s execution date is just around the corner, and Johnny and Rhetta are desperately trying to save him.


Saving Grace
Have A Seat, Earl July 14, 2008 Grace chases down a subject who is one of the FBI’s Most Wanted and she is hailed a hero. Nobody is aware that Grace is holding hostage the priest who molested her as a child. When he turns up dead, she must find the killer by digging into her past.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Saving Grace
Are You An Indian Princess? August 18, 2008 The squad investigates the brutal murder of a woman and the abduction of her son. They work frantically around the clock to locate the boy before any harm comes to him. Ham has an especially difficult time controlling himself as he continues to struggle with his brother’s death.


Saving Grace
Take Me Somewhere, Earl March 16, 2009 While the squad investigates the death of a drug dealer at an apartment complex, Ham and Butch run into Bobby, who is still undercover. The cold shoulder Abby receives from her fellow officers leads Grace to dig up some information about why Abby was placed with the squad.


The Shield
Family Meeting November 25, 2008 In the Series Finale, Vic betrays Ronnie to save himself from prosecution. Dutch is framed by a teenage serial killer while Claudette battles a crippling illness. Shane takes drastic, violent measures to keep his family together. Vic ultimately finds himself "imprisoned" for the next three years in a desk job.


Eternal April 2, 2009 Davis Bloome's history is revealed. Tess tries to kill Davis by blowing up his truck. However, after he escapes, she realizes she needs help to destroy him and turns to Clark. Tess reveals Davis' secret childhood with the Luthors and hints that she knows Clark's true identity.


Sons Of Anarchy
The Revelator November 26, 2008 In the wake of a great tragedy the club must re-evaluate their bonds of brotherhood.


Sons Of Anarchy
Pilot September 3, 2008 When a rival club cleans out and then destroys their illegal arms warehouse, SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original) executes their own sense of justice in retrieving their guns. Meanwhile, family issues take center stage with a medical emergency involving Jax Teller’s newborn son.


Unknown Trouble April 9, 2009 A seasoned Los Angeles police officer and his trainee get involved in a deadly shoot-out, leaving the rookie questioning whether or not he has what it takes to become a cop. Homicide detectives search for a missing girl, while gang detectives hunt for a witness in a drive-by shooting.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Mozambique April 16, 2009 When a lost baby is found crawling in traffic, Lydia takes a personal interest in reuniting the baby with its mother. Ben mistakes a store owner for a robbery suspect. Nate and Sammy must convince the DA to relocate a key witness after an assassination attempt on her life.


Speedie Date
Table 9: Amanda and Chad December 10, 2008 Amanda and Chad are determined to be positive, but discover a real connection comes only when they express who they truly are.


Stargate Atlantis
The Prodigal November 7, 2008 An old foe, bent on revenge, infiltrates the Gate Room to take control of Atlantis.


Stargate Atlantis
Whispers September 5, 2008 While exploring an abandoned catacomb on an unexplored planet, an Atlantis away team uncovers one of Michael’s secret labs.


Stargate Atlantis
Brainstorm November 21, 2008 Dr. Keller accompanies Dr. McKay to Earth to attend a top-secret scientific demonstration by McKay’s former rival.


Pilot June 5, 2008 Bruce and Susan Miller move to an upscale Chicago suburb on July 4, 1976. Encountering sexy new neighbors who have an open marriage, the Millers and their children find themselves enmeshed in the unique socio-sexual customs (and styles) of seventies America, and embark on journeys of self-discovery.


True Blood
Strange Love September 7, 2008 Merlotte’s gets a visit from its first vampire, Bill Compton. Tara, fired again, asks Sam for a job. When Maudette winds up dead, Jason is a suspect. Sookie saves Bill from being drained by the Rattrays. Bill asks Sookie for a date. The Rattrays get even with Sookie.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


True Blood
Plaisir d’Amour November 2, 2008 When Longshadow attacks Sookie, Bill stakes him and must stand trial as consequence. Amy and Jason delve deeper into “V”, while Jason bonds with Eddie. Sam pays for Tara’s exorcism. Sookie wakes up to find naked Sam on her bed, in place of the dog she fell asleep with.


True Blood
The Fourth Man In The Fire October 26, 2008 After fearing Bill perished in the vampire fire, Sookie discovers him safely hiding in the cemetery. Lettie Mae seems to have made a miraculous recovery after her exorcism. Jason, smitten with Amy, helps her kidnap vampire Eddie for his blood. Eric summons Sookie to help out with dangerous vampire business.


