Conclusion In conclusion, our team is able to understand the whole regulations before to start the wiring installation whereby

it is every essential for all single steps in this experiment. This experiment is combination of the light circuit and the power circuit. The cables that use in the light circuit is 1.5mm2 , whereas the cables for power circuit is 2.5mm2 . We all are able to indentify the different colours for the each cable that are blue is for neutral cable, green is for earth cable, and lastly the black colur is for life cable. Since this is the complicated circuit which is the combination of power circuit and light circuit, therefore each single tools is suit for desired application. Besides that, each member find and determine the suitable cable sizing and current rating after identify the installation circuit. Whereby this wiring installation have use 2 different cable size that is 1.5mm2 and 2.5mm2 for different current rating.

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