The most horrifying facts about the Space Shuttle


The shuttle killed more people than any other space vehicle in space history. The explosion of Challenger killed 6 astronauts and 1 teacher, and the explosion of the Columbia killed seven more astronauts. This may seem less, but is much greater than the Soviet space program or the Chinese program.

II. It was extremely expensive. Each mission cost around $450 million (!!!)And there have been 135 missions in total. The lifetime cost of the Space Shuttle program has been estimated to be around $192 billion. This cost is due to the launch pad, and many non – reusable items such as the external fuel tank which had to be replaced after each mission. The Russian Soyuz flight is said to have cost only $45 million. III. Equipment was very old. The space shuttle used the equipment which was designed in the 1970’s and the 1980’s. At one point, NASA had to find the parts which no one made anymore, ever – on eBay. IV. It never flew that high as many people think. Generally people think that the shuttle takes the astronauts from the Earth to the moon and vice versa.

But the operational altitude of the space shuttle is only 120 to 600 miles, while the distance from the earth to the moon is 238000 miles. V. It never worked according to parameters. Each Shuttle was supposed to fly fifty missions per year. Yet it averaged approximately four flights a year. Each Shuttle was designed for only ten years of life. Keeping the Shuttle flying for twenty years past expiration date stifled creativity and innovation.











administrator Michael Griffin called it “a mistake.

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