True Blood
Sparks Fly Out October 5, 2008 Sookie, angry with Bill for “glamouring” a policeman, breaks it off once again. After advice on “V” from Lafayette, Jason gets hooked on it. Bill relives the difficult memories of the Civil War and the night he was made vampire. Sookie comes home to find Gran has been murdered.


True Blood
To Love Is To Bury November 16, 2008 Sookie and Sam investigate the murders and learn of Drew Marshall. Arrested for drunk driving, Tara is abandoned by Lettie Mae but saved by the mysterious Maryann. On their last “V” trip, Jason awakes to find Amy strangled and he turns himself in. Bill struggles with the newly-made vampire Jessica.


True Blood
I Don’t Wanna Know November 9, 2008 Sookie discovers Sam is a shape-shifter; Sam remembers his family abandoning him. Paranoid of losing Jason, Amy stakes Eddie. After her emotional exorcism, Tara learns Miss Jeanette is a fraud. Sookie escapes an attack at Merlotte’s. Vampire court sentences Bill to turn Jessica, a teenage girl, into a vampire.


Trust Me
The More Things Change April 7, 2009 After the Mink group wins a huge Buick account, Mason is offered Tony's job. Mason struggles with his conscience over whether accepting the promotion is a betrayal to his boss... and he anguishes over how to tell his aging mentor that he is being fired.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


The Tudors
Episode 304 April 26, 2009 Aske and Darcy are beheaded. Brandon grows despondent over the King’s vengeance. Cromwell shows Henry Pole’s pamphlet condemning the King as an adulterer and heretic – Henry demands Pole’s return to England. The Court is ecstatic over Edward’s birth – the King finally has an heir. Later, Jane dies.


The Tudors
Episode 308 May 24, 2009 Henry and Anne’s marriage remains unconsummated – much to Cromwell’s angst. But Henry becomes transfixed by Katherine Howard and his mood greatly improves; he takes her as a lover. Cromwell goes from being Henry’s #2 to being jailed for treason. Henry’s marriage to Anne is annulled. Cromwell is unceremoniously hanged.


8:00 PM - 9:00 PM March 9, 2009 A tense hostage situation at the White House is resolved by Jack Bauer. Bill Buchanan sacrifices himself and the President survives. Jon Voight makes his series debut as a villain.


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM February 9, 2009 Jack Bauer and FBI agent Renee Walker must save the President's husband from an almost-certain death.


8:00 AM - 9:00 AM January 11, 2009 In the first episode of the season, Jack Bauer is facing charges dealing with the shutdown of CTU. The FBI force him into service to stop the villainous return of Tony Almeida. Meanwhile, Alison Taylor is tackling the crisis at the White House as America's first female president.


2:00 AM - 3:00 AM April 20, 2009 As the nation remains vulnerable, Jack Bauer endures the worsening pathogen pain. The FBI deals with recent deadly developments while matters involving key players takes this day into an unexpected direction.


The Unit
Flesh & Blood March 22, 2009 The team is charged with evacuating the wounded leader of a Democratic revolution in Honduras. When the team’s chopper is damaged, the Unit must save the leader’s life and find a safe exit route before they are overrun by government troops.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


The Unit
Inquisition November 2, 2008 The team simulates a bombing of a Boston tunnel in order to capture the leaders of a terrorist cell; Tiffy and Mack's relationship reaches a suicidal confrontation.


The Unit
Unknown Soldier May 10, 2009 The Unit team discovers that three cars carrying suitcase nuclear bombs are headed to three US cities. As the clock ticks down, the team hunts the bombs while Colonel Tom Ryan joins the President to consider a retaliatory strike against whomever is behind the conspiracy.


The Unusuals
Boorland Day April 15, 2009 When NY oldest crime family goes on a crime spree of historic proportions it’s all hands on deck. Casey and Walsh run point while Banks hopes a return visit to the site where Delahoy was shot will snap him out of his fear of dying young.


The Unusuals
Pilot April 8, 2009 Detective Casey Shraeger has just been transferred to the NYPD’s Homicide unit from Vice and is instantly thrown into a setting of bullets and bodies. Casey finds that the squad is full of secrets, which serves her well, since she’s keeping a few of her own.


