Using Viddler

Click “Login” at the top of
the Viddler homepage. Use
login “msherry2011” and
password “St0pcmgc.”
(Note: that’s a zero, not an

I will upload video recordings from
our class. When you do this yourself,
here’s how: To upload a video, click
the “upload” button, and then browse
to the video on your computer (or a
device connected to your computer,
like a flipcam).

Once the video has been uploaded
and encoded, it will appear in the list
of our videos; click on its name, and
you will be able to view the video. At
the bottom of the viewer is a line with
a slider; if you click on the + on that
slider, you can type a comment at a
particular moment of the video. Add
comments at moments you think are

Once you have added comments, click
“Edit” below the video viewer, and
under the “Interaction” tab change
the viewing permissions to “invitation
only.” Save your changes, and copy
the “Secret URL.” Post this to your
wiki personal page.

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