Without A Trace
Wanted January 6, 2009 A 13-year-old girl torn apart by her feuding parents over custody and visitation rights disappears hours after her mother kidnaps her.

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2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot

Outstanding Directing For A Variety, Music Or Comedy Series
For a single episode of a variety, music or comedy series. Emmy(s) to director(s). VOTE FOR NO MORE THAN FIVE achievements in this category that you have seen and feel are worthy of nomination. (More than five votes in this category will void all votes in this category.)


American Idol
Show 833 (The Final Three) May 12, 2009 On this 300th episode of the series, the top 3 finalists perform live as Kris, Adam and Danny sing two songs each in their quest to make the finale.


American Idol
Finale May 20, 2009 A live two-hour season finale culminating in a climactic ending naming this season's winner. The show was packed full of performances comprised of these artists: Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and the Idol contestants, The Black Eyed Peas, Kiss, Queen, Carlos Santana, Keith Urban, Cindy Lauper, Rod Stewart and Steve Martin.


Bonefish Grill's: Notes From The Road
Gavin DeGraw September 11, 2008 BONEFISH GRILL'S: NOTES FROM THE ROAD is an original music series. Shot on location, this episode features live performances and interviews with Gavin DeGraw. Gavin shares an intimate look behind the scenes at his life on the road and his creative process in writing and recording.


The Colbert Report
4159 December 11, 2008 Stephen has a not-entirely-welcome surprise visitor: his recently-deceased stage manager, Bobby, who brings an inspiring holiday message of hope; swimmer Michael Phelps considers trading one of his Olympic gold medals for one of Stephen’s Peabodys.


The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
13107 August 26, 2008 Guess Who's Coming to Denver?: Jon Stewart and The Daily Show news team serve up their first night of coverage of the Democratic National Convention including a nod to Colorado's rich culture, coverage of Michelle Obama's speech, advice for Hillary Clinton supporters and an interview with Virginia Governor Tim Kaine.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Dancing With The Stars
Episode 802A March 17, 2009 In this first-ever results show dance-off episode of DANCING WITH THE STARS, Belinda Carlisle and partner Jonathan Roberts face Steve Wozniak and partner Karina Smirnoff for a returning spot. Professional dancers perform to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and the Macy’s Performance of “Busby Berkeley”. Belinda and Jonathan are eliminated.


Frank TV
Frankapalooza October 21, 2008 Impressionist Frank Caliendo begins new episodes of FRANK TV as Oliver Stone prepares to follow his new movie W with a fresh take on the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky affair. Other impressions include: James Gandolfini; David Letterman; Yoda, Obi Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu; Rapper Ice-T; and John McCain.


Important Things With Demetri Martin
Timing - Episode 104 February 11, 2009 In IMPORTANT THINGS WITH DEMETRI MARTIN comedian Demetri Martin tackles some of the most important topics of our time. This original series mixes stand-up comedy, sketches, animation, studio bits and music to explore one "important thing" per episode. In this episode, Martin focuses on Timing.


The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson
Episode #810 January 21, 2009 Host Craig Ferguson welcomes guests Trace Adkins and Perez Hilton, with a musical performance by Trace Adkins. In addition Craig interviews "George Bush" and "Dick Cheney" from Crawford, Texas on their first day out of office, answers viewer email, and delivers one of his signature monologues on the "Razzy Awards".


Late Night With Conan O'Brien
#2602 June 20, 2008 Episode #2602 is an episode with considerable studio-based comedy, two acts with Jason Bateman; an interview with Masi Oka, and music of Alejandro Escovedo.


Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Episode #18 - Mike Myers, Anna Kournikova, All American Rejects March 26, 2009 Guests include actor Mike Myers and tennis star Anna Kournikova. Musical performance by The All American Rejects.


Late Show With David Letterman
Episode 2932 June 3, 2008 The cast of the Broadway show "South Pacific" performs. Guests include Billy Crystal and Julianne Moore.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Little Britain USA
102 October 5, 2008 This scripted comedy features many characters. In this episode, Vicky arrives at bootcamp. Mildred teaches Connor while Marjorie holds a Fat Fighter session. George and Sandra visit the zoo. Carol assists a woman in labor. Harry wants his Bitty. Sebastian meets the President of the United States, and Bubbles cruises.


Episode 1417 (Series Finale) May 16, 2009 The series finale of MADtv features comedian Fred Willard, as he hosts the “MADtv Gives Back” telethon. This episode also features an ensemble cast returning as classic MADtv characters such as Oprah Winfrey (Debra Wilson), Lorraine (Mo Collins), Miss Swan (Alex Borstein) and Kenny Rogers (Will Sasso).


Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew
Finale March 5, 2009 The finale of AMERICA'S BEST DANCE CREW features the top 3 crews; Beat Freaks, Quest Crew and Flykhicks. They all get to perform one last time and a winner is then crowned.


Real Time With Bill Maher
705 March 20, 2009 Bill Maher led a roundtable discussion with Sen. Bernie Sanders, Kerry Washington, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Keith Olbermann and Madeleine Albright. The monologue is filled with jokes taking shots at both Republicans and Democrats. Comedy pieces included a commercial for the “Snug-wow!” and “New Rules”.


Saturday Night Live
Host: Justin Timberlake May 9, 2009 Justin Timberlake hosts this episode which includes spoofs of a Target Store, a Barry Gibb talk show and modern day pirates. Two live performances by Ciara.


Spectacle: Elvis Costello With
Spectacle: Elvis Costello With The Police January 7, 2009 Fresh off the concert trail together, Elvis Costello and The Police team up for an hour including illuminating interviews and musical performances. It provides a rare glimpse into the combustible chemistry that made The Police the biggest band in the world in the 1980s.


Talkshow With Spike Feresten
Episode 310: With Guest Mary Lynn Rajskub And Musical Guest Trace Adkins January 24, 2009 TALKSHOW WITH SPIKE FERESTEN combines traditional elements of late-night comedy with comedy sketches, done in the studio and in the field. In this episode, Spike interviews Mary Lynn Rajskub from FOX's "24" and investigates the validity of the peanut butter salmonella scare with announcer Rick Richards.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
Episode 3627 September 25, 2008 Monologue / "Presidential Jeopardy" with Steve Bridges as President George W. Bush, Marianne Curan as Governor Sarah Palin and Christopher Duncan as Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Guests: Jay Mohr, Cloris Leachman, and music guest - The Hives.

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Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
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Outstanding Directing For A Variety, Music Or Comedy Special
For a variety, music or comedy special. Emmy(s) to director(s). VOTE FOR NO MORE THAN FIVE achievements in this category that you have seen and feel are worthy of nomination. (More than five votes in this category will void all votes in this category.)


81st Annual Academy Awards
February 22, 2009 A three-and-a-half hour, global broadcast, honoring actors and filmmakers, hosted by Hugh Jackman, televised in the U.S., Canada, and over 75 countries around the world from Albania to Vietnam, featuring 24 awards from sound editing to best picture and performances by Beyonce Knowles, John Legend and others.


Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony
August 8, 2008 On 8/8/08, the Beijing Olympics began with the Opening Ceremony -- a celebration of China's culture with 15,000 cast members & $300 million budget, created by Chinese film director Zhang Yimou. The network conferred with Yimou for 2+ years to capture his creation -- and broadcast and interpret it to an American audience.


Bruce Springsteen Super Bowl Halftime Show
February 1, 2009 Bruce Springsteen performed a medley of hits including “Born to Run” and “Glory Days” live at the Super Bowl XLIII halftime show. Joined by the E Street Band and surrounded by 3,000 fans on the field, the performance was broadcast to 112 million in the US and millions more worldwide.


Chris Botti In Boston
March 14, 2009 Chris Botti performs with special guests and the Boston Pops.


Christmas In Rockefeller Center
December 3, 2008 A musical special to light the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree co-hosted by Al Roker, Jane Krakowski and featuring Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Britney Spears - along with musical performances from Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé, Tony Bennett, The Jonas Brothers, Harry Connick Jr., Faith Hill, Jamie Foxx and Rascal Flatts.


Christmas In Washington
December 17, 2008 This annual holiday concert event was hosted by Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw and was taped at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. Performances included: Casting Crowns, Kristin Chenoweth, Julianne Hough, Darius Rucker and Straight No Chaser.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute
November 27, 2008 CNN HEROES honored extraordinary people helping those in need. One woman started a school for Cambodian orphans working in trash dumps. A US prosthetist brought artificial limbs to paraplegics in Mexico. And a woman who’s devoted herself to rebuilding homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina was named Hero of the Year.


Craig Ferguson: A Wee Bit O' Revolution
March 22, 2009 Host of the "Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson", debut comedy special.


Doctor Atomic (Great Performances At The Met)
December 29, 2008 Composer John Adams brings one of the defining moments of 20th-century history to the operatic stage: the creation of the atomic bomb. Filmmaker Penny Woolcock created the staging for this Met premiere production, starring baritone Gerald Finley as J. Robert Oppenheimer, the brilliant physicist who led the project.


Ellen's Even Bigger Really Big Show
November 29, 2008 Ellen DeGeneres hosts this variety show taped at The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas. The show features international performers including award-winning magician Hans Klok, celebrity impressionists, dancers, musical acts and comedy skits.


The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards
January 11, 2009 Annual awards ceremony honoring the best in film and television.


Hitman: David Foster & Friends (Great Performances)
November 30, 2008 Songwriter David Foster has produced some of the best known popular music, and collaborated with a host of superstars. In celebration of his music, contemporary pop artists gathered in tribute, including Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Celine Dion, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, Cheryl Lynn, and many more.


The 10th Annual A Home For The Holidays
December 23, 2008 THE 10TH ANNUAL HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS SPECIAL featuring performances by Faith Hill, Melissa Etheridge, Tim McGraw, Gavin Rossdale and Jamie Foxx, as well as stories presented by celebrities, all geared towards raising awareness for the adoption of foster care children.


Kathy Griffin: She'll Cut A Bitch
April 15, 2009 Before a sold-out crowd, Griffin recounts her latest adventures including a visit with Cher. Griffin updates her fans on her 88-year-old mother, Maggie, and then talks about her beloved "Schmemmy's," the Emmy ceremony that presents her Outstanding Reality Show category for "My Life on the D-List."


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Lisa Lampanelli: Long Live The Queen
January 31, 2009 LISA LAMPANELLI: LONG LIVE THE QUEEN features “The Queen of Mean” in all her unbridled glory as she takes the stage. Taped before a live audience in Santa Rosa CA, the performance delivers political incorrectness and “shoot-from-the-lip” observations.


Live From The Red Carpet Golden Globes
January 11, 2009 Hosts Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic interview stars of TV/Film. Twenty cameras provide live in-depth coverage from limo drop to event entrance, including telescoping "glam" cams, lipstick "shoe" cams, "star tracker" technology that pinpoints celebrity locales, and fashion telestration from stylist Jay Manuel.


Louis C.K.: Chewed Up
October 4, 2008 Louis CK, the comedian and sitcom star delivers a set of brand-new standup comedy material in this stage performance that lampoons, satirizes, and skewers middle-aged American life.


Love Train: The Sound Of Philadelphia
November 29, 2008 LOVE TRAIN celebrates the enduring musical legacy that dominated the 70’s airwaves and brought people from all walks of life together in a challenging time. Recorded live, featuring original artists, it is a high-energy tribute to the Philly Soul sound.


Miss America Pageant Live
January 24, 2009 The live MISS AMERICA PAGEANT, broadcast from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and hosted by Mario Lopez. It was the national culmination of local and state pageants. Ultimately, the winning contestant was Miss Indiana, Katie Stam.


2008 mtvU Woodie Awards
November 19, 2008 With over 5.2 million votes cast by college students, mtvU declared Paramore, There for Tomorrow, Motion City Soundtrack, Chromeo, Jack’s Mannequin and Atmosphere winners of the year's definitive college music awards. Roseland Ballroom hosted thousands of students for a night of emerging music and unexpected collaborations at the fifth-annual “Woodies.”


40th NAACP Image Awards
February 12, 2009 Celebrating cultural diversity and outstanding achievements in Film, Television, Theater, Literature and Social Activism.


NBC's New Year's Eve With Carson Daly
December 31, 2008 NBC'S NEW YEAR'S EVE WITH CARSON DALY put viewers in the middle of the world's most famous New Year's Eve destination, Times Square, to ring in the new year. Sir Elton John, Ludacris, and Katy Perry performed.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


The Neighborhood Ball: An Inauguration Celebration
January 20, 2009 On the night he was inaugurated as the 44th President, Barack Obama and Michelle shared their First Dance to Beyonce singing “At Last”, in a now-iconic and historic moment. The celebration also featured 12 live performances, including artists Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder, Shakira, Faith Hill, Mariah Carey, Sting, and will.i.am.


The Nutcracker With The San Francisco Ballet (Great Performances)
December 17, 2008 The San Francisco Ballet presents Helgi Thomasson's NUTCRACKER, a new production of the classic Christmas tale. Set against the backdrop of the San Francisco World's Fair, it displays the performances of this world class ballet company.


Ricky Gervais: Out Of England -- The Stand-Up Special
November 15, 2008 Ricky Gervais delivers his unique take on such issues as fund-raising, fame, nursery rhymes, Nazis, moronic friends and obesity in his first American standup special, taped live in New York.


Scream 2008
October 21, 2008 Bringing together the worlds of Comics, Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction, SCREAM 2008 featured tributes to legends, pioneers, and current fan favorites including George Lucas, Anthony Hopkins, Tim Burton, Robert Downey Jr., Christopher Nolan, Jon Favreau, Gary Oldman, Liv Tyler, and many more.


Stand Up To Cancer
September 5, 2008 A multi-network, nationally televised roadblock event aimed at rallying the public support to fund cancer research.


February 13, 2009 Entertainment industry veterans Peter Bart and Peter Guber host STORYMAKERS, a series of specials featuring an intimate gathering of A-list actors in a round table discussion. The debut special featured a panel of 2009 Academy Award nominees, including Penelope Cruz, Amy Adams, and Frank Langella, among others, discussing entertainment headlines.


Streisand: The Concert
April 25, 2009 Streisand Live in Concert captures her sold out Fort Lauderdale show from her world tour.


The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
December 3, 2008 The Victoria’s Secret Angels flew in to Miami Beach to strut their stuff and re-launch the renovated Fontainebleau. Usher joined them in a massive temporary structure purposely built for the event. Reminding us, if we needed it, that Angels are indeed heavenly bodies.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Will Ferrell: You're Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush
March 14, 2009 Will Ferrell embodies President Bush, assuming the guises of several “Ws” in a live performance of his Broadway show. With special surprises and guests, we discover the man behind the myth.


Yanni Voices, Live From The Forum In Acapulco
March 2, 2009 Yanni performs his classic and new songs, featuring four new voices, live from Acapulco.

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Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot

Outstanding Directing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Dramatic Special
For a miniseries, a movie or a dramatic special. Emmy(s) to director(s). VOTE FOR NO MORE THAN FIVE achievements in this category that you have seen and feel are worthy of nomination. (More than five votes in this category will void all votes in this category.)


February 28, 2009 Based on E.R. Frank's book, the film takes viewers on the emotional journey of 17-year-old America as he navigates the United States foster care system. Rosie O'Donnell portrays a therapist who gives America the support to deal with his troubled past and find the courage to survive against all odds.


An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving
November 22, 2008 In 1870s New England, mischievous Tilly lures her rich grandmother, Isabella, to her family’s barren farm. Family ties and forgiveness reunite three generations of outspoken women who must come to terms with their tumultuous past. Based on a story by Louisa May Alcott. Starring Jaqueline Bisset, Tatiana Maslany, Hélène Joy.


The Cheetah Girls - One World
August 14, 2008 When the Cheetah Girls get cast in a Bollywood musical, they think it is their big break until they arrive in Mumbai and discover they will have to compete against each other for the lead role.


Coco Chanel
September 13, 2008 Follows the rags-to-riches story of influential and iconic French designer Coco Chanel from her humble beginnings in an orphanage outside Paris, through her meteoric rise to fame and success, revealing a fiery and ambitious woman and the significant relationships, both familial and romantic, that shaped and inspired her success.


The Color Of Magic
March 22, 2009 Incompetent wizard Rincewind serves as a guide to naive optimist Twoflower (accompanied by his magical wooden luggage) as he becomes Discworld's first-ever tourist. They battle wizards, elude druid mercenaries and ride dragons - but can Rincewind defeat his nemesis Trymon and save Discworld from ultimate destruction?


The Courageous Heart Of Irena Sendler (Hallmark Hall Of Fame Presentation)
April 19, 2009 The true story of the fearless woman who saved the lives of 2,500 Jewish children in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942. She used her social worker cover to mount an audacious and dangerous operation to smuggle the children, who were facing almost certain extermination at Treblinka, to safety.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Front Of The Class (Hallmark Hall Of Fame Presentation)
December 7, 2008 Brad Cohen overcomes a boyhood with Tourettes Syndrome to become the teacher he never had. He learns to succeed not in spite of his problem but because of it, is awarded Teacher of the Year, and meets his future wife.


Generation Kill
Bomb In The Garden August 24, 2008 The Marines are shocked by the size of the city when they reach Baghdad. During patrols, they discover that the Iraqis face many problems. At an abandoned Iraqi base outside the city, they play a tense game of football and reflect upon their roadtrip mission.


Generation Kill
A Burning Dog August 10, 2008 Bravo Platoon 2 exploits intelligence from local Iraqis about an ambush. After an assault by the better-armed LAVs, they lead two violent and well-defended attacks to take a bridge, and discover the enemy is not who they imagined. They next set up a roadblock at Al Muwafaqiyah.


Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story
February 7, 2009 This is the true story of Ben Carson, one of the most respected pediatric neurosurgeons in the world, who overcomes a disadvantaged childhood and racial discrimination to fulfill his dreams. With the unwavering support of his mother, personal perseverance and a devotion to knowledge, Carson prevails over all obstacles.


Grey Gardens
April 18, 2009 This drama spans four decades, telling the true story of Big and Little Edie Beale, eccentric relatives of Jacqueline Kennedy, who forged an indestructible, unique bond while circumstances and relationships turned glamorous early years into a riches-to-rags story played out in isolation in their East Hampton decaying mansion.


House Of Saddam
Part 1 December 7, 2008 New president Saddam Hussein’s personality quickly permeates Iraq and his image is everywhere. When terrorists attack Baghdad, Saddam orders a military rebuttal, leading to the devastating Iran-Iraq conflict. Saddam claims victory, but fractures in his country and his household are revealed. After invading Kuwait, Iraq must contend with American forces.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


House Of Saddam
Part 2 December 14, 2008 His country crippled by UN sanctions and his family torn by defections, Saddam attempts to maintain his power. When coalition forces flood Baghdad, Saddam’s sons are killed. Saddam is discovered in a hole. Dignity in tatters, he declares, “I am the President of Iraq, and I am willing to negotiate.”


Into The Storm
May 31, 2009 This story follows Winston Churchill boldly leading the free world, detailing the years when, through intrepid leadership and inspiring rhetoric, he rallied its people to fight Hitler’s Germany to the bitter end. But what made him a wartime hero made him vulnerable during peaceful times and tested his marriage.


Jesse Stone: Thin Ice
March 1, 2009 In JESSE STONE: THIN ICE, Paradise, Mass. Police Chief Jesse Stone finds himself in trouble with the Town Council when he inadvertently becomes involved in a shoot-out on a Boston street. His friend is seriously wounded and Jesse comes under investigation by the Boston Police Department's Internal Affairs Division.


Knights Of Bloodsteel
April 19, 2009 - April 20, 2009 In mystical Mirabilis, bloodsteel, a sorcery-grade ore that anoints its possessor with magical powers, reigns supreme. Sorcerer elf Tesselink and his motley, but talented, crew of freedom fighters, the Order of the Bloodsteel Knights, are enlisted to save Mirabilis from Dragon-Eye and his Brood soldiers' lethal insurgency.


The Last Templar
January 25, 2009 - January 26, 2009 An archaeologist teams up with an FBI agent to uncover the lost secrets of the legendary medieval Knights Templar. The pair are drawn into the vortex of an incredible Vatican secret involving the crusading Knights and the last surviving Templars' fateful journey from the Holy Land.


The Librarian: Curse Of The Judas Chalice
December 7, 2008 Professor Lazlo is taken hostage by a group wanting to locate the Judas Chalice, hoping the cup will bring Prince Vlad Dracul back to life and foist evil onto the world. But when the cup is taken, Flynn and Simone must prevent Dracul from casting the entire world into shadow.


Little Dorrit
Part 1 March 29, 2009 Amy Dorrit lives in the Marshalsea Prison caring for her father, an inmate there. To aid her family, she works for stern shut-in Mrs. Clennam. Son Arthur Clennam returns from China after his father's death, haunted by his final, mysterious words and determined to solve a family mystery.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Little Dorrit
Part 3 April 12, 2009 The villain Rigaud begins an extortion scheme against Mrs. Clennam. Information is discovered that dramatically alters the Dorrits’ future and allows them to leave the prison. Disquieted by all the sudden changes, Amy continues her connection with Arthur through letters, and forges a closer relationship with Arthur.


Little Dorrit
Part 5 April 26, 2009 Arthur encounters Rigaud and is suspicious of his ties to the House of Clennam. A shocking revelation at the Bank sends shockwaves throughout London. The story reaches a climax at the Marshalsea, where Amy and Arthur meet once more, Mrs. Clennam's secrets are brought to light.


Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story
August 17, 2008 The true story of Luz Cuevas, a Puerto Rican immigrant, who refused to believe her baby, Delimar, perished in a house fire. Seven-years later, everybody thinks she is crazy when she claims her cousin’s daughter is Delimar. Luz proves her case by DNA tests and finally gets her daughter back.


Living Proof
October 18, 2008 The true story of Dr. Dennis Slamon, the UCLA doctor who helped develop the breast cancer drug, Herceptin, and his efforts to keep the drug trials afloat and save the lives of thousands of women.


Love Takes Wing
April 4, 2009 Dr. Belinda Simpson, a recent widow, arrives in a tiny town where she discovers that the town's residents have fallen ill to or died from an unknown ailment.


Loving Leah (Hallmark Hall Of Fame Presentation)
January 25, 2009 Leah (a recently-widowed Orthodox Jew) and Jake (her late husband’s brother) have very little in common – but enter a marriage of convenience to satisfy an ancient religious law. As the unlikely couple discovers their worlds are not that far apart, their “pretend” marriage turns into a real love story.


May 30, 2009 - May 31, 2009 Based on Gigi Levangie Grazer’s book, MANEATER is about a glamorous Hollywood social climber (Sarah Chalke from TV's SCRUBS) who finally meets her match.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


A Muppets Christmas: Letters To Santa
December 17, 2008 On Christmas Eve, Kermit and the rest of the Muppets mistakenly avert three letters from reaching Santa Claus. Can they get the letters to Santa in time? Needless to say, nothing—not even Miss Piggy’s planned trip to the tropics--can stand between the Muppets and a happy Christmas.


My Zinc Bed
December 22, 2008 MY ZINC BED brings the stage play to the screen. This portrait of three characters explores the nature of addiction, passion, fidelity and trust.


Natalee Holloway
April 19, 2009 The true story of a teenage girl who vanished while vacationing in Aruba. A film about a mother’s search for truth and justice.


Prayers For Bobby
January 24, 2009 Sigourney Weaver makes her television movie debut portraying "Mary Griffith," a profoundly religious wife and mother who begins to question her faith after the suicide of her beloved gay son and ultimately becomes an advocate for gay rights. Based on a true story.


Safe Harbor
May 30, 2009 Based on a true story. A married couple (Treat Williams and Nancy Travis) take on the responsibility to raise three delinquent teenage boys. Safe Harbor Boys Home has now been saving the world one boy at a time for the last 20 years.


Sex And Lies In Sin City: The Ted Binion Scandal
October 25, 2008 The true story of wealthy Las Vegas casino heir Ted Binion and the circumstances surrounding his mysterious death -- and the resulting trial to determine whether he overdosed or was murdered by his lover and her boyfriend.


February 16, 2009 A teen who wants to be a rock star learns there is more than one way to realize his dream when he is recruited for Show Choir.


June 7, 2008 Sybil, (Tammy Blanchard), is diagnosed with a multiple personality disorder by her psychiatrist, (Jessica Lange). Together they struggle through a torturous labyrinth to Sybil’s improved mental health.


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


Taking Chance
February 21, 2009 Based on the true experiences of Lt. Colonel Michael Strobl, who escorts home the body of a fallen Marine, this is a look at collective grief and military rituals followed to honor our fallen military war dead.


The Tenth Circle
June 28, 2008 A daughter's alleged rape tears apart a family and has repercussions throughout the community.


24: Redemption
November 23, 2008 After sacrificing everything for his country, Jack Bauer stands to lose his freedom. Wanted by the U.S. government and working as a missionary in Africa, Bauer must stop a ruthless warlord from drafting children into his militia. Meanwhile back in Washington the inauguration of Americas first female president begins.


Wallander: One Step Behind
May 31, 2009 In the bucolic but brutal seaside town of Ystad, Sweden, Inspector Kurt Wallander has been solving heinous crimes for his entire middle-aged career. Kenneth Branagh plays the scruffy Swedish sleuth, based on the novel by Henning Mankell.

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Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot


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